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  1. Green burial sounds good. Anyone know how the pricing compares to traditional burials or cremation?
  2. If I remember, the early saints in the Salt Lake Valley were oft times were buried in a shroud, any clothes they left behind would have been passed on to family or others needing clothing. That was just the practical thing to do. I believe that customs and traditions that have developed over the years can be comforting and therefore of value to the deceased person's loved ones. Some people frown on cremation, some people are repelled by the indignities a body being embalmed undergoes in the traditions that became popular during the Civil War and continue today. I'm not sure that God prefers that temple clothing is burned in a cremation. I just hope people can do what they feel is respectful to the remains of their loved ones. For financial reasons, as well as preferring to become ashes and dust more quickly, I plan to be cremated. I have a strong aversion to embalming and burial in a way that prevents nature taking its course. But that's just me.
  3. Definitely attend the other ward. I might ask for a record transfer as well. Sometimes there are important reasons for these things to be allowed.
  4. There is so much we don't know. We can have compassion for hermaphrodites, because they have visible evidence of a problem that could lead to gender identification issues. What about the person whose differences are in their hormonal make-up or who have differences in the make-up of their brain, which cannot be readily seen but affect their gender identity as significantly as having the outward physical structures of both men and women? I think we know so little that we have to be careful and compassionate in dealing with gender issues. I believe that the spirit may be a specific gender, still, could the irregularities of nature that occur in mortality cause confusion or an appearance of one gender when the spirit is another?
  5. I am an over 55 single member, and I rejoice at the announcement of a two hour block!
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