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  1. Maidservant

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Yes, that is a good example of what someone thought was the gospel. A lot of my "stuff" came from childhood too. Thankfully I get my whole life and beyond to figure it out :).
  2. Maidservant

    A Story about healing.

    I don't get sick. All kinds of things come through the ward, schools, family--I don't get sick. I think I had food poisoning on Jan 1. The last time I recall being sick before then had to have been over five years ago. Or I should say, I don't get infectious diseases. But I have been low energy sick and such from improper eating most of my life, and 'emotionally' and 'mentally sick' also from nutritional deficiencies. Which for the most part I have learned to solve i.e. new habits. But that has taken me decades.
  3. Maidservant

    A Story about healing.

    Nothing in the OP had to do with money.
  4. Maidservant

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    I could say so much. A lot of my walk with God as been God shattering what I thought was God, and what I thought was the gospel. "Not that. I am not in that." Lately, I have been seeing how my relationship with God is actually my relationship with myself. I have settled on eleven beliefs: self-determination, 100 percent responsibility, integrity, redemption, kindness, freedom, justice, union, celebration, peace, and ahimsa (harmlessness). My purpose in life is to be at peace and to arrive at ahimsa; and to prepare peace for others as well, guiding them on that path for those seeking that. So obviously those eleven things are not exclusive to the Church. On the other hand, I am trying to do everything I have been asked to do in the Church before discarding it at least--attend the temple, do my ministering, do the Come Follow Me, Read the Book of Mormon, etc. I feel the difference in a good way when I do that, so I know by experience what effect they have, and I'm not going to pretend otherwise even if my 'thoughts and thinking' don't match up. I want to turn on the faucet and drink living water, even if I don't understand all the plumbing. I know that the covenants I have made and that I keep have power. I know that--not in my mind, but in my living. There are some things I am completely against and don't see myself changing anytime soon and do feel God has helped me see something better (but I could be wrong!). For example, I'm not a fan of modesty. I think that is a dangerous falsehood. Not trying to get on that subject, but just an example that I absolutely cannot support. I study a lot of different religious material (i.e. Islam, Krishna), plus some YouTube 'spiritual' leaders. Matt Kahn managed to bring peace to me in a few weeks that over 40 years in the gospel hadn't. So I'm grateful for all of God's children that intend to serve him in whatever sphere they may be in.
  5. Maidservant

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    President Nelson spoke in Arizona tonight (and President Oaks and their wives). The football stadium was filled (I was not there); and broadcast throughout the state (I was at my local stake center). His talk was on the Abrahamic covenant; and while I don't think he said anything different about it than I have ever known, I still found it interesting that that's the topic he wanted.
  6. Maidservant

    President Oaks' advice to young married couples in Chicago

    Conversion is not agreement (with concepts). Conversion is a bodily state that yields the fruits of that state. However, study is a blessing and meant to contribute to conditions that may lead to conversion. My faith is in my questions (not the answers I think I may have--because they WILL change the more the scales of my eyes fall off).
  7. Sunday meetings are often the preference here simply because we live in an area where people have to drive long distances in (and out) from their homes; and most people are just barely getting by, and using gas for that long drive is already a sacrifice. Asking them to come back in "later" or another day is challenging. They would drive home just in time to turn back around. So meetings are held before or after the block. Or sometimes consolidated with youth night, so again that there aren't multiple drive times and expenses.
  8. Maidservant

    The Holy Ghost.

    "Anyone" who reads the scriptures "knows full well" that the scriptures always have more layers than the surface one, and that the Hebrew Scriptures cannot be fully understood without understanding deep symbolism and the New Testament cannot be understood without drawing on Old Testament symbolism. When you go there, the element of spirit and many God elements are female. Also in contemplating Father-Son-Holy Ghost one might be led to also contemplate, say, Mother-Daughter-Holy Ghost. Just as one example, there are many other ways a contemplation of the Holy Ghost may go. I'm not saying one has to, but it's not unreasonable. Maleness is most often explicit in scripture, and femaleness is most often implicit but still there so when you are a female and reading the scriptures to "liken it to myself" as Nephi requests, so you try to draw the female implicitness out, you sometimes get a very different set of scriptures. I have come to the conclusion that men really don't have to do this when reading scripture and that they don't really get what women have to do when reading scripture. For example, think about Alma 13. As a woman, ought I to just skip it since it's not about me or say it is about men and let me read about men? Or should I come to understand what it means, is "likened" to me as a woman? Again, don't have to agree, but as a woman trying to liken the scriptures to myself, I have to do quite a bit of reading between the lines with hopefully the help of the Spirit. I also think men could benefit from this, for example, imagine themselves as the prostitute brought before Jesus to be stoned. Is it about being a man or a woman? Or can we go to another level? Now, I'm not saying this directly is right. But I am saying, people who know the scriptures full well and who ponder and seek for expansion of knowledge and testimony might very reasonably be led to places not met by proof texting the scriptures (the poorest way to read the scriptures, in my opinion, with the least amount of truth and insight). I personally think at this time (until I learn more) that the Holy Ghost is our own selves--so the answer of whether or not the Holy Ghost is male or female the answer is 'yes'.
  9. Maidservant

    The Holy Ghost.

    Going by Nephi's vision or visit experience, the Holy Ghost is a man. However, I have come to a few things that it is not a simple yes or no question like that. (Or I've just got it wrong.) I do think that the person speaking at Jesus' baptism and "sending" the "dove" was 'Heavenly Mother'. I would not equate that with the Holy Ghost necessarily. I do not prefer the Heavenly Mother as Holy Ghost explanation, myself. I have other ways of noting where Heavenly Mother is presented.
  10. Maidservant

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    This is another reason I stay. If "they'll" take me the way I am, then fine. I don't mind lending my time, talent, energy, gifts etc to the Church AND outside of the Church. I go by Elder Uchtdorf's not so long ago plea to stay, so I'm in no rush to leave. But some days are bigger struggles than others.
  11. Maidservant

    What is love?

    This may be, but it is something come to over a lifetime, an eternity. We can't all do it yet. No. They haven't so far . . .
  12. Maidservant

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    I know that the times I have come closest to leaving the church was when I experience, or perceive, an issue of integrity with me staying versus me leaving--i.e. leaving seems to hold more integrity, and staying, less. At this point in my life, my integrity is the most precious gem I have, and I would give up everything for it. I am always reaching for the next level of being me in integrity and thriving, and even now I'm not sure the Church nor the gospel is it. But I have stayed mainly because I know too much--I know what Spirit many aspects of participation in the gospel brings and I would be foolish in my own eyes to not drink that water. I'm not saying I'd never leave, and I'm not saying I will leave. I'm saying I haven't left yet, I'm here right now, and I'll probably be back tomorrow. After that . . . let's see what I learn.
  13. Maidservant

    Come Follow Me

    I am doing a tiny "devotional" each evening with my son--it's just us--or that's the idea, many evenings it doesn't happen but then we pick up again. We usually take one or two of the subheadings and read them and take turns reading the scriptures involved. If there is a subheading that doesn't seem to apply to us, I don't use it. We don't do long discussions or anything. At this point, I feel blessed if I can keep a commitment to do it at all. Having said that, I absolutely can tell a difference in the home spirit when we do take those few moments.
  14. Maidservant

    Flunking Sainthood.....again

    I am pained for her that this is what she came to. I have come to practically the opposite conclusion of its purpose and significance. It is what I will miss the most, I become very sad.