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  1. All the talk aside, this is the reality. In more than one LDS forum I am in, the women have formed their own subgroup. So whatever is said and asserted and objected to, by men when it comes to women, a whole lot of women don't feel comfortable with men who are directing them or telling them what women's experiences mean or feel like. This is why there is generally freer discussion in RS than GD. Until that sinks in, I find these debates useless.
  2. Vashti is the real hero of the Esther story. And we always leave out Hagar, who had a visitation, probably because it interrupts the narrative of making Abraham and Sarah righteous.
  3. Just curious if anyone would consider this such a good thing if she had kidnapped a baby from say, Sweden.
  4. By taking a SIX day old baby across the ocean? A baby that age shouldn’t be taken to a mall. Criminal acts aren’t usually considered nurturing.
  5. There are not many people who leave a hole in this forum that can’t be filled. He will. There is a report that it was a stroke.
  6. I have to say it. That neon fushia dress with her hair collar hurt my eyes.
  7. From what I recall, Ritner has been after Gee ever since Gee requested a new advisor for his Dissertation committee and got one. So I wouldn’t give Ritner much credibility when it comes to his vendetta against a former student.
  8. Of course he was one of the local people. And why would God have white Nordic DNA? I love the tune of that song, but it is soooo condescending. Did Mary know less than this soapy song writer? Um, doubt it.
  9. I watched a bit. It looks like some dark themes (torture, death) with ridiculously over done villains done as a puppet show for kids.
  10. If they really didn't use Egyptologists for a major component in this, that is inexplicable. Given the persistent ugly rhetoric about Gee that goes beyond criticizing his work, this apparent level of error by his critics is more than ironic.
  11. Readstoomuch, when my husband had cancer it took me awhile to tell people. It was harder when I did because I got too many intrusive questions, but it was also easier because people don’t expect as much. Maybe give yourself a break?
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