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  1. Good for her for going the extra mile. But whatever influence a woman may have depends solely on her connections to men who can make those decisions. It has nothing to do with being a woman. All these anecdotes do is emphasize how little influence women actually do have.
  2. Our? As in men evaluating teen girl’s bodies? NO!
  3. As in NEVER. It is a guarantee that the girl will not come back and there are plenty of testimonials to that result. Why oh why we still have men who think they should be looking at girls and evaluating their bodies is icky beyond belief.
  4. 1. Equalize the cruel sealing policy that keeps polygamy alive. 2 Equalize the cruel sealing policy that targets women. 3. Equalize the cruel sealing policy and then say “God will work it all out “ and in general, we are now raising a generation of scripturally illiterate members with the new programs
  5. Waiting for the sticks and stones chant and telling me my mother wears army boots. Ladies and thinking gentlemen, can we get back to the topic and ignore these guys?
  6. Isn't that what certain males means? 😏
  7. You didn't. Standard fare for certain males here.
  8. It's demeaning. Always interesting when the offender thinks he gets to decide how much damage he did. Not your call. If someone is demeaned, you are demeaning them.
  9. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fsoc.2019.00047/full Hostile sexism aims to preserve men's dominance over women by underlining men's power. It is expressed in a blatant and resentful way toward women who violate traditional roles. Women who don't comply with these traditional (gender) roles are perceived as a threat to men's dominant position. Hostile sexism overtly keeps women in a subordinate position and is even a precursor for sexual harassment and violence toward women (Begany and Milburn, 2002). Benevolent sexism is a subtler form of sexism and is expressed in a seemingly positive way. It is expressed by emphasizing men's role to protect and provide for women by putting them on a pedestal in a chivalrous way. This protection and love is granted in exchange for women's compliance to traditional gender roles. This form of sexism is instigated through paternal and traditional beliefs that perceive women as beautiful and pure, yet delicate and precious, and therefore in need of protection provided by men (Connelly and Heesacker, 2012; Hayes and Swim, 2013; Cuddy et al., 2015; Vandenbossche et al., 2017; Cross and Overall, 2018). It is this seemingly positive character and the insistence on the complementarity of men and women that makes benevolent sexism a socially more accepted form of sexism. Consequently, it is also an inconspicuous mechanism that perpetuates gender inequality (Glick and Fiske, 2001b; Connelly and Heesacker, 2012). It has been shown that benevolent sexism encourages women to prioritize relationships (family, children, etc.) over pursuing educational or professional goals (see Chen et al., 2009; Montañés et al., 2013) and undermining women's perceptions of their competences and performances (see Dardenne et al., 2007).
  10. Yes No, it is a male privilege problem. There is also a secular solution. Getting called out each and every time until it stops. It is very encouraging over the years of hearing this same tripe on this board to see so many men step up and do exactly that. I think you are the one who wants it ended. It's not so fun anymore, is it? Years ago, you guys used to swarm the few women who objected. We were chased off merely by being overwhelmed with this garbage and accusations. But now it's not as acceptable. You guys are now being overwhelmed and as outrageous as your comments about women are, seeing them in the minority now is the best indication of progress I have seen.
  11. Benevolent sexism is a well defined behavior. It isn't a relgious term. It doesn't require a temple visit or context. It doesn't mean it's practitioners are the devil strawman. Most of all, YOU don't get to define it. It already has an accepted definition. It is a matter of this is a benevolent sexism behavior. This is an example of it ocurring within Mormonism. End of debate.
  12. Pogi, I am not saying you intend to....but what you are doing in refusing to accept anything that has been presented without demanding more and more of the same, then not responding when the evidence is undeniable, is by definition trolling. You got the documentation you asked for. This conversation has been going on for pages. It doesn't take any study of it, it only takes acknowledgment that yes, what we have been saying isn't coming out of the blue and we aren't making it up. In essence, you are wrong that these things have not been happening.
  13. What a coincidence that you leave when the documentation you were demanding for pages shows up. I think we are being trolled.
  14. This is why you can't understand. Men are not held as accountable. I am surprised to even see someone say that. This cancels out your first statement and is correct. If there is a double standard, then one of those being measured is getting a pass, aka men.
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