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  1. I can think of plenty of organizations that I don't want to be public knowledge of everything it has my family the cia fbi DoD why should God tell me what He does with His money?
  2. I always wondered if it was Joseph Smith
  3. I think we are just learning to access the powers of heaven. I know I am and I've been faithful for decades
  4. I see us poised to grow exponentially as the world gets worse
  5. Best way to understand the Sabbath is to keep it. Not an easy thing. I'd like to do more to keep it. I think when we are consistent in honoringbthe Lord's day we do my to bring the power of God down into our lives. In my study of american history I've noticed the George Washington encouraged his troops to honor the Sabbath. Im confident it was that effort that invited Divine Providence to act among the Continental Army in winning the war
  6. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Do it and see the results. I've been reading in the Book of Mormon and New Testament everyday. I find my days go better when I start them off refreshing my spirit.
  7. Did you somehow miss school?
  8. I was once reading something president Kimball said that really opened my eyes on a matter. The next day I was listening to Glenn Beck which I rarely had a chance to then. I was shocked when he said verbatim what president Kimball said. That got me thinking about how the same revelation comes to multiple people at the same time. Made me think about how light works and perhaps the same revelation is sent out generally and all those who are prepared at the particular frequency
  9. didn't Ezekiel run around naked because the spirit told him? I may be thinking of another prophet
  10. is there any correlation between the change in the seventy and our baptism rate?
  11. cfr please
  12. I've been praying since I heard. The Lord will sustain him till his ministry is complete
  13. about 10 years ago one of the wards in my former stake had hundreds of baptisms each year for several years. The missionaries achieved this by focusing on finding, which included alot of tracting and later referrals from those new members they tracted. seems to me that if your heart is pure and you put in the work you will be blessed. Maybe that will be successful teaching and baptism or you will blessed. I don't think you should ignore a method of finding if you've tried everything else just because the statistics aren't favorable. God will bless our faith, not our excuses to do nothing.
  14. I thought you were listening at conference. Because I've heard it again and again.
  15. I really liked elder rasbands talk