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  1. If a woman thinks the worst discrimination is in the church, they are living under a rock. That is why hyperbole like this is damaging. I think the church is going to have to loosen its grip on women if they are going to survive. But good grief, it’s once a week and it’s voluntary. To compare that to what women face every other day of the week that can limit their ability to provide for their families is absurd. So rather than discussing the very real discrimination in the church, Reiss has everyone arguing about what is worse. Real productive.
  2. That they are wrongly referred to as "the church essays?" Said no one ever. He isn't being treated any differently than the church essays are so all that comparison does is support that it is all right to refer to his the same way. And, this is way beyond "updates." Of course, they could always exploit more recent pictures of hidden tribes people, I guess. This is a throw it all out and start over. There isn't even a foundation to build on this stuff is so old.
  3. Who runs and controls MSE and is making all of the statements? Really, this is just getting silly and is looking like a way to avoid discussing the content.
  4. Oh, wow. I hadn't looked at the website to see the other stuff. This is like a time machine back to the 90s. I cannot believe he used the Nat'l Geo statement without cluing his readers into their follow up. That is just plain dishonest. Just wow. I'm stymied why Dehlin is going backwards. And there is something really offensive about randomly linking to pictures of uncontacted tribes to display them as proof of....something. This is no different than the article from the two EV scholars that said the evangelical anti-cultists had lost the debate because they refused to engage with LDS scholarship. He might have more to lose than gain by opening the authors credentials to scrutiny. I will never forget how quickly they went dead silent on the DNA nonsense after three recognized experts in the direct area of expertise needed published a rebuttal to Murphy and those with more peripheral qualifications. Few scholars are going to want to weigh in because of professional concerns which hurts the Dehlins more than LDS because we seem to always have a few who will.
  5. If it was used as a formal reference or something, of course. Otherwise I think it is unreasonable to expect to see essays that were announced by Dehlin as something he solicited, and put on his website called anything but his essays. I recall he was proud of his sources, none of which were academically sound. Even when authors were identified on FM, it was consistently referred to as FM’s product even when a disclaimer was posted. Has Dehlin posted any disclaimer that the essay is the work of the author and may or may not reflect his views?
  6. I would and do. But those who make a living from it while claiming to be more accurate than what they criticize should be subject to more scrutiny. Dehlin now bears the burden of correcting this critique. And good luck with that given it has buried him in sources. I'll wait for Dehlin to pick it apart but in the meantime, I think the review is devastating in its thoroughness. It is not even in the same universe with what Dehlin has done. This, accompanied by his history of the same sloppiness, is convincing because there are far too many mistakes in only one of his essays. I'll add that his goof about Egypt is jaw dropping. That is huge and I don't think it is possible to give anything credibility that follows that kind of ignorance.
  7. I thought this was great.
  8. When we went church in our new Easter finery, the hats and gloves stayed on. For awhile anyway. They were ridiculously uncomfortable.
  9. We were taught to use the right hand when I grew up in SLC. It was considered close to scandalous not to. I would regularly see parents correcting children. I never thought much about it because I’m right handed and would do it anyway. It’s been fairly recently that I’ve heard this categorized as a white shirt kind of thing. Wasn’t there a talk about it somewhere? Why this would make a whit of difference while trays are clumsily passed along and small children having it held for them defies logic. I can see him telling them, much more kindly, to do it as an example or to look unified and orderly, but the horse has left the barn on this cultural remnant. Back when, old men would give prayers holding their arm to the square.
  10. A critique of MWEG and their distinction between morals and ethics (which probably explains their silence on this.) http://squaretwo.org/Sq2ArticleHudsonMormonWomenEthicalGov.html
  11. It seems to be aimed at protecting doctors. I was discussing this today and we were all wondering how, after waiting that long, would killing a child who could survive on its own, change anything for the mother's health. The child would still need to be delivered. Then it dawned on me that these babies wouldn't be delivered and then allowed to die, "kept comfortable" as I read. They would most certainly be killed in the womb so that wouldn't happen. I don't get into abortion debates, I think it is up to the mother...to a point. But this is infanticide no matter how it is presented. Fortunately, I understand the incidence of these situations is extremely low.
  12. I follow them on FB. I have never seen them support anything but liberal positions. It is not that they aren't doing a good thing, I just think they should be more honest about their bias rather than leaning on the word "ethical" to avoid addressing their political leanings.
  13. I was in the area as well. I believed it at first, to my shame. But it was before the days of nonstop news and FB so the other side didn't get out for a long time. I still remember the videos of the child interviews that came out later and it was so dang obvious how those therapists led those poor kids it was embarrasing to think this nonsense was ever supported.
  14. I've always wondered how these kids cope as adults when they know they unknowingly helped put innocent people in jail. That has to be so damaging.
  15. And how many times have we heard the policy defended by appealing to the awfulness of expecting a man to lose the women he loved. Thankfully, I haven't heard that one for awhile but it takes the top spot for tone deafness. It shows progress, at least women's same feelings are being recognized now. I suspect the women only want one man buttressed the former rationalization.
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