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  1. Wiki Wonka

    New 4 volume history "transparent, honest, faithful"

    I am definitely planning to use this new history when I teach Doctrine and Covenants in Seminary next year, as well as the Gospel Topics essays and JSP.
  2. Wiki Wonka

    FAIR Mormon article author

    The article names were hidden due to a change in the way the website was formatted, but they are still there - just hidden. We haven't gotten that issue fixed yet. I've now manually added the name to this particular article.
  3. I'm not buying her story at all. She said: "I started by joining just about every Ex-Mormon community on the web, creating fake accounts on each to be able to search and track what was within." All of the major ex-Mormon online forums are publicly accessible and viewable by anyone. You can read and search them freely without joining them. (How does one "spy" on a public forum?)
  4. Wiki Wonka

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Yes...you need to watch out for those high powered Costco lawyers.
  5. Wiki Wonka

    Apologetics - the new derogatory term

    You are reading WAY too much into the order of the articles. I am the one that arranged them (and all others in the FairMormon wiki). The order is completely random: The sub-articles are not organized by importance, alphabetically or in any particular deliberate order. I have been too consumed with the task of gathering all of the subject articles under specific topics (the website has undergone a major redesign to make it mobile friendly, and it isn't finished yet). One of these days I plan to go through each set and determine some sort of logical order for presenting the subarticles, but at the moment I'm just trying to group them properly. I did, however, just notice that the "Jump to Subtopic" for the Gardner article wasn't included in the list, so I've added it (there are many such instances that I still need to correct in the wiki): Joseph Smith used the same "rock in hat" seer stone for translating that he used for "money digging" JUMP TO SUBTOPIC: Gospel Topics: "As Joseph grew to understand his prophetic calling, he learned that he could use this stone for the higher purpose of translating scripture" Question: Why would Joseph Smith use the same stone for translating the Book of Mormon that he used for "money digging"? Question: What role did Joseph fill in the community as a youth? Question: Didn't Joseph's 1826 Bainbridge appearance before a judge prove that he had previously been using his stone for nefarious purposes? Question: Why would Joseph Smith not continue to use the sacred interpreters provided with the Nephite record? Question: Did Joseph use his seer stone to view the location of the gold plates in the Hill Cumorah? Question: Did Joseph Smith use his own seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon? Question: Did Joseph Smith use the Nephite interpreters to translate? Or did he use his own seer stone? Question: Did Joseph Fielding Smith say that it was not reasonable for Joseph Smith to use a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon? Question: Why is the "white stone" that we are to receive upon entry to the Celestial kingdom not discussed extensively in Sunday School? Brant A. Gardner, "Joseph the Seer—or Why Did He Translate With a Rock in His Hat?"