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  1. Kate

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    I won't talk about the list or the robes, but just go and experience it for yourself. Prepare yourself before you go. I would say that most of what has been discussed here has done a disservice to faithful members. Clear your mind of the discord here and let the Spirit guide you in your preparation before you go and as you arrive. Be humble. For truly, to understand what God has given us, it's only through His spirit that we can know the truth of it.
  2. Kate

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    It boggles my mind just how much debate and conversation this has caused, and yet once someone has gone through the temple in the last few days, it changes them. They feel at peace, happy, enlightened! I have been twice now since the changes. I am surprised someone here even mentioned that it was about receiving the lesser law, as though we lost something because we didn't deserve it. I am sure that those who believe that have not yet experienced the new changes. It is quite the opposite. As with all of the changes, and after receiving a very strong witness during the solemn assembly that Pres. Nelson was indeed a Prophet of God, I feel we are being lifted to new heights. I'm reminded of the 10 virgins parable; one level of understanding is that the oil is the Holy Ghost, having the Spirit to guide, that you cannot buy or borrow. I feel we have just moved into that time. We should have oil in our lamps to be able to see clearly the way to the Bridegroom. Our relationship with him has just been clarified. We need to listen and live by the Spirit, in ministering, in learning, in serving, in doing genealogy, and in attending the Temple. This is a wonderful time to be alive!
  3. Kate

    Women's Session

    I find this whole conversation interesting. Maybe I’m just weird but I listen to each talk for the words and messages the Lord wants me to hear. So whether those words are coming from male or female makes no difference to me. I hang on every word of the Prophet hoping not to miss anything. All of the others too have been called and set apart to relay messages from Him as well. I feel 100% that the messages about motherhood were meant to emphasize the elevated role we play in mortality, just as we were reminded of and should see Eve’s role in the garden as elevated. Sisters, we were reminded of our abilities and spiritual power we have and have been told to ask Heavenly Father to show us our spiritual gifts. To me that was a clear message.
  4. Kate

    Preoccupation with the Afterlife

    That ☝️Is excellent!
  5. Kate

    Preparing for Conference

    Reading April conference talks, prayer and pondering. The message that came to me while doing so was to remember the absolute confirmation of truth that overwhelmed me during the solemn assembly. Pres. Nelson is our Prophet. Whatever changes are coming, we should keep that in mind and rejoice. Just my thoughts.
  6. Also this. It's a recent BYU devotional that I watched after I came home from Stake Conference and it hit on much of what I felt at Stake Conference...though directed to students, it's still very relevant to us. Worth the watch.
  7. We had a change in stake presidency Sunday, so had two General Authorities at our Stake Conference. The talks were fantastic, and one said, October conference would be historic, and "fasten your seatbelts!" He gave great counsel, follow the counsel of Pres. Nelson last conference, "In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." Prepare yourself for this conference. Learn to receive revelation from on High. Learn to learn from the spirit. That's only a smidgeon of what he said, but have no time to give you more.
  8. That is a HUGE assumption. I hope people who think like this don't have to learn the hard way that it is not always true. I know my own children, and other families, where the things being done in the home were spot on and yet they still struggled with a child who just didn't want to or like to conform. Seeing my grandchildren now and their VERY strong spirits, there is a lot to be said about the spirit they are before they come to earth. I would hope that you not judge other parents this way....you really have no idea.