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  1. Has anyone noticed

    I don’t think you’ll find much hair of any kind with our current first presidency
  2. How do you guys plan to answer the first presidency’s call to focus on our covenants?
  3. New First Presidency

    And yet when I see Elder Uchtdorf smiling that's an indication that he angry and secretly leading a rift against the Prophet
  4. New First Presidency

    Just watched the meeting since I couldn't while at work. I saw absolutely nothing from Elder Uchtdorf to indicate that he is unhappy or upset over this. The few times the camera was on him he looked happy. There appears to be no evidence for a rift among anyone Also, the gift of prophecy was readily demonstrated today
  5. Has anyone noticed

    I've been noticing members online elsewhere who seem not to understand that President Nelson was going to be the new presiding high priest. They kept acting like this press conference was when we found out who the new prophet is. Is it just me or was anyone else noticing this too?
  6. Not sure how you wanted him to answer the question. It seems reaffirming Gods love for all is vital
  7. New First Presidency

    I’ve been surprised at this as well. The Lord is at the helm. He calls who He calls where He calls them for as long as He calls them
  8. New First Presidency

    I doubt it crossed their minds that anyone would be thinking this change indicated a rift among the fp and 12
  9. New First Presidency

    Yay we get to hear more from President Oaks! boo we don’t get to hear more from elder Uchtdorf if you think president Nelson is rewarding or punishing anyone with position changes you don’t really understand how this works. isnt it interesting though, President Nelson & Oaks were both called to the 12 the same day. Now they stand as 1&2 in the Church under Christ