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  1. Was listening to a seminar this morning that mentioned Kiplings' six. I'm guessing it's something I need to know for some reason
  2. Second time I've heard that today
  3. Avatar4321

    What is pure knowledge?

    My German is clearly getting better. I'm actually recognizing some of that
  4. Avatar4321

    What is pure knowledge?

    you can find plenty. Starting with Melchesidek
  5. Avatar4321

    What is pure knowledge?

    Can you elaborate? I’m not understanding you
  6. Avatar4321

    What is pure knowledge?

    These verses suggest the converse. Pure knowledge is necessary to obtain priesthood power. Though I can see how exercising priesthood can lead to greater knowledge
  7. Avatar4321

    What is pure knowledge?

    D&C 121:42 discusses the use of pure knowledge in exercising priesthood power and influence. so what is pure knowledge? On the same line, what is impure knowledge?
  8. That's simply not true. I know plenty of men who didn't serve and no one thinks twice about it. One of my former Bishops is one such man. No one would even know if he didn't bring it up. I came home early for medical reasons, no one treated me any different
  9. Have you fasted? Really fasted? I remember a time when I was serving and asked a young man whether he was going to serve a mission. He told me he decided not to. We prayed for him as leadership and within a week the Lord spoke to Him and changed His heart. Sometimes it takes fasting and prayer. Continue reaching out in love. It sounds like he is very angry. Why is that?
  10. Avatar4321

    Questions about Excommunication

    That’s totally creepy
  11. Avatar4321

    Questions about Excommunication

    He isn’t allowed to pray, why would he be allowed to preform music? After all the scriptures clearly state that the song of the righteous is a prayer to God
  12. That's why I'm a big proponent of doing what they've taught and working with the things we do know and exercising faith in God about the things we don't know. Even if it was ten issues and one truth, wouldn't focusing on building and applying the one truth and humbly seeking the will of God for the issues be better than chucking the truth and strengthening doubts?
  13. Avatar4321

    How we succeeded at sharing the gospel

    Maybe it is, but i would love to get people past the fighting stage
  14. Avatar4321

    How we succeeded at sharing the gospel

    I believe. I just want to know how. Everyone I try to invite starts trying to pick a fight
  15. https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/07/how-we-succeeded-in-sharing-the-gospel?lang=eng How many of us have this kind of faith? I feel like I could be doing much better.