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  1. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    It sure is. And BYU went through the ringer so to speak on that topic--thus I thought it worth a bit of a jab in a light-hearted way. I don't think BYU nor those at BYU ever had the intent to blame the women for the assault, if that helps. I really do feel terribly that women not only had to suffer an assault, but also had to deal with stress added by the school for possibly breaking rules. I'm hoping it's all in a better place now. Not a compliment at all. But most light-hearted poking and prodding isn't meant as a compliment. Poster removed
  2. The Church is growing so fast...

    Ok. Whatever word you want to attribute works. I thought cover up works, even if qualifiers saying they were focusing on teachings for today. Sure. I get the tension. Sure. I agree.
  3. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    My light-hearted fun is your "disparaged / attacked / insulted / maligned". I meant no offense. I thought it was light-hearted fun, seriously.
  4. The Church is growing so fast...

    I'm with Californiaboy on this. The manuals do touch on controversies, they just often cover up the controversial parts, or change the story in order for them to appear non controversial. I recall just after my mission. I was called to teach EQ and had the BY manual. I was reading the lesson once and decided to see if I can piece together where the chapter was coming from. It seemed like half the chapter dealt with polygamy when you went to the sources. It was way clever how they made it appear that there was absolutely nothing controversial in what he was saying. Yes, I pointed out the cover up type of stuff in the lesson that week. It caused a bit of a stir.
  5. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    define amazing. It looks to me like he had a host of birds whom he commissioned to help wire-y it up each day.
  6. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    oh crap....soon women will be running around campus in pants and men will be sporting well-groomed mustaches. It's going to really get bad once someone proposes we stop blaming women for the sexual assaults.
  7. How influential can he be if he can't influence the Church to not close it and not change it, if'n they ever buy it?
  8. I agree. I have no idea what game is changed by this. Well prosperity gospel is largely accepted by the Mormon populace.
  9. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    Something will have to change, I figure. I doubt polygamy will come back, that'll sink the Church. Maybe some teachings will have to be adjusted. I know tons of single ladies who never married and have left the Church. It seems most would suggest they did for various reasons, but one seems to be there really isn't much of a place for them.
  10. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    I think it means 49% of women over 18 are married.
  11. Well too bad revelation didn't kick in and tell them they might as well get it now, back in 1903. That 35 million could have fed a few people. Hinckley, as I recall, purchased forged documents for somewhere in the area of 5 digits. I guess an authentic document is worth more. It makes ya wonder who else out there would have any interest at all to buy it. If the value was 100 million who would have paid that? And if so, then the CoC got ripped, should have talked to someone else. Of course I doubt anyone out there would have spent anything near what the Church did to get this and the CoC was desperate for funds. We have had enough of the flailing negativity, Stemelbow. You are on Limited and out of the thread.
  12. of course there is reason. I expressed what I saw as reasons. judging by what we have I can't tell what the advice was, other than drop any pretense to being genuine with one another.
  13. Indeed, you are too. I enjoyed hearing of your fantasies regarding the unchanging teachings. Poster removed
  14. I appreciate the clarification. Are you saying he said her doubts are now fully resolved? I wonder what that would mean, particularly since the report is they somehow melted away because she felt inspired listening to the primary sing--a very unrelated issue. So if a bishop has doubts and someone comes in to express doubts, the bishop agrees, should the bishop a)not respond (pretend like he didn't hear or didn't understand?) b)pretend he doesn't have doubts or at least not the same doubts c)say he has doubts too, but that they don't really mean anything to him so they shouldn't bother anyone? I'm curious. Our stake a year or two ago was given, basically, opposite advice by a 70. If someone expresses his or her doubts, a) never be dismissive or accusatory. b) Always acknowledge the problems when you are aware of them--acknowledge there are problems, and specifically if you are aware of the problems acknowledge the concern that they cause. We were told to do anything else only leads to more problems and is, essentially, heartless.
  15. I'm guessing if an average Mormon from 1870 was plucked from his place and plopped down in 2017 and told "these are the Mormons." He'd say, "hell no they aren't". Likely the same response would come from one from 1917 as well.