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  1. I don't think that is what is being said. You've glossed over something, cinepro. If I have a strong religious belief that, say, ancient aliens built the pyramids in Egypt, then I am biased towards that. If I then hire an independent researcher to find out if I am right, and do not interfere with the researcher's research (say by paying upfront regardless of the eventual result), then while I am definitely still approaching the question with a bias, the results of the research is not necessarily biased, however it falls out. That is what it means when it says: "...does not mean that their scientific findings are necessarily biased" (italics added) " especially when independent laboratories are used."
  2. Well, then why bring your grandfather into it all, as if he had to die before your grandmother "could find out who she was"? What you wrote implied that your grandfather dominated her life. I'm glad that wasn't the case. My stepmother was a little like your grandmother. My mom died when I was seven, and a year and a half later my father married a woman whom he knew from work whose husband had died of a rare heart ailment. She had had an unhappy marriage, but wouldn't divorce him because she took "in sickness and in health" seriously, and out of her strong ethics took care of him until he died. I remember her helping anyone in the family who needed it, something that continued throughout her life. Her third husband came down with a brain tumor and she nursed him for several years until he died. Your grandmother sounds like an elect lady. I wrote a response to the rest of what you wrote, but decided that it would just cause more pointless sparring. So, I edited my post to delete it all. I do wonder why you post here, though. Like a number of others, your goal appears to have no higher purpose than to vent your anger over how you were treated in times past. If that is the case, I hope you achieve some satisfaction by it.
  3. And I find it perplexing why a non-believer finds it necessary to come to a forum so he can chide believers about the depth of their obedience to something that he doesn't believe in. That strikes me as hyperlegalistic, not to mention very pharisaic, in a somewhat loose sense. So, please instruct us, Rabbi, how we should keep the Word of Wisdom! We hang on your every word.
  4. What exactly was forbidden about it? The complaint was not that they were picking it on the Sabbath, but that they were "threshing" the grain: holding the picked heads, and rubbing their hands together to separate the kernels from the chaff. The Pharisees counted that as working on the Sabbath. Working on the Sabbath is forbidden, but eating on the Sabbath? They were looking for simply anything at all to accuse Jesus with.
  5. I agree to a large extent. However, not all herbal teas are nasty. Peppermint tea is lovely! It helps settle the stomach (really!) as I have discovered occasionally. And with sugar it has a very pleasant taste. My wife prefers it without sugar, but not me.
  6. When I was winning all the chips in that practice game I was playing long time ago, all I did was bet conservatively according to the cards I had. I knew that the House had to keep "hitting" until a certain point, so I just tried to take no unreasonable chances, and it paid off. My memory isn't good enough to count cards!
  7. Nope. Aside from being morbidly obese I'm in pretty good health. I take no meds, my BP is fine, as is cholesterol, and no blood sugar issues. Surprising, I guess, because of the obesity thing. I was my wife's caretaker in her last months of life. My new wife needed some caretaking due to her knee replacement surgery last year and this year. I can and will take care of whom I love. I think my late wife was worried about my keeping focus on the important things. I do "suffer" from Attention Deficit Disorder, although it is mild. She probably felt that if I had a wife to ride herd on me she was more likely to get her eternal spouse back in the resurrection. Perhaps my brief time as a widower allowed me to define and find myself as an individual? 🙂 I am not your grandfather, to so dominate my wife that she has to wait for me to die before she can find out who she is. What a repulsive concept! I want my wife to know who she is and be an individual -- in no way would I ever try to constrain her in such a way that she would seem to have no life outside of me. I also prefer an intelligent and assertive woman for a life partner; such a woman already knows who she is. I would hope so, too. You know, I think it is a horrifying idea that a person who has lost a spouse to death should show "loyalty" by staying lonely for the rest of their lives. If a widow(er) wants to stay alone, have at it, but if not, then feel free. No judgement! I could have done it -- but it would not have been a very happy existence. In fact, after all the stress of taking care of her 24/7 in her last couple of months, my body reacted to the removal of stress rather negatively. Came down with the worst cold (or flu) I had had in decades, started getting heart palpitations, and so on. For a time I actually looked forward to leaving this earth, too. Once that settled itself out, with some disappointment at not dying, I started to feel very glum that I was going to spending a lot of time all wrapped up in myself. All my kids were grown, and nobody depended on me for anything. Finding new love so quickly was surprising -- and put new love for life into me. I now have a reason to live, and I am grateful for that. One of the things I have learned is that it is possible love two women with all my heart: she who is with me now; and she who waits for me above. If a person had a happy marriage, then why would they not wish to have another? My new wife and her late husband considered that question some time before he contracted cancer, and decided together that if they ever lost one another by death, they should feel free to remarry.
  8. For what it's worthy, I've certainly never heard of him. I'd always thought that they spoke Hebrew in Judea, but Aramaic in Galilee, with Greek and Hebrew ASL for the Galileans to tie them together. I'm probably wrong.
  9. I'll have to vote with you on this. Pero is OK, though.
  10. What is the SLC COJCOLDS take on it? Oddly enough, I'm not sure what your take on the SLC COJCOLDS take of it is. 🙂
  11. I enjoy both, too. As for black jack, the gambling establishments are always on the watch for card counters. If you have an eidetic memory (think Rainman) you can pull it off a little before they get suspicious and politely ask you to leave. Spoilsports!
  12. I kind of think that it will shake itself out within a reasonably short period of time. The Church seems to be responding to the historical things, and in time those resigning because they were shocked about the hat and the seer stone and so on will have done so -- and those following on will be more-or-less immunized about it. I am anticipating a slowing of growth due to general disbelief in the spiritual and the divine -- and the tendency of LDS couples to have fewer children than before.
  13. Implying what, exactly? Note that his first wife died in Feb 2005, and he didn't remarry until the next year. Don't know when exactly, but he that means at least ten months between her death and his remarriage. Too soon, according to you, and what does it mean to you? I note that I remarried five months after my wife passed away. I am therefore far worse than President Nelson. So what is it that you are implying about those of us who remarry quickly? Well, I guess I had special permission. My dying wife insisted that I get remarried because she was afraid that I would not do well as a single man.
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