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  1. Why can't I cancel my post before I post it? I hit the wrong darned button and instantly I'm into the post-creation mode and know from experience that I will not be able to get out of it cleanly until I freaking post something. The board software used to work so much better.
  2. Darn. I was going to respond to this, but realized just in time that it would be a threadjack! Nice topic for discussion, by the way!
  3. Cool! I used to belong to that ward! Back around 1980 when I was stationed at Ft. Gordon. It's where I met my late wife.
  4. I've discovered that for each answered question there are more delightful questions! Until we come to a fulness I believe we can be constantly amazed by new truth.
  5. Likewise, there is nothing in scripture to support there being a sexual component to it.
  6. You're right, I believe. The spiritual creation would have no resemblance to the physical creation.
  7. Well, I'm not as sure as you that menopause would not be reversed. If people who suffer through the tribulation are healed from their illnesses, I don't think there's a reason to assume that this would be limited to non-reproductive problems. If a woman is in perfect health, and consider that menopause triggers certain degenerative conditions (osteoporosis, for example), then it would make complete sense for it to be reversed.
  8. When my father bought me a train set for Christmas, I think he got more enjoyment out of it than I did. I wouldn't have made the wrapping paper into a dress, however. I would have been more impressed it he had gotten me a book. Or a set of Army soldiers. Trains? Meh. I remember being definitely sexually attracted to girls as early as 7 or 8 years old -- and I didn't even know what sex was at that point. My cousin Jim (who is gay) seemed to be sexually attracted to boys at the same age, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know what sex was, either. He and I might be on opposite sides of a continuum where some people could go either way, and eventually their state vector collapses to one side or the other (or both, of course). And perhaps you were not as close to that end of the spectrum as my cousin was. Sorry for the quantum physics terminology, but it seems to apply.
  9. Yer preachin' to the choir, Jeanne! I do understand that much. And from experience. One of my sons was cooking spaghetti noodles the other day, and I suggested he might do better to break the dry noodles in half before trying to put them into the somewhat too small pot -- and got told to stop telling him what to do! Nicely, but still... there is a proper way to cook spaghetti noodles, and then there's the sinful way! What's a father to do?
  10. The problem is, the leader on the stand did not have the advantage of a few days to think over his response to an emergent situation, but had to react as best he could in the moment. We fuss over a response that we think is ham-handed, but if we were in his place at that moment, would we have made a better go of it?
  11. I do wonder about this concept that a person knows they're gay when they are twelve. I suppose it's possible -- one of my cousins certainly acted gay when he was very young, and it turned out he was definitely gay when he was an adult. But I've also known people who thought they were gay when they were young, but found that they weren't when they grew up. Some of us are rather undifferentiated at young ages and not only don't know what our sexual orientation is, we don't even know what we want to be occupationally when we grow up. Whoever encouraged this young lady to create this public spectacle did not do her any favors. Regardless of what she ends up doing with her life, and especially so if she ends up marrying a man after all.
  12. Oh fer cryin' out loud. My loving and accepting my children is quite apart from wishing they would stop drinking and smoking and living with their girlfriends without benefit of marriage. And my one son who wished and hoped for his mother to die (she did) and whom I have a restraining order against because of threats of violence -- I still love him, care about him, and would give my life to save his, if it were in my power. But when they are wrong and doing wrong, well, sorry, but I do NOT accept it. If one of my children turned out gay I would still have loved him or her. And I'd welcome his or her partner as a part of the family on the same terms as any other partner or spouse. I'd even attend their "wedding". But there is no way I would accept it, because it's wrong.
  13. Oh, sure, trot out the dictionary. :-) Let me search my thesaurus for a better word, one that might pass your muster, perhaps more neutral... Hmmmm. How about "discourse"? Is that sufficiently even-handed? <sigh> Well, I suppose you're right, that "diatribe" is a loaded word in this case. Thanks for calling me on it. But whether she's 12 years old or 50, and the fact that she expressed some truths in her discourse does not matter, it is false doctrine that God wants you to have sex with and marry someone of your own gender. Even if you were born that way. Taking this from cinepro's summary: I hope to find a partner and have a great job. I hope to get married and have a family. I know these dreams and wishes are good and right. I know I can have all of these things as a lesbian and be happy. I believe that if God is there, he knows I am perfect, just the way I am. and would never ask me to live my life alone or with someone I am not attracted to. She says that she knows that she can have all these things as a lesbian, and God is just fine with it. Sorry, HJW, if that's not false doctrine, then Brigham Young is a ham sandwich. I, as a straight person know perfectly well that I am not perfect just the way I am. God has a lot of work ahead of Him to make me so, but with my cooperation He will succeed. This young lady has a tough road ahead of her, as we all do, but if she thinks that God wants her to just go with the flow I am very certain she will discover that the flow is down a river she would not have floated down had she known the destination. And I suspect that she has been taught about that destination but has chosen to disbelieve it.
  14. I think this is the most salient point made so far. If I were the bishop in this case (gosh, I hope I don't get called to that position), I would have stopped her "testimony", as gently and as politely as possible, but I would have stopped it. Those of you who agreed with what she said, and think that she should have been allowed to continue in her public diatribe despite it being completely inappropriate for Fast and Testimony meeting and containing false doctrine would probably have stopped someone else who got up and started spouting something that you considered wrong and clearly teaching false doctrine. Let's say some young woman (or old, for that matter) got up and started going on about how she had fallen in love with her married bishop and how she should be permitted to be his second wife. I suppose that would have been OK, too? Or if someone else of a more sinister bent got up and spoke of how necessary it was to bar Jews from the Church and put them all into ghettoes where they could be better controlled. Or any of a number of other things that you might strenuously disagree with! Would you think that someone speaking such things be allowed to continue to the end of their "talk"/"testimony"? I highly doubt it. As for the "God made me this way" argument, that is a load of baloney. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Should I, therefore, flush my meds down the toilet and just let my ADD go to its limits? I am nearsighted, so should I throw my eyeglasses away and revel in my unfocused vision? Just because I was born that way? I sympathize greatly with anyone who has a trial to bear in their life, and those who must battle against their own natures would seem to have the hardest battle. But were we sent here to resist and overcome our sinful natures, or to yield to them?