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  1. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Wasn't mocking Paul. Was saying that your interpretation was unfounded.
  2. Church updates statement on Charlotteville

    Now this reminds me of someone. Charles Manson by name. It was his intent, in the Tate-LaBianca murders, to incite a race war by murdering white people and leaving suggestions that the murders had been done by black people, presuming that white retaliation would lead blacks to rebel.
  3. LDS serviceman killed in Afghanistan

    Oh, that will happen. However, we seem to be destined to go through more of this before it all ends.
  4. Church updates statement on Charlotteville

    If you mean your Taco Bell, those, sir, are not tacos. Those are gringo imitations of the true taco. (Actually, I like Taco Bell, but I recognize that it isn't true Mexican cuisine)
  5. There's more endowment?

    I was aware that there had been many changes, but reading the book's description on Amazon was in itself educational! I thought that I would not wish to read a book about the temple which was written to be antagonistic, but the description says "...historian Devery S. Anderson has brought together a comprehensive collection of official documents on temple ceremonies, limited only by what would be inappropriate to discuss publicly." As the favorable comments on the book seem to be from faithful LDS, I decided to buy the Kindle edition. I'll read it later when I get some time! Thanks, HJW, for posting this!
  6. There's more endowment?

    There is no way it could be a literal description of the creation, at least beginning with last chapter, in the Garden of Eden. For example, one does not shake hands with unresurrected spirits.
  7. Youtube announces new policy

    My opinion on whether a meme is racist is no better than yours, absent overt evidence of it. If my opinion is invalid, so is yours. I know what you think. You've made it clear. A few idiots created racist Pepe images. Such images are a tiny minority and largely did not exist before around 2015 when suddenly in response to few trolls leading a gullible liberal writer to believe that the supposedly racist Trump campaign was involved with Pepe in some fashion, and convinced Hillary and many in her campaign to the conclusion that the meme itself was racist. But even the Anti-Defamation League admits that the vast majority of Pepe images are not racist. So how could the meme itself be racist? I've made my point. If you choose to disagree that's your affair, and we can agree to disagree. Thank you for your input.
  8. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    No, I was merely pointing out that your logic led that way -- since Peter's saying that forbidding to marry pertained to gay marriage, which was forbidden in his time. You think you understand what the Holy Spirit was revealing to him? I doubt this. And why would the Spirit tell him that something would be forbidden as a sign of the times if it was forbidden from all time since the Garden of Eden, through Paul's own time, all the way until the 21st century, when <gasp> it was suddenly permitted! I guess we've gone past the last days, then! Why, it must be the Millennium, and no one told us! Amazing! I think it might be more accurate to interpret "forbidding to marry" as celibacy in the Roman Catholic Church.
  9. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    At the time Paul wrote this, there was no such thing as gay marriage neither among the Jews nor the Christians, nor, in point of fact, among the Pagans. At the time he wrote this, "marriage" meant a personal union between persons of the opposite sex. And you think that Paul meant that forbidding gay marriage was a sign of the times? I imagine that he would have been surprised to learn this. Especially since if this is what he meant, the "latter times" were there already. Nice try, CB, but your logic destroys itself.
  10. Elder Chistopherson given World Peace Prize

    Certain parties will react predictably in some fashion that will indicate that the Church is somehow at fault. Anyone who thinks otherwise lacks sufficient imagination. Just have patience. It won't take long.
  11. 2018 curriculum

    Wouldn't work in my class. When I teach from a conference talks I actually try to discuss the points of the talk. Although sometimes I will grudgingly play the talk on the telly if it seems needed.
  12. There's more endowment?

    It used to be a few hours long, back in Brigham's day. Since I was endowed back in 1972 there have been few changes.
  13. Church updates statement on Charlotteville

    What white culture? The culture in most majority "white" countries have so thoroughly assimilated elements of many other cultures that this Ayla creature would have to pack a lunch if she set out to sort out the white from the non-white. In fact, every culture on earth (except possibly for the folks hiding out on North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean) has elements of many other cultures. There is no "pure" culture out there. They have no leg to stand on.
  14. There's more endowment?

    Interesting thought, but it doesn't seem likely. I kind of think we have enough endowment, as it is. Living up to that is sufficient challenge, I think.