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  1. A Prophet of God

    Funny. Because I have. Elder Rasband gave an excellent talk on the matter last conference
  2. A Prophet of God

    I have no reason to expect that. Nor do I have any desire to break the commandments by gambling nor do I wish to temp the Lord. As the prophets have often stated when they are speaking for the Lord and you don't accept it, I truly have no reason to expect you to recognize when they do this time. Besides, I don't want you to come to church because you lost a bet. I want you to come to Church because it's true and it teaches the way to eternal happiness.
  3. Baptism - Doctrinal Evolution

    Baptism Still done for the remission of sins Done to join the Church Done by full immersion Represents the death burial and resurrection of Christ Precedes confirmation and receiving the Holy Ghost Done with the same prayer as originally revealed Done with the same authority Authority is still required It is still the first gate we enter into in our walk with Christ Still required for eternal salvation and exaltation Requires witnesses I could go on. Your claim was that the doctrines have changed so much a member then wouldn't recognize this as the same Church now. Yet all of these things are identical as has always been done since the beginning of the Restoration. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young would see no substantial difference with the ordinance, ita purpose or how it's done.
  4. A Prophet of God

    Somehow I doubt you'll actually hold to such a bet. Besides there are no homeless shelters in town
  5. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    obedience was always required. Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac. He was required to offer him for His exaltation. we are commanded not to kill. God commands and revokes as He sees fit. Our obedience to those commands and our faith in Christ are what qualifies us for exaltation.
  6. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    and yet, the day will come when we will be the ship that brings this turbulent world into port
  7. If the Church bought the Kirtland Temple

    I suspect when we obtain it the Lord will reveal the purpose to everyone's shock
  8. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    I heard it on the radio. buying caffeine at byu is apparently newsworthy. The restoration of the gospel yet goes unnoticed by the world at large
  9. A Prophet of God

    well, general conference is in about a week or so the prophets and apostles will be sharing many revelations and inspiring the saints then. You are invited to prayerfully watch with us
  10. A Prophet of God

    The Lord specifically said we shouldn't wait to be commanded in all things but to do good in our own accord.
  11. MN and I'm actually trying to start one. Jobs are scarce here so creating one is the best option.
  12. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    lets hope Peter parker knows that
  13. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    and when that was taught it was commanded. Now we are commanded not to.
  14. you know, I've known what those words mean for years but they still sound completely made up to me.
  15. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    do you sustain yourself seems mind of redundant