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  1. Conversely, I try to avoid the coffee aisle of the grocery store as the smell nauseates me. Can't stand the smell. Can't image the taste would agree with me.
  2. Bit off topic...sorry! I taught the W.O.W to a seminary class last week and had explained that that it was given to a specific group of people, in a specific place, at a specific time. And it has changed over time. After discussing alcohol, tobacco, coffee/tea, meat, grains, then barley (that was fun); I asked them to think what would be 'IN' or 'OUT' if Pres. Nelson revamped the W.O.W in conference in April. They brought up things that they thought were possible candidates for our society here in the midwest USA. Interestingly the item(s) that are closest to being outlawed in their minds would be ultra processed and other 'Trash Food'. While they wouldn't think that things like McDonald's, frozen burritos, and Ice Cream parlors would be strictly outlawed, they could see them being warned against and somewhat incorporated (in part) into the WOW n 40 years. Meaning that the largest danger to our society in terms of things we intake into our bodies is the food that they agree that they would rather eat more than any other. Is actually the most readily available, and most costly per calorie. I thought it was interesting. I could do without McDonalds. I have for nearly 20 years now. But cheap tacos? I may have an Achilles heel there!
  3. History compiled by people smarter than me. https://www.fairmormon.org/conference/august-2015/christs-emancipation-of-women-in-the-new-testament The entire speech is good, the book is good as well. But read through Section I for starters. I acknowledge that being smarter than me isn't hard, especially on this board.
  4. I didn't say she wasn't useful, or only a slave. The point, which I certainly didn't make clear, was that in spite the culture she lived in the Lord prepared a chosen vessel in her to bare and raise the Son of God in flesh. Quite a number of other women of the day were prepared and used God to fulfill his purposes. Her culture said she was only useful in the home, kitchen, and laundry room. Her God said otherwise.
  5. Mary was a child, then a woman, in a society that considered her as no more than real property. She COULD have been sold into slavery at any time as a child. As a woman she would not have been deemed worthy to so much as leave the house except on a need-to basis. She would not have been educated in any manner. She would not have been literate. Whether her family was wealthy or not, her being female in that culture at that time would have made her at best a peasant.
  6. looks like a You Tube video with that title. I am not going to link it as I doubt it is worthy of it. (I haven't watched it) But looks like a young man went out to serve a LDS MIssion and returned back a Baptists, BAC, or other. His story of conversion is apparently applauded by the crowd he is preaching to.
  7. Like I already knew, I didn't need it. And it was nice to not have others in my home/family waste their time dropping selfies to me for no apparent reason. I started reading Christs Empancipation of Women in the New Testament. So far so good.
  8. You found my Vice. I like football...and Fiji Rugby!!!!
  9. I though about wording that differently for a few minutes, but thought it would be fun to see the reactions to the poorly worded sentence. I think it is definitely worth it. And I did actually say use the word abstain instead of fast. I hope Pres. Nelson includes Anime and reality TV in there as well.
  10. Just for the record. When the youth were asked to fast for 7 days from social media I happily fasted with them and expected that the Lord would bless me in the same fashion. I believe he did. When the women were asked to fast for 10 days from social media I happily started a fast with them and expect that the Lord will bless me in the same fashion as the women. When the Men are asked to abstain from porn, video games, and social media in the Spring I will happily do that fast as well. It is obvious that LOTS of people are 'addicted' to electronic devices and social media and it is part of most people lives in some fashion. For a short, defined period it isn't hard to TRY the advice given from the man I believe to be a PROPHET of Almighty GOD and SEE what blessings are there for me TRYING to obey his advice. This is about the easiest ask the Prophet can give us, I would encourage everyone to try an experiment on the word as Alma taught. Fast from social media, use the freed up time to focus on other 'wholesome' things, and see what changes or differences it can make. As stated eloquently before...this isn't the issue to get angry or obstinate about.
  11. FWIW The reason the characters speak more slowly in the new Temple Endowment films is due to translation times. They slowed it down so they could get all of the words, dialects, emotions, and inflections into the words/phrases for all languages. -- no need to rush i guess.
  12. I think this board (and its posters) allow Fearless Fixxer to dominate the narrative too much. Just sayin'
  13. I think it is quite possible to share more with the public about the Church finances. I don't know what difference it would however. However, comparing it to corporations isn't valid either. The corporations are FORCED to disclose their financial positions to the government. They also want to share some of their grandiose vision with the public so they will continue to buy into the company in terms of stock price. The church isn't forced or compelled to do either, and corporations wouldn't do it either if they weren't legally forced into it.
  14. Yup, I stopped buying the generic brand of Doritos for youth activities long ago. We can afford the good stuff!
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