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  1. Maidservant

    Missionaries and health insurance

    My son left for his mission August 1 of this year. We have insurance for the family, but it doesn't follow him after he is 18 and out of high school, so he has no insurance but the Church. He was sent to the Philippines. I don't remember a lot of pages on that--just a NO. ? Ha ha.
  2. Your poll is pretty cute, nuclear, but I think it needs some more background. What's on your mind?
  3. Maidservant

    SL Tribune Suspends Robert Kirby

    It's a decision--whether instantaneous or thought out--to avoid the consequences of resistance. Because a woman will have to choose between the consequences of non-escalation (acceptance) and escalation (resistance)--whichever set of consequences she prefers or feels strong enough to manage. For most women, those are her two choices, period. She can't choose to never having been degraded; she can't choose to be believed (because she won't); she can't choose to get redress (she won't for minor to medium things and sometimes for devastating things); et cetera. Consequences for resistance: Will I lose this job? this promotion? a recommendation letter? being told to stop making a scene? being told can't you take a joke? on and on. None of these things seem worth losing integrity in not resisting IF it was something that was a one-time anomaly--but that's the point. This is not about individual cases or evidence in a court of law (most women would never have enough even with all the pieces and all the agreement of the parties--because these things aren't crimes as defined--it's denigration); this is about the fabric of our culture and many women (and men) are done sewing the threads. These aren't incidents, they are the life we have to live. I recently watched a movie on Amazon called Woman Walks Ahead. Watch that if you wish, and listen to some of the language-ing and framework that was flung at the woman--both from the U.S. culture as well as the Native culture ("I can't be seen taking orders from you; now we have to wait awhile" I actually laughed at that, but it's not funny when it's in the reality of the culture fabric.) Now what is important to know is that while it seems a lot has changed for women since the time period of that movie, I don't know that it has gotten better (in some ways, yes), rather it has gotten subtler, quieter, behind-the-scenes--but it's still there CONSTANTLY. In other words, all the words and ways of the movie, and how they bombarded that woman, are still present today--just not out loud, so women have to deal with the bombardment, but if they say something, the reply is--"What? It's not there . . . it's 2018 it's not the 1880s, nobody would do that! No one is telling you, you can't paint." That's not the point. Insert something else for our day. Women have to 'take' every piece of ground of respect, because no one is handing it out. (And women need to offer more respect to each other, as well.) And that's okay. We should work for what is important to us and not wait or expect for it to be handed out. So that's what is happening in this social climate. Please understand that when women give metoo and metoo ish stories, they are NOT necessarily wanting or needing redress on that particular incident. We are simply lifting the curtain on what it's like: "It [harrassment+] happened TODAY. It happened on my walk up to the podium." "It happened in the produce section of the grocery store." "It happened in this industry." "It happened in this industry too." "It happened when I was 11." "It happened when I was 16." "It happened when I was 21." "It happened when I was 42." "It happened when I was wearing a short red skirt." "It happened when I was wearing my gray sweats." "It happened when I said no to a date." "It happened on our third date." "It happened for 40 years of my marriage." "It happened at the MTC." "It happened when I was walking down the street." "It happened at the church." "It happened with my professor." "It happened on my walk up to the podium." That's what she's saying. I was walking up to the podium. I was going to give a talk. I was with a respected colleague. . . . . . That should be the whole story--if she was a woman, if she was a man. But it wasn't the whole story. Women are RESISTING at LARGE. Not de-escalating AT LARGE. This woman took a while to digest what happened to her, and then SHARED. Because the other choice is NOT SHARING. If others don't believe it happened, or don't believe it's importance--she believed herself. This isn't about the edible or the joke or even the public humiliation--it's about the dynamic she found herself in; of which the joke and edible and public humiliation were customized expressions. And I'm sure she's questioning herself as much as him--why she had to navigate the situation with the deep rules she heard inside herself that, yes, she is agreeing, her choices landed her still in a not good place. But why are we asking anyone to navigate such waters anymore, especially if we are singing the song of progression?
  4. Maidservant

    Forget S.E.T.I. - We're the only ones here!

    The other people aren't necessarily within this particular program. I understand our world to be a media presentation. So 'everyone else' isn't in the 'movie' right now. Or they are in another movie. We wouldn't arrive at them by going through the stars; we would arrive at them by finishing the movie and/or obtaining the capacity to see outside of the presentation at the same as participating in the presentation (not sure that's possible except in the sense that everything/anything is--possible). It's how I think of it right now, but I would be really excited to get communication from another planet showing otherwise!
  5. Maidservant

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    I have always imagined that the person I marry would be a non-member. If I marry at all?
  6. None of the symbols in the temple represent just one thing. The temple is a map of many things. The way I work with the Garden of Eden the most often though (at this time) is as a pre--condition of understanding and knowledge. It may correspond with a geographical location of 'pre-earth life', but I tend to think we've been learning a long time in eternity, so the temple map I work with covers a longer arc than the pre-during-post earth life tri-template we often focus on. The location of pre-understanding could also correspond with childhood on this earth, etc. There's not just one thing. That's why we go to the temple ourselves to be taught of the Lord.
  7. Maidservant

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    You know, reminds me, there is that online networking for real life group meets called MeetUp. It's not just for singleness (although there could be some of those groups), but based on interests, so you (Nehor) can be meeting people with common interests.
  8. Maidservant

    What's new?

    Sure. https://www.youtube.com/user/jennflake
  9. Maidservant

    What's new?

    I began completing all the novels and non-fiction I had up until then kept in boxes; putting them up on Amazon. I started teaching piano. My first and only grandson turned one, and I went and spent time with him. My fifth child graduated high school and left on his mission, will be in the Philippines very soon (MTC at the moment). Now I just have the tail end (13 year old son) at home. I also film almost every day for my YouTube channel. Those are the highlights. There's something unique every day. Today I helped my friend who is a refugee languishing in Indonesia (because countries are not accepting refugees anymore at the rate they used to) write his story--he wrote it, I polished it up. We've been working on it a while, but I finished one article-sized portion of it, submission ready, today. Other than that, gonna head to Subway for a sandwich in a bit, ha ha.
  10. Maidservant

    The Religious Typology - Pew

    I got Sunday Stalwart, probably because of my attendance, my affirmation that it helps my family, and plus my answer that religion does more good than harm. But it is odd because I answered no to heaven, hell, Bible, and a few other bits like that.
  11. Maidservant


    This is how I imagine the afterlife.
  12. Maidservant

    1 Hour with the 1st Presidency

    While I would have suggestions for new perspectives--mostly with deep sanctification teaching, not policy per se--if I actually had a personal session with a current prophet, and I have imagined this (even before the advent of President Nelson), I would take the opportunity to speak through his mantle, not to the prophet, but to Christ himself. That's who I want to have a conversation with. And I have a couple of questions for Him. I would not waste the hour by talking to the prophet, I would take my chance of the hour to talk through him to Christ. I do like what they are doing with the ministry--I feel like I invented that and Someone heard me wishing. Of course that's not true, ministry is Jesus' middle name from the beginning. But I would offer ideas of how more the stakes of Zion could be established, with members and nonmembers alike, as a community that lives together as one. I know that is where the church is heading anyway, but I feel like I have a talent for seeing and organizing something like that. Plus a better outline of actual redemption and sanctification and the doctrine of the priesthood and a better process for how to do it step by step rather than generalized references to concepts and principles with no particular order (in my mind). I would also have more to say about the place and work of women in this day and age, namely what are better uses of Relief Society weekday meetings rather than learning canning and crafts as female support subjects. Heaven have mercy on me!
  13. Maidservant

    Modesty issues...again

    And to emphasize this point, the last thing you want is your child (at any age) to be unaware that, or no practice in that, they have a say over their own body--when they really need to be able to say something about situations even more important than clothes. They will not automatically adopt an independence principle when they turn 18, if they have been taught a compliant principle in all the years before it. They will comply with any authority, of any tone, instruction, or manner, rather than their own inner guidance. No victim contributes to the criteria of any selection process of the perpetrator. Victims who have brown hair do not contribute to a perpetrator who has come to a process that selects for brown hair. Said ironically (not at you, but the whole idea of modesty): I guess the 'modest' thing would be to have young girls wear pants to church then.
  14. Maidservant

    The right of the firstborn

    A template I have noted in the scriptures that adds to this picture and requires more than a surface conclusion is that many of the scripture narratives show a second son receiving, or sometimes practically taking, the firstborn right. Isaac, Jacob/Israel, Moses, Joseph, Ephraim, Nephi even (fourth son). Any others? Perhaps Mahonri Moriancumr, although he seemed to work with his brother, but he held the right. Perhaps Joseph Smith, Jr. also working with his older brother. Perhaps the Lehi, Nephi brothers later in the Book of Mormon, if I recall the younger seemed to lead the way. When I read this phrase, I am struck that it contains much more meaning than simply a historical one i.e. referred to by saying who may have had it first on this planet. At first I read that the right of the firstborn, or the right of the first man [Adam]. Which is intriguing to me, and I don't yet know what means. Is Abraham any Adam? It seems so in some way. I also have the thought that when a man is firstborn, he is firstborn to his mother. A man is technically not born to his father (rather, begat by his father). In some of the above templates (not all), the one who received the right was firstborn to the mother (Isaac, Joseph) although not to the father. I am also put in mind in Genesis where the 'seed of the woman' (man not mentioned) is that which will bruise the serpent's head. Also keep in mind that the Church of the Firstborn (not sure the entire connection if any) contains women, so there is that. They have the right to the same inheritance, by means which is very clear in the Doctrine and Covenants 76, and also I think there are some verses in the Book of Mormon that may have a bearing upon an understanding as well (Mosiah 5:7; Mosiah 27:25; Ether 3:14; Alma 13:2,9 and keeping in mind that in this very reading in Alma there is the indication in mirror that there is a corresponding, complementary, similar, and full redemption and order for women as well). Not to mention that Abraham in claiming this right, was not referring to his earthly father at all. And that all men (and women) may claim this right, as you say, you do not literally have to be the first child (or son) in your particular family. Curioser and curioser.