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  1. Strange have been the anti-Mormon wanderings within CRI; from Walter Martin to Hank Hanegraff: Interesting that he went back to early Christianity. Also worthy of notation are his new-found critics' emphasis on the authority of scripture when the Bible itself refers instead to the authority of the prophets and their ability to interpret scripture over the the lack of the general public's ability and authority to do so.
  2. I don't hate anything. Tenure is wrong though because it's unaccountable.
  3. Only if it's the tenured ivory tower variety would such a destination be automatic. There doesn't have to be a school or institution for this variety to exist. It could be a website with low quality water and electrical hookups for example....
  4. No it's not. For example, the Nazi Party is a Socialist party.
  5. Coming late to the question....I would say no advancement possible beyond the degree of glory classification one achieves. The Second Law of Thermodynamics prevents it. There is no more available energy from the Atonement and entropy sets in. Either one breaks the barrier of relativity in the Judgement, or not at all and one's progress becomes asymptotic.
  6. Yep. I tend to agree with this view and approach. Of course the question always is, is it the correct view and approach? Am looking for something in this approach that is in opposition to Church doctrine or policy but I don't see anything. I forget where it is in the podcast and you may have stopped listening before reaching it, but she also does talk about the issue of a non-Church guided resolution of the issue where that is THE approach one partner wants to take or is used to, and the other partner sees no issue with being more independent from the Church on resolving this matter.
  7. Quite serious, yes. The difference is, as opposed to your view, I am in complete harmony with the doctrine...oh wait...you don't believe the LDS Church even has doctrine, right?
  8. I just look at how Conservative it is. Conservatism is an accurate reflection of LDS doctrine and in that case, the more Conservative an administration is, the less worried I am about the personal corruption of politicians.
  9. You guys might be interested in listening to the various podcasts involving Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife who specializes in sexuality issues for LDS women and couples. She deals with this subject in more than one podcast (not the only subject in most podcasts), the following is just one of them (porn issue starts at about 4:15): http://rationalfaiths.com/100-ask-mormon-sex-therapist-part-14/
  10. Here's how I do it: 1) If we are being governed by a Left wing administration, I pay on net because I consider my tax dollars to have been stolen. 2) If we are being governed by a Right wing administration that has reduced taxes and the size of the welfare state, I pay tithing on gross. This could of course explain why millennials have been paying on net recently. If true, we hope that will change shortly.
  11. I think it's a step backwards, as per the Law of Moses, that people are somehow sensitive to the use of the term 'white', or the use of any color for that matter, because they can't parse the context..
  12. As usual, the Left is missing the point and the context of what Trump has said; probably on purpose to hide the truth from it's constituency. The doctrines of Islam (Jihad, Sharia Law, Jizya, Taqiyya, Kitman) are contrary to the very fabric of the principles this nation was founded on, and it's Constitution, and any sizable group of people who act on those doctrines are a real threat to the democracy you all have come to know and love. The REAL danger to religious freedom in the USA right now has been (until, hopefully, the election of Trump) the Leftist doctrine of "freedom of worship". Many Muslim countries have freedom of worship. The Soviet Union had freedom of worship. Europe is well on the way to having freedom of worship. The homosexual agenda in this country has been pushing hard for the freedom of worship despite their gay marriage fight promises it wouldn't happen. So what is "freedom of worship"? It's a carefully worded title promulgated by the Left to lull you into erroneously thinking it has nothing to do with limiting free religious expression to the privacy of your own home and some type of punishment for airing those views in public, even in a church.
  13. The reason is because they put the character of one man above the condition of a whole nation. Your Book of Mormon fantasy is of course, a non sequitur. With the allegations against Trump being dropped, what are we down to? Cussing? And that compares to Gadianton Robbers when Trump promises conservative judges? Give me a break!
  14. The problem with that logic is that in voting for McMullin, Mormons abandon their beliefs completely.
  15. For homosexuality, that's where all the research led to until about 2002 when it became unpopular to do real scientific research on the subject. An now that the politically correct research has failed, we're back to the same conclusions as before; homosexuality is a mentally and physically risky lifestyle choice. Heterosexuality? Homosexuality doesn't even rise to the same category. Whether you believe in God or Nature, the parts aren't designed to work that way so genetic aberration at best. The jig is up on the homosexual lie and supporters of it need political clout to enforce their views and intimidate the populace like any other Left wing policy.