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  1. Keeping you in my prayers Rod. Chronic pain can be the worst. When I started working at the Public Defenders office about six months in I started having incredible pains in all my joints. It was psoriatic arthritis. There were days I didn't want to go to work because just trying to walk was downright unbearable. Just remember D&C 121:7-8
  2. He was told to stop publishing the book because it taught false doctrine. If it didnt no one would have cared. You cant claim false doctrine had nothing to do with it when that was the central issue with the book.
  3. Filed in salt lake, what are the odds that the Judge is likewise A member of the Church?
  4. People being scammed rarely figure it out in a timely manner. I would think it might make a good malpractice suit though
  5. have to laugh at conceding to the factual reality of the first vision
  6. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900069533/guest-opinion-the-church-and-lgbt-youth-suicide-inaccurate-claims-may-do-more-harm-than-good.amp?__twitter_impression=true Not seeing it elsewhere but I thought it was interesting. The title says alot: "Inaccurate claims may do more harm than good"
  7. Agreed. If McKay received a revelation in highly skeptical thst the twelve wouldn't whole heartedly endorse and support it
  8. Hardly surprising that this was the reaction. The Saints rejoice taking the Gospel to more people. We always have
  9. Satan wants to cut people off from the priesthood. He, sadly, was successful with Snuffer and his pack
  10. Which is what Joseph taught us and am the prophets since.
  11. President Nelson has been talking about revelation since he was called as an Apostle. Was Mr. Snuffer talking about revelation before 1985?
  12. Yeah it's always been a strange argument to me. The whole restoration was about teaching that God talks to man and we should seek revelation. So a guy coming along saying "God can talk to you too!" In an attempt to lead us astray from a Church that already teaches that didn't make much sense.
  13. Do you believe in God or the Bible?
  14. I still suck. Ive been sharing the gospel with people for years. Only had one person get baptized and that was more the elders
  15. You were a better missionary than I am
  16. In my way home from work hearsay I found myself singing praise to the man. About half way through I realized this was around the exact time the brothers were murdered. Providence really is amazing
  17. If Ammon can bring people to Christ by disarming his foes, I'm sure we can bring people to Christ when they search for porn
  18. Only 70 videos? Seems small considering the millions of pornography videos and pictures out there.
  19. I would have no problem praying to jesus if He appeared before me. However He has told us to pray to the Father in his name otherwise
  20. Why? President Nelson has openly spoken of visions. My father has shared his with me in the past. Not at testimony meeting that I know of but id never be surprised if someone did
  21. The Church doesn't usually rush to do this type of discipline
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