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  1. President Trump visits Welfare Square

    You have two options using the "Insert other media" button to the right. 1. Using the button, upload a pic from your machine to the site, then link it to your post 2. If the pic has a URL (you know, http://... etc), use the button, or copy/paste the link directly to your post. Otherwise, you can also go to the image itself on the web, right-click on it, select "Copy" and then paste it to your post.
  2. An Awesome Experience... 20 - 30+ foot waves

    Last September Wendy and I drove on the WA coast while there was a bit of storm going -- but it wasn't as big as the one GG describes! Wish we could have seen this!
  3. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    What does following someone do, anyway? I have gotten notifications of new posts on threads I follow, but never anything about any of the people I follow. It's set to immediate notification. Or does it tell me when someone posts on their own timeline, which I don't think anyone does. I don't, anyway.
  4. New First Presidency

    There's an app for iPad that is called that: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/notepad/id495125972?mt=8 TextEdit is included with OS X on the Mac The Mac may have a built-in app that strips text of markup and hidden characters. I don't Mac, so I wouldn't know
  5. New First Presidency

    What changes do you want that a young face would institute? Guitar music in sacrament meeting? A jazzed up hymnbook? I'm quite puzzled by this, really. Unless you're on about ordaining women and gay temple sealings, and you think younger apostles would go for those?
  6. New First Presidency

    I have a suggestion for this. Two ways, one easy, the other easier once you set it up, but a little complicated to set up. The following assumes you're on a Windows machine. 1. Wash your text through Notepad to remove hidden tags. Do it this way: (1) open Notepad. (2) paste text into it. (3) type ctrl-A to select all the text, and ctrl-C to copy the washed text to your clipboard. (4) go to where you want to paste your text and type ctrl-V to paste. Only the text will be pasted. If there was a problem with your text like there was in your post, highlight the text that was pasted but contained the screwy stuff, and re-paste the washed text over it while editing. This should clean it up. 2. Use PureText. This is an app which you install on your PC, and when you want to use it, it requires only two clicks to clean the text in your clipboard. Go here to get it --> http://stevemiller.net/puretext/. It's not hard to install, but it's a little complicated to set it up so it starts up every time your PC starts.
  7. New First Presidency

    No, I don't consider it "unmormon", whatever the heck that's supposed to be. It's perhaps quite human to wonder such things, and since Mormons are humans, there ya go. If I were Oaks, I would be positively giddy with my new position. I know who he is, and he, and the rest of them, are in those positions precisely because they actively look for opportunities to serve, and welcome them when they occur. Many years ago, I had an intimation that would be called to be the president of my servicemen's branch, and I felt somewhat intimidated at the responsibility that would involve, but at the same time somewhat exhilarated at the chance I would have do something of value. I expect President Oaks feels the same way. Does Elder Uchtdorf wish he were still in the First Presidency? Perhaps so. I was sad to be released from my branch presidency position -- though this was occasioned by my being transferred by the Army, and not a leadership shakeup. I was sad because I felt a great deal of fulfillment in presiding over that branch, and I believed I had been in some small way a force for good. I would have liked to have continued in that capacity, but it was not to be. By the way, when I say "I know who he is" I'm not implying personal connection. As for President Eyring, I have seen him in action, at a stake conference a few years ago, and I have to say that he gives off a strong vibe of being jubilant at what he does in the Church. I don't think that being "demoted" from first to second counselor fazes him one bit.
  8. New First Presidency

    Well, your optimism is noted, but I think you underestimate those who just can't stop poking at it with a stick.
  9. New First Presidency

    You made me laugh out loud at this! Thanks for the early morning chuckle! I was out of upvotes, so here's a High Five!
  10. New First Presidency

    No, my current wife is sealed to her late husband. Yes, after I told my late wife that I would stay single after she died, she told me in no uncertain terms that she expected me to remarry. I think she was worried I might get lost without a firm female hand to guide me. She also had a couple of suggestions for my next spouse, both of whom were not sealed to a previous husband, so it could have been possible to be like President Nelson. Except that neither of them were interested, as far as I could tell. My living wife's name is Wendy, by the way, and she is charmed that President Nelson's wife also has that name. She also thinks I spend too much time on this board, especially when I have to give a talk on Sunday and I'm not done getting ready for it. But I usually give better talks when I am less prepared, oddly enough.
  11. New First Presidency

    I was trying to be amusing, JLHPROF, not mocking. Sorry you misunderstood. My standard polygamy joke used to be that it was against the principle that a man couldn't serve two masters. My late wife had me worried about it coming back, because, she said that if I was called to practice it, she would pick out my next wife for me. She also had a dream in which she found that after this life she would be welcoming a sister wife to the family. If I were called to participate in it, I would do it to the best of my ability, such as that is. But I will admit to preferring just one.
  12. New First Presidency

    It's been pointed out that the new Acting President of the Twelve got his hand patted, too. I don't think he was despondent over his promotion -- but then again, maybe he was. Or maybe it was a supportive pat upon being mentioned.
  13. New First Presidency

    About the whack-a-doos being the only ones, no, not quite. One of my Facebook friends who doesn't so much as know about this board posted on Facebook asking for comments on this matter, just like Kenngo did. I think it's a current discussion iin some places.
  14. New First Presidency

    Well, I'm not thrilled about it, not thrilled at all. I want at least three more wives so I can be finally and truly worn out to death trying to keep them all happy, so I can have a nervous breakdown on a monthly basis trying to love them all equally, and so I have to work one or two other jobs trying to support them our children. Yeah, you can be thrilled you don't have it if you want. I have a deathwish.
  15. New First Presidency

    A long time ago I was called to serve as a stake missionary, and kept that calling for 8 years. It was great! In my second year, for some reason, I was called to teach the 17 year olds in Sunday School. This was kind of surprising because stake missionaries were typically not called to any other position concurrently. This SS calling continued for about a year, and I really enjoyed it. In fact, the kids rather liked me, I heard later. Then suddenly out of the blue I was released with no explanation and another brother was called to teach. He lasted three weeks until he was called into the bishopric. They asked me if I wanted to come back, and I said No. I actually felt fired. And when I was offered the position back I refused because I felt that if they didn't want me in the position before, why would that change after just a few weeks. It wasn't presented as a calling, though, just as an option. So I didn't feel duty-bound to accept it. It felt like the right thing to do, actually. My policy is to never refuse a calling, but this call to "come back" didn't feel like one. And technically I shouldn't have had it anyway.