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  1. We talking specific lunch prophecies or any miraculous evidence?
  2. President Nelson told us we need change how we breafhr? What is the correct way to breath?
  3. I think our goal should be getting to the point where every one of us can call down the power of heaven to be in our midst, no matter how large the church gets
  4. https://www.thechurchnews.com/leaders-and-ministry/2019-04-10/president-nelson-elder-gong-to-embark-on-9-day-ministry-tour-mormon-lds-of-pacific-area-49502 President Nelson is going on another tour
  5. If he didn't understand it that way, why does the verse say wars?
  6. Don't we? Wasn't it the Spirit of revelation that rested on Moses and showed him how to part the Red Sea? If a volcano goes off and we have lava flowing toward us, would it be useful to have the Holy Ghost to show us how to command the employee rock to avoid us? If tornados and hurricanes abound, wouldn't it be good to have the Holy Spirit to show us how to calm the winds and the rains? Christ is master of the elements. He made it clear during His ministry. As His servants the Spirit will show us how to do likewise if needed
  7. Then become one. To answer the original post, I don’t know. what I do know is that the Lord has poured out his spirit upon me this past conference and given me clear direction on what to do for my family. interestingly enough my nonmember wife who did not watch conference received the same inspiration. God is good
  8. How can it be when we destroy the planet when Zion needs to be established first?
  9. Ive been listening to Sunday morning session this morning. Two things have really stuck out. 1) President Nelson’s statement that time is running out. What does he mean? 2) Elder Christofferson’s talk on preparing for the second coming. how do we prepare for the second coming exactly?
  10. Was it me or did a lot of these talks warn about the Adversary very directly? I don’t remember the devil being mentioned so much in conference
  11. Don’t know that I have one. But I’ve seen nothing saying we won’t have children during the millennium
  12. Considering we have 1000 years during Christ’s reign to have children I find that unlikely
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