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  1. Wiki Wonka

    New 4 volume history "transparent, honest, faithful"

    I am definitely planning to use this new history when I teach Doctrine and Covenants in Seminary next year, as well as the Gospel Topics essays and JSP.
  2. Wiki Wonka

    FAIR Mormon article author

    The article names were hidden due to a change in the way the website was formatted, but they are still there - just hidden. We haven't gotten that issue fixed yet. I've now manually added the name to this particular article.
  3. I'm not buying her story at all. She said: "I started by joining just about every Ex-Mormon community on the web, creating fake accounts on each to be able to search and track what was within." All of the major ex-Mormon online forums are publicly accessible and viewable by anyone. You can read and search them freely without joining them. (How does one "spy" on a public forum?)