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  1. I actually feel upset about this for a different reason. This came to me this conference. They are all wearing suits. I know it is to put out a professional/reverent? image. But I really don't understand how the only way we can be reverent is in a dress code. That very little of who the women (and men) are comes through. Power color ties and suits. Is this what we are asking of our leaders? That we need to see it look like this to know we are being led properly? I don't even know what I'm saying, I'm trying to articulate what I find sad about it, but I don't think I hit the nugget yet.
  2. I feel so sad. Clothing is shelter (related to the weather). Clothing is art and expression (fun). Clothing is communication (such as a uniform). Clothing should never take place of our own inner maturity and integrity, and indeed, never can. The level of one's clothing cannot denote virtue or the lack thereof. The women's comfort (i.e. too hot in the building?) and the shelter need of clothing (which includes wearing LESS clothing if the weather calls for it) is coming in a far second to the value of? No value. She has to think about how she looks instead of how she feels. She has to think about how dangerous her body is to others, instead of the joy of her body for herself and others. In an age where we are now able to be more open about what we are physically attracted to, a good percentage of the missionaries are not attracted to the sisters anyway. What should the Elders wear to "protect" themselves from the sight/thoughts of other Elders (not form fitting slacks and shirts, for sure!)? It's okay to enjoy the sight of another's body. It's foolish not to; bodies ARE beautiful. Any energies that are ignited ought to bring joy. We are capable of respect in thought, feeling, word, and deed.
  3. Nobody knows. But probably yes? Even with a good read of the scriptures had i.e. three (text) LDS versions of the creation. Not to mention the acceptation of the scientific explanations of evolution are accepted or at least not precluded, in order to be a latter-day saint. Also what does be fruitful and multiply mean? Does it reduce only to reproduction? I would venture it has a greater, wider, deeper meaning that, after all, might apply only to humans.
  4. I've noticed this, that the covenant always involves land.
  5. Yes, I love all these examples of interfaith. When I began my search regarding Islam many years ago now, it was in response to seeing the fear and condemnation of the people around me. So I directly asked God, "Is Muhammed, pbuh, your prophet?" The answer I have received from that time until now how has been spectacular. But the second thing I did after putting out the prayer was search on lds.org and there were actually a few different Ensign articles from the past that were explanatory and favorable (I was starting with zero info whatsoever, as I had never even heard of Islam or Muslim until I was in my 30s).
  6. Thank you for the encouragement, I do mean that. However, I am not afraid of praying for my child. I am afraid of giving a blessing to my child. And the distinction between the two.
  7. Interesting. I shall ponder that.
  8. Since when? I guess I missed the memo.
  9. Of course I do. I am close to fury on the matter. It's ludicrous that I should fear to place a particular body part of mine (hand) upon a particular body part (head) of anyone, much less my child. Nevertheless, it's what is right now until I work through it one way or the other. Either way has massive consequences, or as I imagine at this time.
  10. The desire not to be excommunicated? That's why I don't do it. I have gotten as close as I can. I have had my children kneel by me (I'm usually sitting on the bed), and place my hand on their shoulder and "pray over them" which is simply a prayer, but specifically for them. I do not do it more formally, with hands on head, and invoking heaven, because I am afraid. I am afraid I will break the universe or at least get crossways with Church/God. As far as I can tell, a mother's blessing is not sanctioned, encouraged, taught, allowed, and ZERO ZERO mention as even a thing. I'm surprised that you feel free with it; and I am very glad to hear it, actually. Ultimately in the universe in God's plan? I don't know, I suspect it was always meant to be. Here and now? Absolutely not.
  11. Not yet. They'll post all that in the next few days, tho, on the main website. Text, video, audio.
  12. I did like his emphasis that 'we don't know', only that the work of salvation continues. I loved the talk on the symbolism of the travels of the Jaredites as a template for our journey on earth. I've long pondered those passages in that manner. It was beautiful to hear it said out loud. I feel like there were a lot more scriptural, especially Book of Mormon, examples given in various talks. Loved that.
  13. Me too. I was like, now what? I think I missed the sentence where he said... what did he say? Ha ha ha.
  14. Also did he ask permission to share that? Was the letter writer in the audience or watching? I'd be mortified, if it was me.
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