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  1. I signed up for a day of women's topics on Wed. When did that change? Are they doing the sit down lunch on Wed still?
  2. One good thing about moving but keeping your cell phone number is that I know anyone who would still be calling me from my old area code so I can easily avoid spam calls now. So just move!
  3. So again, the only support for this is Denson. And we all know how taking her at her word turned out. Here is the rule: ANYTHING that begins with "Denson said..." has to be documented from another source or thrown out.
  4. And you have a police report saying this happened?
  5. There is a really good chance her back story is made up as well. It has been the most effective ploy of all of it. She is still being defended because of her "past trauma" vn as she is being excoriated as a liar. Bizarre. As for Bishop, I've yet to run into anyone who doesn't think he did something, if not to her to others. But after 5 rape accusations, I think that one has seen its day. And most of us, I think, dropped that as plausible early on as well. Sometimes scammers are just scammers. It might not be a deep psychological issue, maybe it is a life style. Dysfunctional doesn't always equate to mental illness. But to maintain the apologetic, it seems it has to begin with childhood trauma, which makes her vulnerable to other abuse, then exacerbated by Bishop and so on. This was a fascinating podcast that is trying to salvage the situation (which only the community they keep referring to seems to care much about.) The panel is a bit arrogant if not insufferable, but it is good instruction into the mindset of those who think this is harming the critic community, http://angelsonfire.org/mhh79-mckenna-geddon-the-heated-aftermath-pt-1/?fbclid=IwAR0kvzdZA56_WesNo0KjzZcSmqO9VgmDuEOmfApF_oPcHEimBAON2eg9jPo
  6. Where is the diagnosis of BPD? Or is it something she is throwing out there. Again. Of course we need to behave in a Christian manner towards evil doers. But geeze louise do we not also have an obligation to STOP accepting anything she says at face value now?
  7. What coverup? Are you confusing the legal process for a coverup? Who here is savoring a delicious meal over this? The only people who are surprised by this for some unkown reason are her supporters. It's old news with a few more details thrown in.
  8. Oh for heaven's sakes. You have dodged the question repeatedly. If you are not going to respond, at least stop answering me to pretend I need to be instructed on what Bishop said. Has anyone seen any substantiation of Denson's claim of being sexually abused as a child?
  9. That there is so much circling the wagons now and making Norton the predator instead, it is apparent they knew. They just chose to ignore it and turn any attempts to discuss it into "victim shaming" to silence any opposition. The exmo community is used to hurling charges at LDS (not saying we are always innocent!) and have recently been having a come to Jesus moment themselves as they have been faced with the same things in their own ranks. It took them a long time to finally come out against sexually predatory men in general in a ex/criticMormonmetoo kind of moment. Although, they still blame Mormonism for creating those men. 🙄 Just as they now are wanting this to be about Denson's childhood abuse trauma and Norton rather than how they have enabled a predator.
  10. It is debatable what he admitted to. Given her accusing 5 or more other men of rape, that one is off the table. Again, no one is insisting Bishop is not shady. But that is not the point. So one more time.... Denson has garnered protection and justification (which is still occuring) because she was abused as a child. Is there anything to substantiate this aside from her saying it (just like everything else she said was believed with no proof.) It is common enough to be believed but I think everything she has said needs to be substantiated at this point.
  11. We had smac and a couple of other lawyers analyzing the legal side of things as I recall. It was impossible to take her accusations seriously after that thread. So we haven't had much defending of her here. That is what makes me roll my eyes that this is such a surprise to some and I hope there is some serious self-reflection for those who did but I am mostly seeing attacks on Norton instead (not that he doesn't deserve it.) You spend more time in critical sites so maybe you know this. Have you seen any substantiation of her claims of childhood abuse or her self-proclaimed mental illness diagnoses? It seems like a lot of people are cherrypicking which claims to believe when none are any more substantiated than the others.
  12. This is true, but I am seeing it being used to explain Denson's fraud nonstop. So I'm going to ask again. Why do you believe this claim but discard others? Almost everything she said was taken at face value, with no demand for substantiation, which is why the exmo community was so hoodwinked. What proof is there that her story of childhood abuse is anymore real than her rape concoctions? For the record, NO one is saying that Bishop is blameless. (edited for meaning, thanks Calm.)
  13. https://www.plonialmonimormon.com/2019/05/laffaire-denson-and-the-ex-mormon-dilemma.html?fbclid=IwAR0W76TL6M5LsnmMM3MPoVlsNUQVR1ZMyXIMaTcEwZdTkH7STjFDxATJAyA
  14. Does anyone know of anything anywhere that corroborates her childhood abuse story?
  15. Sockpuppets are always a good way to prove credibility. Gee, it almost makes you think he didn't actually know any of this until five days ago, yeah?
  16. I disagree. This has been a money making venture from the beginning. It isn't like she was someone only expressing herself and her beliefs. She has done damage to people.
  17. He is going through police reports on her criminal history. She has accused 5 men of rape since 1979, one went through a trial. None were found guilty (which isn't uncommon in rape trials.) She does seem to be reliving the same events every decade or so. I wouldn't bother listening to the phone call, he mostly rants at her for lying. Rather ironic to see these two vie for moral authority....
  18. Is the video of Mike Norton disavowing Denson and saying she made it all up for real? edited: It is all over his FB feed, he is calling her a pathological liar.
  19. Your first statement disqualifies the rest.... I've been around scholarship for awhile, the idea that a single statement of a historic Exodus would be that embarrassing is a little laughable. And if BYU (whatever that is supposed to mean) is that flumoxed by it, why wouldn't he be "removed" from BYU rather than only NAMI?
  20. Obviously, it was becoming burdensome or annoying to the teacher for her to go to the SS President. So.... How many people were sending unsolicited material? How often was it happening? What was the source of the material? Don't you think that is a tad important? Was it the BYU Studies supplements quality or something sketchy? Without that there is no way to know if it was weird or normal.
  21. "Becky?" That would be President Craven? I didn't love this talk. We had a RS lesson on it. I didn't love that either. But analogies can only be stretched so far. We have few talks from women. Not every one is going to be top of the mark. So ignore it and move to one that is more satisfying.
  22. Mick Jagger? With all the life coaches out there, surely there is one who specializes in working out less comical conspiracy theories.... What a shame it has come to this for her.
  23. Yes, cause women gossip. BY's harsh words were factual. BY also gave out more divorces than almost all states to the point Utah became the Las Vegas divorce destination of the nation. A little odd for a man who didn't think divorce was merited.
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