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  1. It seems strange that some don't realize preaching the gospel is service. When you serve to share the gospel it's hardly an ulterior motive because how is a desire to serve an ulterior motive for service?
  2. this seems irrelevant to the thread and just a shout out for the other board.
  3. lets keep him in our prayers. The Lord said to pray for our enemies and while I'm not of the opinion that I have enemies, I can pray for people we might disagree with because chances are we disagree with everyone a little.
  4. I'm sure when the one who holds priesthood keys to direct the rebuilding says proceed that they will
  5. have any general authorities commented about whether decaffeinated coffee violates the WoW? My gut says yes but I was curious if id be right.
  6. Give us a few more decades;)
  7. My daughter goes with her cousins every year. She enjoys it. My father went when he was a kid before he became a member
  8. I hope you don't mind me sharing a little about myself. It was the study of the Doctrine and Covenants that gave me my testimony. My first semester at BYU I began to be curious about whether the gospel was actually true. I started reading everything I could for and against. And I liked what I was taught but I had a lot of questions. I remember it being October. I watches general conference seriously for the first time and I was spiritually uplifted. And a few weeks later I was still pondering things when I came back from church and saw the scriptures on my bed and a thought occurred to me to read the D&C. It was the volume I was least familiar with because during seminary we did the Book of Mormon a second time instead of the D&C. Interestingly I started reading the last few sections and the official declarations first. Not sure why but after that I started over and I really couldn't put it down. I was reading every time I could. I felt the Spirit throughout but i didn't realize it until I reached section 135. The experience I had when I read that made it obvious that it was true. That experience changed my life. Good luck with your reading. Keep reading and keep praying and the Lord may surprise you
  9. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning here. Without the restoration there would be no work for the dead. The redemption of the dead requires authorized servants of the Lord: 1) dying to preach to the dead 2) finding the names of the dead 3) performing the necessary sealing ordinances on behalf of to dead. While there may be some authorized servants remaining in the spirit world from previous dispensations the numbers would be small, making the work difficult to begin with. But without the Restoration of the priesthood, Keys, and the building of Holy Temples in our dispensation the need to find our kindred dead would be unknown and nonvicarious ordinances could be performed. Without the Restoration there is no Redemption for the dead. As Malachi put it the world would be "utterly wasted at His coming." On a side note: Are you praying when you study and asking the Lord in faith what each passage means?
  10. What is the Lord saying to do about it?
  11. I'm not sure I can answer the question. Perhaps you should talk with the missionaries. After all they would be the ones responsible for teaching you and thus entitled to the Spirit to help personalize the message.
  12. Is the message any less true if Scott didn't verify it?
  13. I'm confused what Mandela has to do with anything
  14. I've never seen anyone in church even suggest seeking more information is being unfaithful. In fact it's quite the opposite we are encouraged to learn and seek truth for ourselves. And we aren't taught to put faith in our Church leaders. We are taught to put our faith in Christ.