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  1. Is there a middle way?

    No such thing as a "middle way" that leads anywhere promising. Everything is black and white and no one is perfect.
  2. Instead of slippery slope, I think it's a way to keep apostates busy and thinking progress is being made without actually letting them get anywhere.
  3. Love and peace among the members

    No priesthood quorum is complete without the occasional donnybrook to keep the blood flowing, the mind sharp, and the knees bent.
  4. No Death Before the Fall?

    Fine thank you. And you?
  5. By Biblical comparison alone, the LDS Church is already THE Orthodoxy.
  6. No Death Before the Fall?

    Nephi 2:22 applies the state of no death begins after the creation in finished; it is not applied to the creative state. Also, thinking of a timeline: Creation/Evolution/Death---> Garden state of no death ---> The Fall ----> Evolution and Death continues ....claiming that there was no death before the Fall is still a true statement. It's a bit more complex to try and tidy up all the details, but one can also have a localized garden state of no death, with death and evolution occurring all around it.
  7. Seems to me that one should establish water rights and resources before one builds.