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  1. I said a prayer for you and ypue family. I hope you can beat itm. Never forget our Heavenly Father is a God of miracles
  2. Sometimes. Im but not often. She is praying about it I hope. I invited her to
  3. We home school and my daughter has heard about them just from TV. Weve talked with her about it too. Have to even if it's simple understanding
  4. Yet weve had the same type of talks in general sessions where all ages are. What is the alternative now other than not talking about it at all? And is that reasonable?
  5. do you realize your definition undercuts your accusation?
  6. Was visiting a local school today. Walked in the front door and there is a lgbt display right up front. 9-10 years old. Seems about right to me.
  7. Not that the protestors care about child abuse to begin with. If they did we would be the last ones they would protest
  8. I think those who dont prepare for the next conferenxe likely won't see what Pres Nelson is preparing for.
  9. YM do have a theme. It's in section 84
  10. I agree. It has nothing to do with making women feel special. It has to do with hastening the work. The Lord needs us to do more so He is gathering help from the sisters and even the youth of the Church
  11. As he should be. It's a shame he has to be though. It seems that no matter what they teach concerning the Family that there are some who refuse to listen. Which means they repeat
  12. I got an impression to invite my nonmember wife to do Come Follow Me with the Book of Mormon next year. I'm nervous about this. Will you pray for her heart to be softened to this? I know I need to do this I'm just not sure the best way to. Or when.
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