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  1. This is making the rounds today. I see love in the wards already
  2. president Nelson would disagree. It was with much fasting and prayer for him and his patient that the Spirit revealed how to perform a certain heart valve operation that had since saved many lives
  3. I read an article last night about a study showing that the reason millenials have been turning away from churches is largely due to the breakdown of the family. I'll see if I can find it later
  4. was the Church somehow unclear about its support to protect traditional marriage?
  5. how do you get it?
  6. I was curious about that myself
  7. That a primary song or a Sith daydream song?
  8. That is more than many are willing to do for answers
  9. Personally I don't see how the story told by Darwin or Einstein is incompatible with the gospel
  10. It's fairly interesting that Jesus made it clear how we could know for ourselves. Do His will and ask Him. Mormons especially are trained from our youth on how we can obtain our own witness. And yet we are treated as if there is no way to know for ourselves by skeptics who refuse to actually do the experiment for themselves
  11. No shred of evidence? The Holy Ghost is fairly convincing evidence to me. Definitive proof. I know God lives and loves me because I've felt His love. I heard His voice. I know the atonement is real because ive experimented on it. I've used it in my life. My whole life is evidence that Jesus lives and Joseph was a prophet. You may have seen nothing but why do you suppose that just because you haven't no one else has? It's kind of hard to deny God is real when you have a relationship with Him.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me. But am I expecting too much by wanting people to have good reasons for doing this?
  13. We are falling out of the mainstream? We were part of the mainstream? Does it matter? As long as we hold the standards of Zion, we will be different from the world. And good thing too. We know the world will get much worse before the end.
  14. Looking at the letter they are alleged that the church made transactions with foreign governments for visa which, for some unstated reason, they claim that these visa requests were against US interests. Looks like a fishing expedition to me
  15. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865675913/Groups-ask-Trump-administration-to-investigate-LDS-Church.html Apparently they're questioning whether we are being shady with visas. The argument doesn't make much sense to me. However, I would certainly encourage everyone in the administration to investigate the Church. I know some young men and women who would love to introduce you to the restoration