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  1. Everyone who listens (which should be everyone) has to filter the messages through their own personal revelation to help them properly understand the actual intent and how it applies to them. This approach also then helps us overcome the hurdle of getting stuck too much on how another mortal may have conveyed things, which is likely to have been imperfectly. Without that approach we will run around saying, "Last General Conference was all about hope! But this one was all about fear!" I read where one GA said something to the effect of, "Sometimes we have to be stern, but are speaking to large audiences and our messages may not always apply equally to everyone listening. We hope that they understand that and if someone hears a rebuke on a particular point where they are actually faithful and righteous then they don't need to feel like it applies to them."
  2. I'll repeat that Elder Bednar repeated, near the end of conference, President Nelson's quote about how it's going to get exciting. And, yes, I keep telling people that changes don't have to be announced in General Conference, and can and have been announced outside of it.
  3. Likely referring to a sacred Hosanna shout, not worldly hooting and hollering.
  4. One of those discussions that rages on forever: "If family members end up in different kingdoms will they be able to visit each other?" I think we all will find things far better than we suppose, but also that we shouldn't delay our own righteousness just because we think God's mercy will automatically make up for our bad behavior.
  5. Interesting. I remember when President Monson announced girls being able to go on missions at the age of 19 and they had a camera trained on a girl in the audience and it successfully caught her reaction to the announcement. I did hope that people wouldn't hoot and holler over temple announcements and when President Nelson asked people to be reverent I blurted out a loud "Thank You!" at home, then realized I pretty much did what he said not to do. If there WAS going to be a big announcement today I wonder if President Nelson felt at the last minute to hold off on it.
  6. There was no requirement that there be big announcements in this (or any) general conference. President Ballard said that the main purpose of all the changes is to focus on the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not just excitement about "changes." But Elder Bednar re-emphasized the thing about taking your vitamins because "it's going to get exciting."
  7. We do all have the agency to view things in a faithless way if we so choose. President Nelson seems to see this course as one that will lead to bigger things if obeyed: Perhaps the onus is not on HIM to prove to YOU that he is a prophet. It's more likely that the onus is on the membership to be faithful in small things so that they can then move on to bigger things. Also, President Hinckley always recognized the full name of the Church and simply said we needn't be ashamed of being called "Mormons." He dedicated a lot of temples and none of them said "Mormon Temple" on the outside of them. Rather their signs all say "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
  8. That's more along the lines of something I would get excited about. The whole thing's weird because some people say we shouldn't hope for anything or get excited about anything or conjecture about anything. But then President Nelson tells us things are going to get exciting.
  9. Ha! My excitement has nothing to do with it, and I fully acknowledge it. It just seems weird to me that people are talking about HYPE for April conference and one of the main things people seem to be excited about is that "mission lengths might change!!!" So, it's not that I'm excited or not by it; I'm just wondering why others are. That doesn't mean people can't be excited about the possibility or that, if they are, that they should dampen their enthusiasm merely because of my being perplexed over it.
  10. Having a hard time getting excited over a potential announcement like this. Much ado about nothing.
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