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  1. SeekerB

    Gladys Knight: WOW!

    She did an outstanding job.
  2. While it still might be real, this story is looking more and more like a hoax. https://pjmedia.com/trending/empire-actor-jussie-smollett-alleged-hate-crime-investigation-yields-more-questions-no-answers/ https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/01/hate-hoax-jussie-smollett-refuses-to-turn-over-phone-to-investigators-was-filmed-in-lobby-after-attack-appearing-normal/
  3. There is breakdown of the crime type in this information. You used violent crime as a basis for passing the law. I doubt many of these are violent assaults. Some of them are probably bogus. It happens. Hate crime law prosecutions are rarely applied equally.
  4. Please give me multiple examples where is all this violence happening in Utah that would justify your reasoning?
  5. Not a good analogy. A Roman soldier could compel a Jew to carry his pack for a mile. Refusal meant flogging, which frequently ended in death.
  6. SeekerB

    LDS Tools app issue

    I did. Then I thought I would delete the app and reload it. I deleted it and when I tried to reload it, the message I got was that my device was incompatible with the latest version. It's because my phone is older and has android 4.something instead of 5.something.
  7. SeekerB

    LDS Tools app issue

    It works on my wife's android phone but not on my older one. It needs a newer version of Android to work. They also dropped the windows version as well.
  8. SeekerB

    Aliens...what if

    Through the gospel, I know about the existence of pre-mortal spirits, mortal humans like ourselves and resurrected beings with telestial, terrestrial, and celestial bodies. These are all various stages of children of Heavenly Father and other beings like Him. I am not aware of any references to other types of intelligent life, aliens, as you say, nor am I aware of anything precluding their existence.
  9. SeekerB

    Sealings toToxic people

    If you make the Celestial Kingdom and your aunt does not, problem solved. Forever.
  10. SeekerB

    The planets and the reckoning of time

    To me, it is simpler to think that we are in a region of space where time is slowed down to 1 1/000 of the time that exists where God dwells. That allows all of us to have a long mortal probation, yet be gone only a short time.
  11. How can it not be ok to have questions? All the answers are deliberately not given.
  12. SeekerB

    1 Hour with the 1st Presidency

    The apostles are busy, but they do get out and do other things. One of our ward members and President Hinckley shared a common ancestor. He attended their family reunions every once in a while. Just because they are apostles doesn't mean they have forgotten how to be parents. Also, they are Grandpa to lots of their posterity.
  13. Jesus said, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it." I thought gates served one purpose, to keep things on one side from getting to the other side. They don't attack. It is the church that rends asunder the gates, at some future time. I see nothing there to counter an apostasy.
  14. SeekerB

    Would you be ok with a non-white Jesus?

    That's almost exactly what I was going to say, but you beat me to it.
  15. The recovery room nurses must hear lots of strange comments. A few years ago I was coming to after surgery. I looked at my nurse, who was very attractive and said, "Wow, you're awful pretty for a space alien." She smiled. Probably hadn't heard that one before.