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  1. Avatar4321

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    Are you always this negative?
  2. Avatar4321

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    Has a prophet ever written an op ed like this before?
  3. Avatar4321

    Today's home study: The temptation of Christ

    I focused more on the account in Luke 5 of the crippled man whose friends lowered him to Jesus to be healed. Verse twenty really stood out to me. He was forgiven because of the faith of his friends. Not sure what to take from it but it's been on my mind
  4. Avatar4321

    Prophets Op Ed

    What did everyone think about President Nelsons Op Ed? https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2019/02/10/viewpoints-lds-leader-urges-spirituality-secular-world-visits-phoenix-area/2776270002/ We have an open thread in the News folder. http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/71578-pres-nelson-op-ed/?tab=comments#comment-1209887446
  5. Avatar4321

    Missionary work during the priesthood ban

    So we ignore God doing the same thing throughout the Bible?
  6. Avatar4321

    Quorum meetings are awesome

    My six year old daughter has been excited about studying the New Testament this year. I’m happy about that
  7. Avatar4321

    Quorum meetings are awesome

    For us I think the fact that we take the first part of the class to listen to the talk helps. That way even if not everyone prepared we know where we are coming from. i was teaching Elder Soares talk. My first question was “what thoughts do you have about what we just listened to?” And it opened a flood gates. I could have easily not said another word and we would have had an edifying experience.
  8. I don’t know about everyone else but since the new 2 hr block the elders quorum meetings we have been having are just awesome. The longer class gives us time to watch the conference talk before discussion and almost everyone is sharing comments and insights. We could have easily continued the discussion for another 30 mins. the Lord rocks
  9. Avatar4321

    Flunking Sainthood.....again

    Or why an act of kindness is a sign of a life afraid of judgment
  10. Avatar4321

    St George chapel fire

    https://www.thechurchnews.com/members/2019-01-26/saturday-morning-blaze-destroys-st-george-stake-center-under-construction-48884 looks like a fire destroyed a stake center that was under construction
  11. Avatar4321

    Flunking Sainthood.....again

    How on earth does she conclude that tiny mistakes threaten your eternal value? That is completely contrary to everything the Lord teaches us. we are taught that we are worth so much to Him despite our flaws that He sent His Son to die for us and redeem us. He has reiterated this point many times in the scriptures telling us the worth of our souls is great and precious to Him.
  12. Avatar4321

    Mormon Stories trying to expand its market.

    President Nelson made more exmormons than ever before last conference when he encouraged us to stop referring to ourselves as Mormon. none of which benefits anti sites
  13. Avatar4321

    Herbal teas

    Which ones are considered herbal?
  14. Avatar4321

    Herbal teas

    Ever since I was a boy I was told that herbal teas were not included in the teas proscribed by the word of wisdom. do we have any specific instructions on whether that’s accurate or what qualifies as herbal?