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  1. Have you read the doctrine and covenants? The Lord provided several revelations in Kirtland and then revoked and issued new ones, sometimes within a year. Why can't God revoke whatever command He wants?
  2. First, that was an epic talk. If you havent heard it, listen to it. I haven't heard one bring so much light, clarity, and love in a while. He brought down heaven today. Second, if this is at all a preview for Conference we are going to have a spiritual feast. Third, I'm so glad we have a prophet
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    Any of the other lawyers on the board mind if I pick your brains? Have any of you been published in a law journal? What did that entail? How did you go about doing it? I need to make my career a little more dynamic and marketable and the academic side would be a good addition to my litigation side.
  4. May I humbly suggest that with the world as it is as young men by far being idle and crude, that seeing young men in the Church honoring their priesthood and serving might be a blessing to the young women?
  5. You said Jana should know better. Should she? Has she been going to church?
  6. I think that may be an intentional tactic of adversary.
  7. When I read this article immediately the strippling warriors came to mind and the brethren encouraging us to follow our mothers faithfulness.
  8. Btw deznat reaction to the article: Deznat reaction I'm surprised he is targetting Tannerguzy specifically. Seen him around never seen him or his wife support anything that resembles white nationalism.
  9. I'm hoping for good spiritual insight to a number of problems
  10. Nope though I would argue it's not a movement. It's a hashtag
  11. This blog is one popular with deznat. Many of the main posters write on it. I've never seen any politics on it and many are very insightful. https://www.teancumsjavelin.com
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/JReubenCIark/status/1171264106768166913
  13. No white nationalism. There are members of all races using the Hashtag. It's not political at all. There are no meetings. It's simply a hashtag to say you sustain the brethren and the teachings of the Church. it was started because faithful members were tired of there being nothing but Church bashing on twitter. I've seen several people mention that the members sharing quotes from prophets and scriptures has saved their testimony. There are a couple troll accounts but they are quickly blocked
  14. It wasn't meant to be a speculation thread. I was just curious what everyone expected
  15. You had to say that didn't you? You will be asked to speak within the next two weeks
  16. What do you hope to get from this conference?
  17. And theyve been in apostasy ever since they changed their name;)
  18. I'm sorry to hear that and yet at the same time I rejoice that he has joined the angels
  19. For a minute I thought this thread was going to be about me. It looks like he did this in an attempt to be funny. If so he failed miserably at what he was supposed to be doing: bringing the Spirit to the meeting. There are things that aren't appropriate for sacrament meeting. Irreverence is one of those things.
  20. He says it in this interview with him and Elder Cook
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