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  1. I find it strange that some want us to just shut off our brains and never draw any conclusions from what we see
  2. How many times does the adversary need to inspire the same actions in people before we see through the pretext?
  3. Yes. I don’t know one aspect of my life I haven’t chosen or can change
  4. I’ve seen little evidence that is the actual motivation. Otherwise why ignore how interviews with bishops has exposed abuse? Why seek solutions that defeat the purpose?
  5. We learn that God calls men with flaws because that’s all He has to work with. and yet Peter and the Twelve received revelation and correction and direction to guide the church because they had the keys to do so. God did not have others rebuke them. the shepherd enters in by the gate. The thieves go over the fence
  6. Perhaps we will be called to adam-ondi-Ahman
  7. Sorry but we are accountable for what we choose to do or not to. The idea that we have no choices or power is an idea that leads to hopelessness
  8. Why would the Lord tell someone to oppose the Church to fix something rather than just going to His servants He has called and put in leadership for exactly that purpose?
  9. Moreover when have the policies been put up for a sustaining vote?
  10. Why is it every time we see someone heading toward a disciplinary council we see people proclaiming there is no scriptural basis for it despite us discussing the scriptural basis every time?
  11. There are no sexually explicit questions already. Do you keep the law of Chastity? Is not sexually explicit
  12. "The alleged victim revealed the alleged abuse to her bishop." That happens. A lot. All the time, in fact. I speak from personal experience, actually. But Mr. Young is demanding that this resource be taken away. Has he considered the ramifications of his demands being fulfilled? Has he considered how many times abuse of a child will continue unabated because he succeeded in vilifying bishops, in characterizing them and presumptively perverted and untrustworthy? What about a young man struggling with an addiction to pornography? What if he is too embarrassed to tell his parents? What if he doesn't have a father around to give him advice? What if he wants to talk to a trustworthy adult about this? Not gratuitously, but about the problem and how he can cope with it and overcome it? If he won't go to his parents, and - if Mr. Young gets his way - he can't go to his bishop (without his parents being present), then what does he do? Talk to a teacher? What if he doesn't trust his teachers? What if his teacher is not equipped to address such things? Or consider a young woman who has violated the Law of Chastity. What if she is too embarrassed to tell her parents? What if she had unprotected sex and might be pregnant? What if her partner has been very promiscuous and might have given her an STI? What if her partner is an adult and she is underage? What if she wants to tell her bishop and seek guidance as to what to do, but now cannot do so without her parents being present (and hence will probably not go the bishop at all)? Again, not a gratuitous description, but enough details so that the bishop can know what has happened and can offer appropriate assistance? If Mr. Young gets his way, bishops cannot be trusted and cannot help in this situation. Or consider a young woman who was sexually assaulted. What if her abuser is a family member, or a neighbor, such that she is scared to tell her parents (or, perhaps worse of all, what if the abuseris her parent)? What if she wants to talk to her bishop about this, but not her parents or the police? This happens all the time. As I see it three of the biggest impediments to them getting help are a feeling of helplessness, a lack of control over their lives, and profound confusion and despair at the abuse, and misplaced feelings of shame and guilt. Going to the police can come across as exacerbating these things. If the police get involved, then the abuser may end up getting arrested (which can be distressing when it's a family member, even to the victim). If the police get involved, then the "secret" is out, which may enhance the confusion / despair / shame / guilt (at least that's the fear the victim may have). If the police get involved, then the police (and/or DCFS) intrude into the home, ask very sensitive questions, and do so by the coercive power of government. The victim's sense of helplessness or lack of control might actually get worse (again, that's the fear the victim may have at the prospect of contacting the police). And so it goes. But here's the thing: The police and DCFS still need to be involved. That is the decision our society has made, and I think it's a necessary one. So my point is that sometimes the victim may not want to call the police (because of the above concerns), which is why a disclosure to the bishop becomes so valuable. Bishops, after all, are generally good and decent men, and they have an obligation to monitor the welfare of their flock, and in most jurisdictions they have a legal obligation to report most allegations of abuse. The Church, recognizing this, has spent considerable time and effort to create a helpline for bishops that is staffed by attorneys who help navigate the legal intricacies that can and do arise in such situations. I could go on with many more real-world examples, but I hope you see my point. Bishops are not perfect, but in my view they are clearly a net benefit in terms of addressing allegations of abuse, in helping youth cope with various other problems and questions and anxieties, and generally being someone that can be there to offer support and (some) guidance and (lots of) resources. Thanks, -Smac This is precisely why his demands won’t be met
  13. I don't think abuse in the Church is as wide spread as Sam would like people to think
  14. Not really seeing how calling someone apostate who fits the definition renders the term useless
  15. What reason do you have to conclude that the saints are ignorant of our own theological heritage? What do you mean by it?
  16. This is the only place a discussion on Spider-Man would lead to plural marriage
  17. I would just like people not to be deceived and have that prevent them from coming to Christ
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