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  1. Stargazer

    Odd question

    I've waffled over this from time to time, too. But I've decided it doesn't matter because it's out of my control. What would you do different if you knew it were the case? Answer: nothing. Stop worrying about it, do what you know is right, and let God handle it.. He can be trusted to get it done properly.
  2. I was under the impression that the changes we are seeing are not things that were decided last month or so by President Nelson alone, but are things which have been in train for possibly years. There were rumors about the 2 hour meeting schedule for some time, and this was because it was tried out by pilot stakes -- and the rumors of it came because others heard about these pilot programs. I imagine that President Monson was involved in it to a certain extent (although his involvement might have been reduced due to health issues). And Hamba or someone reported Elder Bednar talking about changes that would be seen over the coming years, without going into details. The world is changing, and I'm pretty sure the Lord is well aware of this and knows which directions the church needs to take.
  3. Stargazer

    Is American culture slipping away?

    I've never cared much for Halloween. I did it as a kid, but only because it was expected by my peer group. As soon as I could swing it without offending my friends, I stopped doing it. I currently live in the UK, and while Halloween is celebrated here now (didn't used to be when I lived here briefly in the 1970s), we didn't get any trick or treaters this year. My step-daughter took her kids out for it, even though she doesn't like Halloween either. So there is that.
  4. There's no convincing Little Nipper of that. You're kind of wasting your time.
  5. Stargazer

    President Nelson in Bolivia

    I've had that happen to me, too. I once tried to learn a little Russian, and suddenly realized that I was speaking some words with a German accent (my mission language). Very odd. I've lately attempted to learn some Spanish, and have managed so far to keep it away from German.
  6. Stargazer

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    I'm a guy and I'm not keen on talking with guys either. Women are usually much more interesting to converse with.
  7. Stargazer

    Last Movie You Watched

    If I had seen that, I suppose it might have affected me, too, but I don't even know what kind of thing it is. FIlm? TV? Oh well.
  8. It's important to understand who Christ is to have faith in Him. But I would never say that the Pope's failure to understand that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three separate personages forming the Godhead makes it impossible for him to have faith in Christ. It might be better if he understood Christ correctly, but ... I never said that the RCC, Lutherans or Orthodox must agree with us. Or that they must accept us as Christians even though they believe that the Godhead has a different structure from our belief. They can do as they want. Doesn't make them right, however. Your experience with your local protestant minister is sad. But typical.
  9. Sorry, but I've been away for a week, and someone responded to something I wrote last week. So I replied. If it bothers you that I bring up the Nicene thing, I apologize, but when someone complains that we worship a different Jesus, it necessarily involves the NC, because it involves the Trinity. Why else would evangelicals moan and groan about Mormons and our "different Jesus"? We believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are separate persons, forming one God, i.e. the Godhead. This is different from the "classical" Trinity -- which again, is described in the NC -- making our "different Jesus" inescapably about the NC.
  10. Jesus was never recorded as saying anything about which Jesus needed to be believed in to be saved. Great about the scavenger hunt. I understand what you're saying, but when it comes to Jesus, do you think he will reject people because they didn't properly understand or comprehend what the Nicene Father's said about him? LittleNipper says that Peter and Paul both believed in the Nicene Creed -- obviously not literally since the NC came later, but he claims that the trinity as expressed by the NC was what they believed. A fine piece of posthumous mind-reading! If it were so freaking important that one's very salvation depends upon it, how on earth could God have failed to make the NC doctrine very very clear in the New Testament? It's inexcusable, don't you think? Who is the REAL Jesus? The one described in the New Testament. I had an evangelical friend who was black. HIS Jesus was pictured on his wall. HIS Jesus was black. So, was he a believer in some counterfeit Jesus? Apparently. Not. The Jesus of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the same Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Whether they imagine him to be that being described in the Nicene Creed, or not, is immaterial. Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ. Some may believe that you have to believe in the Nicene Jesus to be saved -- but some of the same people who say this are the ones who say all you need to to believe and accept. It's another question whether authority is crucial or not.
  11. I admire your posthumous mind-reading skills. Jesus is Good and He is God. So is the Father. So is the Holy Ghost. And though they are One God, they don't need to be a three-in-one to accomplish this. I believe the knot-tying is being done by others, not the LDS.
  12. Of course. But does God demand that you understand and believe in the God of the Nicene Creed before you can be saved? What I've noticed is that all you need (from the Evangelical POV) is to accept Christ as your personal savior. Are you trying to introduce an additional requirement?
  13. Stargazer

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Don't think you're asking me, but I'll give my take on this. I don't "approve" of it, but I understand why it exists.
  14. Stargazer

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Uh, not so much any more. Anything that has any kind of a following gets attention from all sides, fanatics on both sides and the neutrals. Controversial subjects can be problematic, but eventually even those trend towards a neutral point of view. And it is not the case that anyone can write anything about anything. To start with, there are devotees who examine all new articles, and if the topic seems to be thin, a new article may find itself being questioned as being notable enough for inclusion. I do some Wikipedia editing, and have put several articles on there. I can tell you that I have had about three articles deleted for lack of notability -- even though the topics seemed notable to me, at least -- and it didn't take more than a week for it to happen. That much is certain. That's largely why MGTOW has become a "thing". And #MeToo contributed a boost to it, I think.
  15. Stargazer

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Good heavens. The more I hear about others' experiences in online dating, the more I am amazed by my own. It was just... amazing. I love the one about the Disney princess. Someone doesn't have much self-awareness, and it isn't you.