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  1. Nofear

    Video games

    A bit of a controversial figure and not all points may be correct. But if nothing else, the statistics are worth hearing.
  2. Nofear

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    In the end, my endowment is the same ordinance as the endowment my great-grandparents received. What can (and did) change is language and instruction that makes understanding of the intent and nature of the ordinance more clear. It has long been known to me that there were imperfections in how some of our covenants were presented. These imperfections more easily allowed misunderstanding and erroneous conclusions (some quite easily, which was a struggle for many). With these changes, many of my personal interpretations of the intent and nature of the ordinance are validated. There are and still will be imperfections in how the ordinance is presented. Personal revelation and inspiration can help one see past those.
  3. "Micronesia's Leading Newspaper since 1972" apparently has a mirror of the oped. Not sure if it respects copyrighted material.
  4. Our temple president and friend of the Hafens gave us a prerelease copy to read ahead of a fireside. There were some shortcomings in the book (which the explained better in the fireside). We wrote a different analogy to their three step model and they read it and referenced it at the end of the fireside as another viable way of thinking about things. The Hafen's seemed thoughtful and insightful. They recognized that their model wasn't a universal one. But nonetheless asserted it is one that in many cases, not all, but many, can be a helpful way of approaching things. I tend to agree.
  5. Nofear

    NDEs and no singularly true faith

    From a materialist perspective I find some NDE's difficult to reconcile with extant existence. But, I do believe them too. My current hypothesis is that for some/most the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm is difficult for the mind. To ease that transition the mind is given a virtual/simulated reality (e.g. tunnel, disembodiment, relatives, etc.).
  6. Nofear

    Can Angels Eat?

    Unfortunately the physics for this assertion isn't quite settled. Don't get me wrong, I am a big proponent of causality. Still, reality continues to be a bit like gollum. https://cosmosmagazine.com/physics/causality-disappears-at-the-flick-of-a-switch
  7. Nofear

    Can Angels Eat?

    A related question: do resurrected bodies have vestigial body parts? While not one hair on my head will be lost, what about my coccyx?
  8. Denmark and others (Japan, etc.) are offering incentives. Caution, the public TV commercial below may offend some (I've removed the preview image). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrO3TfJc9Qw
  9. While I don't believe it, there are those that have speculated it could be the Holy Ghost.
  10. Nofear


    Something that seems like you'd appreciate. https://ed.ted.com/featured/tW13nXiE
  11. Nofear

    President Nelson in Bolivia

    I learned Cantonese on my mission. My senior year of undergraduate at BYU I took Spanish I just for the heck of it. Didn't go well. Partly because I was a lazy senior and partly because the two languages are so disparate. Fun fact, when learning a third language and one's mind is searching for a word it typically goes to the second language first (citation). Doesn't work that well for a Spanish-Cantonese combo. Being lazy didn't work very well either.
  12. Nofear

    The planets and the reckoning of time

    It is easy for us to adopt a contemporary way of thinking about Abraham's astronomy. It's probably not the right way to go and so the question may not be asking the right thing either. And I Saw the Stars – The Book of Abraham and Ancient Geocentric Astronomy
  13. Nofear

    Alcohol causes one in 20 deaths worldwide

    A bit of whimsy. Alcohol isn't just a human issue. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/10/04/drunk-birds-are-causing-havoc-in-a-minnesota-town-police-say-theyll-sober-up-soon/
  14. Nofear

    Women's Session

    Yes. Not even being the president of the church is a higher calling. No other success can compensate for failure in the home.
  15. Nofear

    No more MoTab

    Just because something happens “now” doesn't necessarily make it sudden. It may have taken the church membership (or the world) 170 years to be ready for the change.