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  1. Avatar4321

    Come follow me

    Sunday school is meeting twice a month. So they should literally have two weeks more of scriptures to discuss each class. That should allow quite a bit of inspiration for the teachers to follow the Spirit
  2. Avatar4321

    Come follow me

    I don’t expect to be re teaching the lessons. I expect more focus on all the scriptures for a given week. The lessons barely scratch the surface of the scriptures
  3. Avatar4321

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Considering the last two conferences have more than lived up to the hype it will be interesting to see this next one
  4. Avatar4321

    Come follow me

    I was teaching from Elder Cook's conference talk today. I barely said a word. We talked about what we wanted to get out of it. how we can enthusiastically embracing the program. How it can help us prepare for the second coming etc. just follow the spirit
  5. Avatar4321

    Come follow me

    Have you guys gotten your new come follow me manuals? I’ve been looking through it and it’s pretty cool. I’m excited for the new format next year and not because it’s two hours. how do you guys plan to use the manual to bless your life and family?
  6. Avatar4321

    Heaven always does what is right

    Well why would we always see God doing right? We don’t even know a Fraction of what He is doing. We are in no position to make that judgment.
  7. Avatar4321

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    Will you and your family be doing the home study to go along with Church next year? We are studying the New Testament and the come follow me manuals are awesome
  8. Avatar4321

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    Same with mine. sunday school was nothing but discussion on how the Lord is our shepherd and how we should be like Him. In Elders quorum we had an in depth conversation about Elder Cooks conference talk and the changes next year. About how our home and family studies are to help deepen our conversion to Christ and prepare us for His second coming. this level of discussion on christ has been in every ward I remember living in.
  9. Avatar4321

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    Wow. She is all over the place there. so the church is part of the body of Christ, but despite her earlier baptism she had to be be baptized into the Body of Christ. she doesn’t believe in apostles or prophets yet somehow she believes in the sealing power and this excommunication would split up her family with no fault to herself. if the apostles don’t have any authority, then the family sealings have no bearing on eternity. Excommunication does literally nothing if there is no real authority there. but if the authority is there why would rebelling against it be justified in any way?
  10. Avatar4321

    Heaven always does what is right

    Forgive me, but I don’t understand the point of this thread. the Lord always does what’s right. Or He would cease to be God as we learned from Alma. the Book of Mormon was written to show men that God keeps His promises to His covenant children
  11. That hasn’t stopped him from claiming it
  12. Why this continues to happen at BYU? an isolated incident is hardly a plague
  13. Wow. condescend much? You can’t humor legitimate questions? Then why are you here? All we can do is humor each other’s comments here. None of us have power to do anything other than that. It’s easy to blame the church or BYU and propose doing something that feels good without ever bothering to ask ourselves whether it would have changed the outcome at all. It’s a good way to feel good without actually doing something. how about we find out why she did this to the best of our abilities and address that actual problem instead of pretending throwing money at a problem fixes it? Don’t you think doing what we can to prevent this from happening again is far more productive than attacking the Church with no evidence?
  14. I was thinking something similar. As members of the church we have resources that other people don’t have. We do have bishops, stake presidents, quorum presidents, relief society presidents, home ministers, ministering angels, the gift of the Holy Ghost etc. we have a lot of resources and if one person can’t help us we can send them to someone else who can