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  1. Folk Doctrines about the Holy Ghost

    I used to wrestle with distinguishing between these degrees of the spirit and how they were conferred - especially when I read the account of the faithful Cornelius in Acts 10. How was it the that the gift of the Holy Ghost was poured out upon these gentiles before baptism? A sign that God was no "respecter of persons" and that the gentile grafting into the mother tree was underway. Peter, a devout Jew was initially astonished at this even after God had prepared his heart to understand through a heavenly vision and other infallible proofs. I wondered how this could be in light of other scriptures about the requirement of baptism befor the conferral of such gifts. I always chalked it up as the exception to the gospel pattern. Then I came across a sermon given by Joseph Smith in 1842, where he explained: I've seen many debate that there is a difference between the phrases Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit even though they are used interchangably in many instances as they have grappled with these finer distinctions. You may want to peruse, "Joseph Smith's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Contrasted with Cartwright, Campbell, Hodge, and Finney" by Lynne Wilson of Marquett University. A pretty comprehensive study. Mike Sanders
  2. Latter end of the latter-days?

    I recognize that even the prophets and apostles declared that the end was soon at hand in their respective dispensations of labor (Paul comes to mind). And even the men of the restoration believed that God would soon rapt up the scene in their day. And while we may not know the day nor the hour, we are called to be discerning of the times we live in - given it is fairly easy to see doom and gloom on the world's scene in about every generation. But if we look to the prophecies, particularly the allegory of Zenos in Jacob - we see the fulfillment of many of those descriptions in the early restoration movement - particularly in the work of Joseph. The Lord of the Vineyard declares that it is the "last time" that I will nourish my vineyard (Jacob 5:62-72) for the "end is nigh at hand". Now I recognize a phrase like "nigh at hand" can mean a long period of time, but when coupled with latter day revelation like "For behold, the field is white already to harvest; and it is the eleventh hour, and the last time that I shall call laborers into my vineyard" D&C 33:3 This was in 1830. What does the "eleventh hour" refer to?
  3. Purpose of HomeTeaching

    Maybe you should gather? Unless you've been commanded to tarry, of course
  4. How about starting in the Book of Acts - several accounts found there that support priesthood calls via the holy ghost to authorized servants, degrees of priesthood authority (some can baptize with water, but not confer the holy ghost), priesthood structures over local church assemblies with higher priesthood over the church abroad. Again, you just have to know what you are looking for and read it with the right lens!!! Several proof texts that square quite nicely with latter-day revelation claims. Mike
  5. Who is the One Mighty Among Them (2 Nephi 3:24)?

    Only one problem - the one who rises from among them must be after the one who brings forth the book. Joseph is the choice seer who brought forth the book, and that work will ultimately cause some of the descendants of JosephL to "hearken unto" those works (i.e. the book [of Mormon]). The one mighty will rise from among this group. So it must be after the work of Joseph Smith is complete - thus it cannot be Mormon. What evidence do you have that his abridgement caused any great conversions among the seed of JosephL? That they even had access to it? Knew of its contents? The prophecy clearly says that they one mighty will arise after the coming forth of the book [of Mormon]? What book do you think is being referenced here, since you already have agreed that Joseph is the choice seer? Mike Sanders
  6. I don't think I'd quite go that far - the first vision in the grove, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon through the choice seer, restoration of priesthood keys and salvific ordinances, the notion of continuing revelation, talk of angels visiting men on earth, the regathering of the house of Israel, and all the events leading up to the Kirtland endowments where quite "different" and unique for that milieu in the burned over district, thus the great persecutions that visited the saints among other reasons. Mike
  7. 1841-1842 Red Brick Store Endowment of the Annointed Quorum Masonry Plural Marriage Book of Abraham John C. Bennet Controversy A significant "trigger year where mormonism struck out on a new course" in my humble opinion. Michael Sanders Book of Mormon Believer Independence, MO
  8. Who is the Marred Servant?

    Who do you think best fulfills the prophecy of the marred servant and why?