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  1. Presentation: Fear Leads to the Dark Side: How to Navigate the Shallows of Internet (Mis)Information I may actually pay to read/hear this one.
  2. The few times I have 'congratulated' someone one a calling it was FAR more about how much good I felt they would do in that position than a boastful or prideful thing.
  3. If you are paying for it (not recall or warranty work), work should be done by: 1. You -- For the price of watching You Tube videos, some tools, and maybe a repair manual - you can do LOTS of things yourself. Give it a try! To tools you buy you get to keep forever! You can borrow the rest from Autozone. Fluids, filters, struts, shocks, ball joints, control arms, blower motors, radiators, motor mounts, thermostats, hoses, belts, alternators, starters, gaskets, O2 sensors, ignition coils, spark systems, power steering systems, tie rod ends, brakes, etc... I have done thousands of dollars or work to my families cars for probably 10% of what it would have cost at a car shop. It pays off. It's funner if you have a friend to work with. 2. Independent Mechanics -- Look for shops that have been around for a long time that have long tenured mechanics. They know cars and you know who is working on your vehicle. Even an expensive one is OK if you can trust them. 3. Dealers -- There are good dealerships out there who are genuinely concerned about the people who entrust them to diagnose and repair their cars. My daughter drove back West to college last month and was suddenly dragging part of the plastic undercarriage on the road. They went to a dealer in nowhere Nebraska where a nice young man put the car up on the lift, put in a new bolt, and got her back on her way for free. I was exceptionally grateful that they took care of her that way. However, far too many dealer service centers are an extension of the Sales and Finance departments in that they will do most anything to increase profits. They traditionally have very young mechanics, have the most expensive part prices, highest labor charges, pay their mechanics peanuts in comparison to the labor charges, fight you on most any warranty repair, and if you have a bad experience with them they really don't care. Regular maintenance, changing ALL fluids on time, and even some proactive replacement parts will take you a LONG way.
  4. While I am an active, believing Latter Day Saint I wouldn't term it as Mormonism or nothing. I think when Christ comes back to reign on Earth "Mormonism" will become a thing of the past and I hope to follow His path. As I said, my testimony is in Jesus Christ, his ministry, grace, mercy, resurrection, atonement, and salvation. We are given Commandments, Scripture, Prophets, Priesthood, Ordinances, and Covenants to help bring us to Him and His Father. The policy, structure, meeting schedule, dealings with members or leadership, relations with political, gender, or government groups etc...they are part of "The Church", which is dispensable, alterable, or changeable. Find me another Faith, Church, or group that can offer saving ordinances and covenants and I will look into it. I haven't found it so far in my looks into other faiths. Outside of that, I think I would be a bit lost.
  5. John 6:68 always comes to mind when this question comes up. Unto whom shall I go? I believe and am sure where I can find the words of eternal life. It isn't in the policies or structure of 'The Church'. It is in the God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost, and the Grace, Mercy, Atonement, and Plan that redeems mankind and exalts us, including me. We have been given Commandments, scripture, prophets, ordinances, covenants, and limited authorities from God to bring us unto Him. The rest and ancillary to that
  6. Beautiful sentiments in here. The board would be even better with more of this type of post. How grateful I am for the Grace, Mercy, Atonement, Plan, and Hope that comes from God and His holy child Jesus. I really believe that the slate can indeed be wiped clean for all of us! No exceptions, No Lost Causes. I would be happier, more motivated, and 'better' if I were to remember and hold my blessings in life as Pearls of Great Price.
  7. That is true. Brazil is one of those countries. For my 18 year old soon-to-be high school graduate that doesn't move the needle for him at all!
  8. The actual procedure for anyone that has been accepted to a Church school but then drops out of Seminary is to NOTIFY the school. I believe they are notified either way. The school CAN take action. I have seen it happen. I have seen it have no effect. Usually the latter. It is NOT an automatic thing. I don't know anything about college admissions but it is possible that contingencies exist for certain people. And if you are looking for secular doors to be opened by graduating from Seminary you will some missions closed to you unless you graduate. And your probability to be accepted to a church school is greater with the 'diploma'. There are MUCH greater things that CES and Q15+ have in mind for attending/learning/applying what is taught in those classes. And most of them don't have to do with opening doors to other opportunities. I will let you Gooogle the stats.
  9. If they used the manual if only for a pacing guide they did. https://www.lds.org/manual/doctrine-and-covenants-and-church-history-seminary-teacher-manual-2014/section-6/lesson-140-doctrine-and-covenants-132-1-2-34-66?lang=eng
  10. The composition and sanctity of marriage has been a constant and repeated theme in the D&C Seminary teachings this year. They apparently really want the kids to know what TCOJCOLDS believes in the matter.
  11. As we go through D&C this year in Seminary the manual consistently advises to write key truths on the board, have the students copy them into their scripture journals, and have them write about their feelings about them. They know that MANY kids get through seminary WITHOUT knowing core doctrines of the church. This assessment is just the exclamation point on that focus of the teaching in the book. That said, both the first and second semesters assessments for the D&C this year have been the worst I have seen of the past 4 years. I have reviewed the assessment with my class(es) and while the questions and answers are bad, the kids will do fine...and I RARELY utilize the manual!
  12. Currently the 3rd floor is listed as having 13,340 sq/ft. Leasing at 65 pounds per. Looks like there are maybe 5 floors? That comes to a potential revenue of 3 to 4 million per month. Assuming they have the cash, cash flow, and business plan, and I suspect they do; then I don't have an issue with them doing this.
  13. Conversely, I try to avoid the coffee aisle of the grocery store as the smell nauseates me. Can't stand the smell. Can't image the taste would agree with me.
  14. Bit off topic...sorry! I taught the W.O.W to a seminary class last week and had explained that that it was given to a specific group of people, in a specific place, at a specific time. And it has changed over time. After discussing alcohol, tobacco, coffee/tea, meat, grains, then barley (that was fun); I asked them to think what would be 'IN' or 'OUT' if Pres. Nelson revamped the W.O.W in conference in April. They brought up things that they thought were possible candidates for our society here in the midwest USA. Interestingly the item(s) that are closest to being outlawed in their minds would be ultra processed and other 'Trash Food'. While they wouldn't think that things like McDonald's, frozen burritos, and Ice Cream parlors would be strictly outlawed, they could see them being warned against and somewhat incorporated (in part) into the WOW n 40 years. Meaning that the largest danger to our society in terms of things we intake into our bodies is the food that they agree that they would rather eat more than any other. Is actually the most readily available, and most costly per calorie. I thought it was interesting. I could do without McDonalds. I have for nearly 20 years now. But cheap tacos? I may have an Achilles heel there!
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