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  1. Temple wedding policies

    I have not read all of the posts. This may have already been addressed. If any of my children joined a religion that forbade me from witnessing their wedding ceremony (unless I too converted to that religion), it would deeply hurt and probably anger me. It would not make me more likely to seriously consider converting to that religion and probably less likely to do so. I am not aware of any other religion that forbids nonadherents from witnessing a wedding ceremony, nor that penalizes with a waiting period those who choose to marry civilly first. Are there some examples of that?
  2. Office of teacher

    This article from BYU Studies gives some fascinating history of the office in the restored church, how in early days teachers were akin to "spiritual policemen for the church". And how teachers were primarily responsible for what has become home teaching, and over time that duty became a duty of elders as "acting teachers". Interesting things. Ordained and Acting Teachers in the Lesser Priesthood, 1851-1883
  3. I don't think the Church will leave the BSA as long as President Monson is alive. After he passes away, I think all bets are off, regardless of the position of BSA on lgbt issues. I think there is sentiment in the Church and among some of the Brethren that while scouting is a good program, it may not meet the needs of LDS male youth in the U.S.A. And that it may not make sense for the Church to sponsor scouts in the US and Canada for boys when it doesn't in other countries. I would note that the Brethren may (or may not) be a little more accepting of transgender individuals than in the past http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2015/02/13/mormons_and_transgender_elder_dallin_h_oaks_says_the_lds_church_is_open.html . Also, Scouts Canada has accepted transgender scouts for a while, and the Church has not pulled out of Scouts Canada. http://www.dailyxtra.com/canada/news-and-ideas/news/canadian-scouting-groups-welcome-trans-youth-51449