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  1. Larry La Mar Adams in his essay, "A Scientific Analysis of Isaiah Authorship", wrote the following: >>The statistical results in this study do not support the divisionists’ claim that little or no evidence exists for unity of the book of Isaiah. To the contrary, the results strongly support single authorship of the book. The divisions of the book most often claimed to have been written by different authors were found to be more similar to each other in authorship style than to any of the control group of eleven other Old Testament books. The book of Isaiah also exhibited greater internal consistency than any of the other books when authorship style was analyzed.>> (Isaiah and the Prophets: Inspired Voices from the Old Testament, p. 160 - https://rsc.byu.edu/archived/isaiah-and-prophets-inspired-voices-old-testament/scientific-analysis-isaiah-authorship) Adams' essay was based on his BYU doctoral dissertation, "A Statistical Analysis of the Book of Isaiah in Relation to the Isaiah Problem" (1972). I would love to read his dissertation, but unfortunately, have not been able to locate an online source for it. Wondering if someone has been more successful.. Grace and peace, David
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