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  1. jcake

    Emma Smith movie

    There was nothing on polygamy. Just a tiny bit on the succession issues, nothing on the formation of the reorganized church. I believe it was Joseph III, but I could be mistaken, already forgetting things.
  2. jcake

    Emma Smith movie

    I saw this yesterday. It feels a bit like a docudrama with Grandmother Lucy telling much of the story to her grandson. I found it interesting, but wouldn't consider this great entertainment. Definitely for those particularly interested in the Emma Hale Smith story.
  3. jcake

    What a wonderful event!

    I'm not a very radical person, but it does make me cringe a bit to see this celebration of the end of a bad policy that was put in place by leaders and completely unnecessary. Although, maybe it is good to celebrate a very belated end to a bad thing. I still feel ashamed at the whole situation.
  4. I have read that word which was translated to "over" in the Genesis 3:16 passage, appears many times in the Old Testament. Every other time it was translated as "with". Why the exception with Genesis:16? Could it be cultural impact on the translation? I'm grateful for the Article of Faith stating the we believe the Bible as far as it its translated correctly.
  5. I agree, Jeanne, the sad fruits of Polygamy have been the large numbers of people who turned away from learning about the church because of this practice.
  6. I am descended from a polygamist family in the early days of the church. It doesn't surprise me at all that so many active members do, with that "relic of barbarism" preventing so many people from being interested in joining the church. It is to be expected that those who are more accustomed to the idea would accept it. The innate inequity of women under such circumstances repels most fair-minded people. Just because something was practiced in biblical times doesn't mean it is the highest form of living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many practices of biblical days are not favored today, which is likely a good thing. I stand with the Book of Mormon in rejecting polygamy because it breaks the hearts of the daughters of God.
  7. jcake

    This is not a takeover...

    Well, I have to note that in Relief Society, we have functioned without a division for many years. RS presidents have probably felt burned out and struggled with so many sisters to look after, but they are generally very successful. So, if you think a combined group of Elders and High Priests would be too much work, talk to your RS president, they do it all the time and could probably give you some tips!
  8. jcake

    Elder Holland

    This new ministering approach is extremely similar to the way things are done in my sister's baptist congregation, and a friends evangelical congregation. My sister loves their system. Her family has another family that does things with them and because my sister lives far from extended family, their ministering family includes them in Holiday meals and activities, etc.
  9. jcake

    The worst comment in Sunday School ever - Part 2

    I had a friend whose mission was to Scotland. He said that swear words were a bit differently weighted there. If was not unusual to hear the f word, even from the pulpit. But it would have been very poor form to use the word bloody.