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  1. I disagree that that is a fulfilling of the prophecy. the prophecy is talking about a righteous people being among a wicked people. Not a wicked people among a wicked
  2. I’m not so sure. dont get me wrong the Bible is awesome. But we have thousands of years of documents, we know where the events took place. We know the later writers had the earlier scriptures so it’s not as impressive that it is internally consistent. the Book of Mormon was a result of the ministering of angels and a unique translation process. The fact that its internally consistent, complex and in line with the Bible is down right miraculous. Add the unique witnesses to the book and it’s down right astonishing
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does try to answer prayers about the Book of Mormon. But the Holy Spirit is the voice we should Be listening to
  4. I don’t even know what he means by it so I doubt they have any clue either
  5. Well that’s prophetic...
  6. I’ve always been astonished at how many Christians object to praying to learn the truth
  7. Looks like it's dedicated
  8. The entire 1st presidency and twelve are going to the dedication. I don’t think this has ever happened outside the us in the history of the church
  9. God does the impossible frequently
  10. Best way to develop that view is by doing it
  11. Persuasion and long suffering is effective. I would worry about praying to much to have power to change that or you may get your wish and Be called to be the stake president
  12. We were preaching the gospel in east Germany and building the temple there before the communists were toppled
  13. Who is demanding others see us as Christian?
  14. I’ll stick with honoring my covenant to take the name of Christ as commanded. You do as you please. We can leave the rest to the Lord
  15. More reason for us to share the gospel when we can
  16. How about we just do the best we can to follow the directives the Lord has given us and let Him worry about nonmembers?
  17. I think these are good changes even if it creates more to write
  18. I think you’ll be disappointed no matter how hard you try to shame
  19. And what will you all do when he reinforces the doctrines he has been teaching since the restoration began?
  20. The words of Christ. thats all I want from conference. im never disappointed
  21. If they are hurt by teaching as a general conference, then I need to go back and listen again because it’s not the point of any of the teachings
  22. Seems to me that we need more temple workers because they’re going to be more temples
  23. My predictions for conference: 1) inspiring and edifying talks 2) the Lord will do as He pleases 3) same old people complaining about what they we are taught
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