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  1. Sorry to hear about your medical issues Anakin7. Glad to see you're doing better (or "we", whoever it applies to). I do have problems though with the in part quotes from the New testament time period, the first 100 years A.D. (from between 588 and 570 B.C. as stated in the BofM Intro to 2 Nephi 2). The term "free" of "salvation is free" has a note c in verse 4 which in a list of applicable verses refers to the term "grace" of Ephesians 2:8 in which it is listed as one of eighty Bible and BofM references provided I counted correctly: c TG Grace. Also when you get a chance, what model is reflected in Romans chapter 4? (more specifically 4:2). What is specifically being addressed in the thread was stated in the beginning by Halconero of which I disagree with his premise. What brought me into the discussion was when I responded to your post on page 3 of this thread concerning Sanctification (Your post dated 12/13/15). You had stated: I had responded in the next post after yours: On page 4 you then posted this Posted December 13, 2015 (edited)(not sure where this came from): In which I responded with (to which Sanctification is in reference to "remain Justified" is applicable I believe in my above comment): If one is not Justified by faith either in general or specific revelation of Romans 1&2, then Sanctification is not even relevant.
  2. Anakin7, It was a simple question in reference to your signoff concerning: "Washing My Garment/Robe In The Blood of the Lamb". This was in contrast to what I had quoted before your response saying I was attacking/criticizing LDS. The emphasis was the bolded part: It is based on our Mariner meeting some time ago when we first met in person I had mentioned in earlier threads before I actually knew who you were at these meetings where to me it sounded like (I wasn't involved in your discussion with others, just listening) you were using evangelical terminology explaining Mormon doctrine.
  3. Quoting about the blood of Jesus in your sign off Anakin7, is it the Mormon version or the Christian Biblical version (it's not just "mere belief" but belief in the truth)?
  4. Asking for some prayers...

    So good to hear Tacenda!
  5. Asking for some prayers...

    I'll add it to our prayers at church this morning for Jacob as well as for you in your service to him. God's blessing's in this difficult time.
  6. Bottom line is what Scripture means in a given context as this is where doctrine originates as recorded by those who were inspired to write down (Scripture) being moved on by God: What you state here (bolded red) is not Biblical in attempting to hijack what I had said, the bolded black is and is obtained by grace, not our merit (not of works). Obedience is a given and a natural product of having faith: What I actually believe is Biblical as I expressed here: The Biblical teaching: As contrasted with the Mormon teaching of meriting eternal life: The "PROBLEM" stems from this specifically Mormon non-Biblical teaching known as eternal progression:
  7. The Mormon argument is: In light of the above, the opening false premise of this thread: “Protestant beliefs” are but not notions are actually based on Scriptural teaching. Our personal or individual salvation is appropriated through faith, being saved by the grace of God. This is what is taught in Biblical Scripture. Here in Ephesians 2:8-10 it states: As a Christian (Protestant, Lutheran of the Missouri Synod tribe), three of the five Solas argued by Luther, Sola Fide (Faith alone), Sola Gratia (Grace alone), and Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) from Ephesians 2:8-10 above, being a source along with others for our understanding on the Biblical teaching concerning salvation. The more “official” misrepresentation of “Protestant belief” referred to here as, “heresy. . .delusion and mania”, is the following snippet from a talk, given by Bruce R. McConkie in a BYU devotional to a Mormon audience in 1984: Not much different from the following expressed in a Mormon proselytizing pamphlet: This is in contrast to the Roman Catholic teaching of the day (a false mixture of both the grace of God and individual merit which is what Mormonism also does in our day). The selling of indulgences in Luther’s Germany (the releasing of an individual from “purgatory” by the paying of money) became the catalyst to the beginning of what became known as the Protestant Reformation (in part brought about after Luther made a visit to Rome as part of his duties as a catholic priest). Vance, you and Anakin7 specifically have charged me falsely with the following (of what each of you believe as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “The Mormons”): Responding to and actually refuting the charge of having non-Biblical teachings (which is what I see being done in specifically Mormon teaching) are two different things which has not actually been demonstrated to me. President Hinckley said (in reference to a tract), “. . .It purports to set forth what you and I, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe.” You’re entitled to believe or have faith as you see fit but not to change the truth into something different from “it is written”. Also not free to misrepresent what I actually believe which is Biblical: