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  1. Well, at church today our ward had what I believe was its first Linger Longer, at least for as long as I've been in it. People were gathering in the cultural hall, food was getting set out, and people were starting to look ravenous. While this was going on and nobody was wanting to eat without a prayer being said the bishop walks in and I said to him, "So, are we going to start with a prayer?" He said, "Uh... no, I don't think we need a prayer. You know, like how we don't start priesthood with one now." I then thought, "Maybe I'll go over to the table and start nibbling and that'll get others to finally do the same." So I went over to the table and the ward relief society president happened to be there and I told her, "Bishop says we don't need to start with a prayer." She looked at me and goes, "Oh, no. We are GOING to have a prayer." She then went over to the bishop and a moment later the ward was being called to order to have a prayer over the food first. I don't know exactly how things will go with the Relief Society under President Nelson, but I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the Relief Society gets more autonomy while he is the prophet. And could he direct them to start giving blessings again? Maybe. Men need the priesthood conferred on them to achieve exaltation; women do not. This is clear in the temple. Women not having the priesthood conferred upon them in the way men do does not mean they are less valued in God's eyes. However, I often thought, "Well, they seem to be dependent on men for priesthood blessings." Again, I don't know exactly what may or may not happen, but I could see a change coming in this regard.
  2. There were people saying Polynesians came from Hagoth before Spencer W. Kimball did.
  3. CMZ

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Calm, you should know that I am not denying those aspects either. My own statement was simply getting at Brigham Young's famous statement, and which is in the endowment itself (haven't been to the new one yet though so I am not personally sure whether that statement is still in there).
  4. CMZ

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    I have mixed feelings about it too but go along with it because I have no power to change it and because I still remember it from the 80's. It also doesn't prevent an individual from attaining exaltation and each person can eventually learn all the necessary principles. Plus, the core part of the endowment is learning the keywords, signs and tokens. But, yeah, it's odd how people get scared of the symbolism. They don't want Moses showing his face when he comes down from the mountain and beg him to hide it. And the Lord in effect goes, "Well, that's not what I was intending. But if you insist on having less... " Then again, I may not be personally privy to all the motivation behind the very recent changes. I do know our temple was unusually busy yesterday. So, hey, that's a good thing.
  5. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Plain and precious truths taken out.
  6. For antis if we breathe a mention of JS somehow it means we don't believe in Jesus Christ.
  7. CMZ

    Evidence for the Book of Abraham

    The proof comes from the Spirit. Yes, this really is divinely arranged as a trial of our faith. Proof that comes by man's reasoning carries with it no accompanying motivation to live the gospel as proof that comes from the Spirit does. We can sit in the valley of indecision forever asserting that no man has done enough to convince us of the truthfulness of The Book of Abraham but it's a sad rut to get stuck in. Having said that, we are not entirely without evidence. https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/12/the-book-of-abraham-revelation-and-you?lang=eng
  8. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    It's kind of neat how members can still receive receive the benefits of living the gospel even while waiting for more things to be restored within the Church.
  9. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Yeah, there's absolutely no hard and fast rule about it, nothing saying they have to occur or when they might occur. Just from what I've seen it mostly happens in the Saturday evening adult sessions of stake conferences.
  10. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Take your vitamins and get some rest!
  11. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Yes, important symbolism involved in entering the temple together, being separated, and then brought back together in the celestial room. Can you provide a couple such quotations?
  12. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    There's important symbolism involved in the temporary separation.
  13. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    If it's important to you then wear whatever number you want!
  14. CMZ

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Remind those you are in contact with that Elder Cook said such meetings are encouraged.