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  1. A few weeks ago, Sister Nelson did an interview and described President Nelson as being "unleashed". And based on the changes that have come down since he took over, I have to wonder if: a. he had in mind all these years as an apostle what he would do if he were the prophet but never spoke up. b. he had tried unsuccessfully to get some of these things implemented over the years. c. he has just recently had an influx of revelation and inspiration resulting in so many changes. d. many of these things were in the works for some time and are just coming to fruition now. I support all the changes; these are just thoughts that occurred to me. P.S. I wish the groupings for the youth would be based on school year and not calendar year. It seems a more natural grouping to me (grouped by school grade rather than date of birth). It always seems a little awkward to mix 7th graders with 8th graders. But maybe it won't be a big deal.
  2. My mission was a glorious experience in every way. A lot of hard work, but so worth every minute. It makes me smile to think of the good people we worked with...those who accepted the message and many who didn't. They were all a blessing to me, and I learned something from each one. I served in the mid-west. I was called on an 18 month mission but had the opportunity to extend another 6 months just 3 months before I was to return home. I jumped all over that! A couple of experiences that might be considered interesting: We were tracting at dusk and had 3 police cars pull up and frisk us (small catholic town in Kansas). We were told we could not knock doors an hour before the sun went down. So we didn't. Also while tracting, we found a man who died on his front lawn from a heart attack (small town in Missouri). The family was appreciative that we called the police and ambulance. Slept on the rock floor at Liberty Jail. Not quite the same effect since the jail is enclosed in a Visitor's Center now, but still pretty cool. Sang at several non-LDS funerals. An older Visitor's Center sister who played the piano very well thought I had a decent voice and took every opportunity to sign us up for "gigs". Mostly "How Great Thou Art". So many experiences where the power of the priesthood blessed lives in a big way. I'll share one. We were teaching a family and most had accepted the invitation to be baptized. But the 17 year old daughter wasn't feeling it. So we fasted and prayed for her. One night, as she was riding her scooter home from the movies, she was hit by a car that ran a red light. It was an awful accident that left her in pretty much a full body cast. We offered her a blessing and the Spirit was just stifling as we laid our hands on her head and gave her a blessing of healing. Long story short...she decided to be baptized. And at her baptism, she told how that blessing had confirmed to her heart that the priesthood was real and that God loved her and that she needed to be baptized. More than one time we knocked on a door and were invited in by someone who had been praying for some direction or help. We were able to leave a prayer of comfort with them and baptized a few of them. Once tracted into a college party that was going on and were invited in. There were some jeers and laughs at our expense. And maybe it wasn't the right place or time to do it, but we talked about what we were doing as missionaries and we left a prayer and blessing before we left. I just remember that you could hear a pin drop where there had been loud music and partying a minute before. Some thanked us and patted us on the backs as we left. I am a big proponent of missionary service. One of the best experiences of my life.
  3. Back in the early 1990's I participated (way too much) on an LDS message board hosted on CompuServe. I don't even recall the name, but it required that I dial in to CompuServe with my 14.4 modem (eventually getting up to 56k .... screaming fast haha). This was in my young, fiery, "defend the faith" days. I was always quick to share my view or the official church view with the anti or the critic. But I came to realize that for all the time I spent trying to help people see, I'm not sure I had any influence at all other than to keep a discussion alive. Anyway, I'm just wondering if any remember this message board and/or participated on it. Might be fun to reminisce. P.S. Apologies if this might be better suited for the Social Hall.
  4. Late to the game. But I like this a lot. Thank you for sharing it. It is much like Alma's invitation to "experiment upon my words" to determine the truth of them. I've used a similar argument with those who have grievances against the LDS church or who feel the teaching are silly or of no worth. If my faith is false, in the end, what have I lost? My faith has caused me to live a moral, happy life -- a blessing to me and my family in and of itself. If my faith is true, then it has eternal significance and meaning. And even if the critic lives a moral and happy life, they have missed out on additional blessings and growth offered by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The more someone believes and acts, the more experience with the Spirit they gain. The cumulative effect of that experience and revelation becomes a powerful anchor for when the winds of strife and opposition blow and the confusion of the world swirls all around. You know what is true. You can hang on to it with both hands, even if you can't convince others who are unwilling to gain that some experience. Knowledge that comes by faith can't be shared through words or teachings, it can only be experienced.
  5. Nice. Before being called as a bishop, I was told our ward never met the quota. So we tried a different tactic. I wrote a letter that we sent to all families with boys in scouting and asked for them to pay a certain amount ($30 maybe). If they had multiple boys, pay for one and we'd solicit funds from others to cover them. We collected most of the quota that way and then hit up a few other people with larger disposable incomes to make up the balance. I was often tempted to just write a check to cover the rest.
  6. The difference wasn't really philosophically with FOS, even though it was something I dreaded each year. Had the church not sent new instructions 2 years running, I would have struggled to meet the quota as asked and not said a word to the stake presidency. The difference was with the question "Do I follow the instructions of my immediate rank leaders or those from church headquarters?" Since no explanation of why I shouldn't follow the church's instructions was given, I followed the church's instructions. Not to mention it made my life a little easier.
  7. I really could never get out of him why he chose to ignore the instructions from church headquarters. I suspect he had some external relationship with BSA and it was a feather in his cap to meet quotas. Or he was told that the new policy would be devastating to the BSA operating budget. Don't know.
  8. Thanks for the responses. You all have the same understanding I have on record notations. I was just curious if there was something beyond what I was aware of. A little more about why I asked the questions. I served as a bishop some time ago. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. And I feel I did a good job of it. I served 4 years and 6 months. But I had a disagreement with the stake presidency over Friends of Scouting (SME) collection that may have resulted in my being released earlier than a full 5 years which was pretty standard at the time. The first couple of years, we were given a quota which we dutifully met even though it was not easy (we had many poor members who had difficulty paying it). The third year we received a letter from church headquarters with instructions on how SME collection was to be conducted. The instructions were that you visited the home of every member of the ward to give them an opportunity to contribute. No quotas should be assessed and whatever was collected was sufficient. Our bishopric had a brief celebration over the good news. However, come SME time, the second counselor in the stake presidency met with us and gave us our assessment for the year. I quickly pulled out the letter that specifically stated no quotas, but he said they were choosing to continue the way it had always been done. In my next PPI, I brought it up with the stake president and asked why we were given a quota when the church gave very specific instructions about no quotas. He didn't really know about the letter and kind of passed the buck to the counselor. I had to stave off a small mutiny in the bishopric, and we decided to just do it as we had done before. The fourth year we received another letter that more emphatically stated NO QUOTAS. But again we were given a quota for our ward to meet. I had another discussion with the counselor in the stake presidency but he was undeterred. So I called church headquarters and spoke to the person in charge scouting and young mens. I explained our dilemma and he said the correct policy is in the letter and if we would be doing it correctly if we followed the policy. He even said to refer the counselor to his office if he persisted with the quota. Well, we decided to follow the instructions in the letter. We met with every family in the ward, gave them the opportunity to contribute, and turned in what we collected which was maybe $300 less than the quota. When the counselor came to find out why we were short, I referred him again to the letter, the policy, and the brother at church headquarters. A couple of months later I was released. So I've always wondered if I was released early because of this incident and whether or not the reason for my release was recorded somewhere. I'd hate to be disqualified from other callings due to being labelled a bad soldier or something. I know... paranoia will destroy ya. I can honestly say I completely supported the stake presidency and worked well with them except for this particular issue. But I gave it a lot of thought and prayer at the time and decided to follow church policy rather than the wishes of my local leader. I suspect I was seen as a boat rocker by them, but it's very awkward to be put in a position of choosing between the two.
  9. I don't post here much, but I do read a lot of interesting topics and thoughts on this board. Thank you for the lively discussions. They help me in my continual search for truth. I'm wondering if anyone can answer this question for me. It may seem odd, but here goes. I've served in many callings in the church including as a bishop and a few stake callings. I'm aware that notations are made on records due to church discipline, etc. so a new bishop will be aware of a member's standing. My question is: Is there a similar way for stake presidents to note how a bishop, for example, performed in their calling for future reference? Maybe someone who has served as a stake president would know. I've served as a stake clerk and was not aware of a way to do this, but the SP had more access to things than I did as a clerk. Or alternatively, do SPs note a reason for release when they submit a name to be called as a new bishop? Also, if there was such a notation system, would it be appropriate to ask if you could see what has been noted about your church service? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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