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  1. juliann

    Pres. Nelson and alcoholic lawyer lady

    Yeah, heaven forbid "feminism" should take over in parts of the world where things like rape and child marriage are ignored or protected.
  2. juliann

    My one rant about Utah

    That must exclude a lot of families who can't go until after working hours, too.
  3. juliann

    Pres. Nelson and alcoholic lawyer lady

    It sounds like it goes with Elder so and so talked to famous person on a plane story. And being unmarried and living alone doesn't drive one to drink, quite the opposite for a good many I suspect....
  4. juliann

    Sl Trib cuts 1/3rd of staff

    I quickly figured out that all of the surrounding local papers were using the same articles. It is a Catch-22 because reporters definitely deserve to be paid, but the fact is that news, or what they call news, is free now. So now the Trib has made sure that it will get significantly less hits when I assume advertising revenue has to based on that. It makes more sense to subject the free riders to a plethora of pop up ads.
  5. We don't have to judge the ban by its makers. We can judge it by its fruits and through the enlightenment we have today. If defies reason and all that we believe today to insist that it was "right."
  6. There is some really bad apologetic stuff....just like there is some really bad critical stuff. It was easy to go after the Evangelical ministry types because there was a basic bottome line, there was a God, the Bible is "true," etc. In other words, there was a place to start. That is no longer the case and I think it boils down to the basic criteria to involve yourself in philosopy of religion. It has to start with an accepted premise, God, or there can be no advancement in resulting propositions. That may be what this author is trying to get at. (I didn't read it) We probably do not demand "honest questions" for a majority of our worldview and life experience, so perhaps equating that with turning out the lights and locking the door is a little dangerous.
  7. juliann

    Sl Trib cuts 1/3rd of staff

    Our local paper went to a so many articles a month lock out for awhile and then stopped it and now there are a lot more ads. The Trib recently set up a limit. I don't get the reasoning. All it means is that I now see much, much less of their ads. (And clearing my browsing history didn't get me past the paywall.)
  8. Except that blackness associated with heat/burning is used in the Bible. And Cain and Canaanites aren't the same thing.
  9. Actually, you don't. And this is my thread and I am also going to ask you to stop. You are just repeating yourself.
  10. There is also that instruction that missionaries were to look at family pictures to determine if there was dark skin African lineage in high incidence countries like Brazil.
  11. I dunno. Why do you think Elder Holland included the bogus missionary story in his talk (which he later rescinded.) Do you really think Pres. Kimball is telling this story in heaven? Actually, those LDS historians that Elder Ballard refers members to don't believe them. The difference between their position and yours is that substantiate it. OK, I'll play. Why hasn't God corrected cancer? Why didn't Pres. Nelson come up with the cure for heart disease? Why didn't he get airplanes in the air faster? Think of all the baptisms we could have gotten! But most of all, why the heck did God wait so long to restore the church while the entire world was being led astray?
  12. A false claim was made in the now closed thread, "Be One." Regarding the Coltrin testimony, it was said "They are dismissed because people don't like what he said." The poster also claimed that Coltrin's dates were not incorrect. This is what is used to justify the ban as God originated. I'm going to do this the lazy way because this is so well documented and use links. It was only after Abels' death that Coltrin and Smoot started the story that JS instituted the ban on the priesthood. So let's look at just a couple of respected scholars, this one doesn't allow cut and pasting. https://books.google.com/books?id=0ZVdAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA38&lpg=PA38&dq=zebedee+coltrin+testimony+on+ban&source=bl&ots=lU3zqBYncx&sig=ZXuNP1btNEEFWoLVcP5_udjLoE0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-ieud5PvaAhVX7mMKHfR4A1MQ6AEITzAH#v=onepage&q=zebedee coltrin testimony on ban&f=false (scroll down the page.) It gets better. Smoot is also the source of the Patton story of Cain roaming the earth as a hairy black man. I think that it is only fair to expect those who believe these after the fact ban reminicenses over the word of Abel himself, also be expected to promote Cain roaming the earth as a hairy black man. https://www.mormonsocialscience.org/2008/01/04/richley-h-crapo-chronology-pertaining-to-blacks-and-the-lds-priesthood/comment-page-1/ So I posit that this data is not created because scholars "don't want to believe it [Coltrin]." I think anyone who has cause to believe Abel over sketchy stories from Coltrin and Smoot who made no bones about their racism is on solid ground.
  13. There were rationalizations and reasons created to keep it going because there was no revelation to rely on. And really, isn't that what we actually relied upon? The awful stories about why? Pres. McKay's experience is disheartening, but I do not see any indication that he went through the process Pres. Kimball did. Pres. McKay also had a more spotty record on what he has said about blacks so I suspect he was more conflicted. That and there were openly racist apostles at the time. I doubt Pres. McKay could have gotten a concensus. I think that is confirmed when you read Edward Kimball's account with two problem apostles conveniently out of town when everyone met and confirmed the revelation lifting the ban. That is conjecture, of course, but no more so than an idea that God set up the ban.....
  14. I think you are probably quite aware that these statements were long after the fact, and if I recall, are actually second hand as well. They are dismissed because Coltrin's dates are wrong as well as him being the person who ordained Abels as a Seventy even as he denied it. Uh, how many black members were there to be counted at all? That is a strange bar to raise. And if it is clear that the inception of the ban was not "clear-cut" it is very puzzling why you are fighting against that as a "clear-cut" indication it was not done through revelation.
  15. juliann

    Uncomfortable at church - any suggestions?

    I suspect that is a very gendered, i.e., male reaction. Women tend to think the opposite. So maybe my reaction comes from that but I find the thought that my opinion is always superior to be worrisome. I could never learn anything new if that was the case.