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  1. Sleeper Cell

    BYU increases tuition for 2018-2019 school year

    Apparently the non-LDS tuition at BYU is substantially lower than the out-of-state tuition at the other schools.
  2. Do people have to ”lack passion” in order to be able to present their case “dispassionately?” A personal example. Years ago, while waiting at a red light, I was sideswiped by an MTA bus. (Fortunately, only minor injuries). MTA claimed that their bus was the stationary vehicle and I sideswiped it. When the matter went to (small claims) court, MTA had three witnesses and the police report on their side. You better believe I was angry -- after all, I absolutely knew that I was right. Furthermore, I felt that what had actually happened should have been obvious to the officer and any competent expert who examined the photos taken at the accident scene. (i.e., I believed that MTA’s experts had to know that their driver was lying). Fortunately, I was finally able to set my anger aside and make a dispassionate presentation in court. I began by saying that I would prove that this accident could not possibly have occurred in the way the bus driver, the witnesses and the investigating officer claimed it did. Then I proceeded to do precisely that. And did so in a dispassionate manner. (They had three witnesses and the police report. I had Sir Isaac). The judge ruled from the bench in my favor. Had I not been able to set aside my anger and make a dispassionate presentation, I believe that I would have lost -- in spite of the compelling physical evidence.
  3. The OP specifically mentioned police and fire services among the public benefits that churches receive without “fully paying for them.“ Do you really consider providing such vital emergency services to be some sort of governmental “largess?” As for the roads (the OP’s other example), a major source of funding comes from the taxes on gasoline (which, in my experience, are included in the price per gallon, with no special treatment for anyone). For that matter, doesn’t virtually all the “church use” of the roads consist of members (who are already fully taxed for their use of the roads) driving to and from church? That said, I would not object to a “benefits assessment district” roads tax (which would be applicable to all property owners, including churches). Such districts are (at least in theory) intended to tax each property owner differently, according to the benefit that property owner actually receives from the roads. But I would object to a tax that would be imposed on some churches and not on others, based on their willingness to give up some of their rights.
  4. Sleeper Cell

    Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    IOW, even if the Proclamation (or anything else) were added to the canon, it probably wouldn’t convince you (or others who don’t accept it as revelation) that it really is a revelation. Perhaps this sort of thinking might have something to do with why “Mormon canon is essentially closed post Joseph Smith.” Do you accept Joseph F. Smith’s vision as revelation? If so, how many additional revelations would it take before you would say that the Mormon canon is “essentially open” post Joseph Smith BTW, do you really regard OD 2 “kind of like scripture light?” What about letters written by only one apostle, especially if they were only sent to the local church leadership of one congregation?
  5. Sleeper Cell

    Oaks address about SSM makes national news

    How many is “quite a few?” And at what point does “just a few” become “quite a few?” (Yes, I know that even if there is only one person who believes God is telling them to kill “the homosexual,” that is one person too many. But that is not my question.)
  6. Sleeper Cell

    conference today

    … Just what is your goal?