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  1. My dad once cajoled me into learning to play the saxophone (why? no idea) and I went to group lessons at school where the teacher would listen to my tootling and say nothing about it. Fact was, I hadn't bothered to learn the notes and was essentially pressing keys at more-or-less random. The teacher was clearly just making the motions. Or he was burned out because pupils like me had driven him to give up! So I feel very sympathetic to you! Much later, I taught myself to play guitar, but I didn't keep at it much beyond high school. I was lead guitar in my basement band, though! My brother stayed with it, however, and he can play wonderfully! He's the only person I know who can play the Jimmy Page lead guitar to "Stairway to Heaven", while singing somewhat like Robert Plant. He can also play and sing nearly every Beatles song out there. Makes me feel like a real slacker. I agree with @MustardSeed, I think it would be good for you to take a break!
  2. You have to ask this when we're living in 2019? 🙂 When boys who identify as girls have to be allowed to use the girls locker rooms? And vice versa? And any number of lawsuits are going on out there where Christians (but no Muslims, curiously) are forced by law to make cakes that celebrate gay marriage? Why don't LGBT people buy their cakes from bakers who support or at least don't object to supporting gay marriage? Nobody can run their business the way they like to. If you really want to do that, you're a bigot. And like any non-conformist, you will be pounded flat until you conform.
  3. How is it going down the tubes? My wife and I found each other there about 3.5 years ago.
  4. Rain? In the Pacific Northwest? 😄 Don't forget, I lived in Olympia for 35 years. I've seen water falling from the skies.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation -- I shall endeavor to take Wendy to that motel if we ever manage to get back to that locale. The sad story of your little dog is one of the reasons I have avoided (mostly unsuccessfully) having pets. I'm more of a cat person, but our last cat simply vanished and we don't know what became of him; he was getting old and might not have been quick enough crossing a street, or a coyote got him. No way to know. When I first moved to the UK my wife had two cats, but not long thereafter one of them had to be euthanized. The last cat (named Toffie) is about 17 and I've grown to love him and his catty ways. And of course he's been heading down that old road, too. He might last another year or two. I will cry when his time comes. I'm so sorry your Biscuit had to go that way, and that you had to hear of it while away.
  6. Class of 69. But I never graduated, due to moving to foreign countries.
  7. And she lives in a beautiful part of Oregon, too! We drove through her town after the last solar eclipse and I've kind of had a hankering to move there. England is great, but Oregon is wonderful -- the only bad thing about it is their state income tax. My home state (Washington) doesn't have an income tax, thank goodness.
  8. That made me laugh! No laser will ever be fired into my eyes. My brother had laser treatment (whatever they call it) and it worked out OK for him, and I've heard nothing but good outcomes for Lasik, or whatever, but I am an utter coward where it comes to my eyes. I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old, and I guess they are a part of me now. I'll just wait for my resurrection to get 20/20 back.
  9. I don't wish to appear contentious, but it seems as if you thought this to be a place where you could engage TBMs ("True Blue Mormons") but found it was a place where you'd be just another "questioning" voice? Even so, I'm sorry you decided not to engage. The spectrum of views in this forum is admittedly breathtaking, but one more voice would only improve matters.
  10. I got an email address PMed to me earlier, and I've sent the query to him that way. Don't know when or if I'll get a response, but...
  11. There appears to be no way to get into contact with anyone there.
  12. Ah, yes. My message box was full. I have loads of conversations there that I am loathe to delete. I have just now cleared out some of it, so you should be able to PM me.
  13. I have a definite point of view on the topic of firearms, and I try to approach it with reason and forbearance -- but I am sure that I have gone overboard on occasion. By the way, send your nephew and brother in law to me, and I will try to chill them out!
  14. I don't know why I'm posting this. But here it is. I guess I'm venting. Or ranting. Take your pick. On Facebook I have a few friends and relatives who post political diatribes or memes like they were taking a vitamin -- meaning at least once per day. And these are the ones who are utterly resistant to actual discussion - you can't disagree with them without inciting a riot. These are the friends and relatives I have to "unfollow". Because their diatribes would otherwise clutter my newsfeed and get me all riled up. I have other friends and relatives who are willing to respectfully discuss matters, and these, thank goodness, only post political things occasionally. But I still try to avoid responding, because inevitably our shared friends on the other side who can't merely discuss something without turning it into at least a regional civil conflict will respond. Just recently there was a thread here relating to the National Prayer Breakfast, and by the third post someone whom I greatly respect when it comes to theological discussion but who is apparently rabidly political on the opposite side from me came down on the whole thing like a ton of bricks. And this person's entire post was a load of bollocks. Thank heavens the thread had been closed before I saw it! Because I would have been furiously typing a response within a second of finishing reading the post. And spending probably a good hour doing it. And then, if I were wise, I would have deleted the post before clicking Submit. And would have wasted an entire hour for nothing, other than getting me all wound up. And then there is one particular poster here who is a Facebook friend of mine. He doesn't post here much, but he is a wonderful man when it comes to the Gospel. But once I made the mistake of commenting upon a political thread he created on FB. And I wasn't disagreeing with him, or even commenting on the subject of the thread, I was just commenting on something one of his respondents posted that I thought was just a tad unreasonable. And man did he ever dump on me. Not for what I wrote, but he was angry I hadn't posted something in 110% agreement of his OP. And got called a racist. After attempting to defend myself -- without success, because it didn't matter what I said -- I left the discussion. Being frustrated, I went onto my own timeline and posted about the incident and how frustrated I felt, without once mentioning this person. Whereupon he shows up on my timeline and again accuses me of being a racist. And then my FB friends who have known me personally in excess of 20 years got indignant with him and told him about how he was totally off-base. Personally, I wanted to punch this guy's lights out he ticked me off so badly. I'd give up Facebook, except my wife posts lovely family-related things there and never breathes a word about political matters. Life is much more placid and peaceful when one is not faced with the ignorant, stupid, blind, and brainless postings of people who seem to have lost their reasoning capability because of politics. And note please, I am not characterizing WHICH side it is for this. It is SOME PEOPLE on BOTH SIDES. So I am very thankful that the moderators here use the power to close threads. I get riled up enough.
  15. He hasn't been here since January 8th. Doesn't he have to come here in order to see if he got a message?
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