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  1. Who has heard of that site? I did a search engine about Thmas S Monsons and caffeine to see about his Pepsi habit. Michael Ellis started the blog. Interesting ideas. His interperertation of the scriptures is more correct then the bretherns. There was no major revelation at Genderal Conference same ol same ol. criticized prophets remarks in Kenya on dowry,s. His interpretation of tithing is different than what most of us have been taught. Manifesto not really revelation, . He feels OD 2 was to correct something anyway blacks should of had priesthood but not real revelation. His blog has a link to latter day apostasy were they say blacks shod never of had the Priesthood it was mistake as was doing away with polygamy. we are to kneel when blessing the sacrament and deacons are not to pass it based on his interpretation of section 20. Cast opposing vote because we didn't vote for the prophets first. Was a succession crisis and many followers of The church right in there cLims. No revelation that twelve was to preside after Prohets death. we will go astray if we follow the prophet. They are good men he says but anyone can be a prophet. What makes him a prophet. Links to Denver Snuffer, Rock Waterman and other apostates on his blog. Mentions temple ceremonies though I donlt know if he has a Tempe recommend right now or not. Could have it revoked with some of his ideas. If everyone got revelation to how they think the church should be run mass confusion,. He is probably crazy in some ways.
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