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  1. I don’t believe for a second that people are resigning over those
  2. Something has been bothering me about the underlining assumptions about this whole discussion. That I haven’t been able to articulate until now. we are told that bishops shouldn’t ask a minor details about their sex life. Why are we assuming a minor has a sex life? We are teaching them the law of chastity. Why assume they will ignore it and have sex lives to share details about? The whole assumptions here is our kids are having sex and shouldn’t be accountable if they do. But they shouldn’t be and are accountable if they violate their covenants.
  3. What on earth is quitmormon and why should I believe any thing they say?
  4. The argument is asking temple recommend questions isn't abuse
  5. I concur. A major problem we have in the states is that so few people actually know what reason is, but they think they are using it
  6. Christ said that which comes out a man comes from his heart. His pride is all over his words and actions. In his his own words, He says he is proud of what he is doing and losing his membership. Christ has called us to be humble, meek, submissive. He asks us to sustain those He calls. He shows us the way to judge. And he gave us the key to recognize a heart heading toward apostasy. if you don't know what is in his heart, ask the Lord. He gives us the gift to discern hearts
  7. If that was true, he would do what he needed to go remain. Namely repent and humble himself and begin fulfilling his priesthood duties with a meek heart
  8. Is asking whether we keep the law of chastity a sexual question?
  9. it's amazing how that is always the case
  10. It's literally: "Do you keep the law of chastity? "
  11. I would suppose the only people happy about this are those who hate the Church and think they can use this to attack us
  12. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900032216/sam-young-announces-he-was-excommunicated-by-local-church-leaders.amp?__twitter_impression=true Was reading the above: "The whistleblower has been kicked out and labeled with the brand of apostasy," Young said Sunday. "I'll wear that as a proud label." I think highlights the fundamental problem here: pride the gospel of Jesus Christ requires a humble , meek, and lowly heart. I would also dispute that he is any sort of whistle blower. He isn't exposing anything
  13. Is he planning on printing the letter online?
  14. I doubt President Nelson is making any changes. The Lord, on the other hand....
  15. Not unexpected. I hope he repents and returns to faithfulness. just goes to show you what pride can do to you
  16. The Old Testament didn’t have a duly organized and and constituted Church. We do have many examples of a hierarchy. Elijah was clearly seen as the leader of the prophets during his time, for example. Elisha succeeded him
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