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      Users, It has come to our attention that the contact us feature on the site is broken.  Please do not use this feature to contact board admins.  Please go through normal channels.  If you are ignored there then assume your request was denied. Also if you try to email us that email address is pretty much ignored.  Also don't contact us to complain, ask for favors, donations, or any other thing that you may think would annoy us.  Nemesis


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  1. Please do not respond to a troll especially after reporting.
  2. This would happen to you if you meet us. We are legion....
  3. We decided that we will be allowing discussions on these "mormonwikileaks". The following rules will be applied to them. 1. Discuss the information in the leak only. 2. Discussions that delve into the speculation will be cut off. 3. Once the discussion turns circular and rehashing of the same thing over and over again it will also be closed. Nemesis
  4. It doesn't work that way. You made a claim back it up. Nemesis
  5. We have a no proselytizing rule. Nemesis
  6. Check now. I just turned on a setting that may have prevented you from seeing your attachments. When I get time I'll also adjust the limit. nemesis
  7. Click on your moniker on upper right hand corner and a pull down menu will show and there is a section called manage attachments. nemesis
  8. I've been doing some upgrades and messing with server setting. Hopefully nothing has gone out of whack. I think we are still having problems with cloudflare so ive once again changed the setting. Nemesis
  9. Ok so over the past few years you've come to this site under 3 different usernames peddling the same wares. You have never been in it for a discussion, so what's your point in being here again? Are you seriously trying to discuss or are you just preaching? Nemesis
  10. This was not a general discussion type of thread, this is a social hall type. Please use the appropriate folder in the future. Nemesis
  11. This post does not belong in general discussion area. We have a social hall for this type of post. nemesis
  12. We don't allow this. If we did this place would turn into fast and testimony meeting. Btw he following board rule applies to lds as well. "Why I Left the Church or de-conversion stories". Nemesis
  13. So what is it that you ant to discuss? This isn't the way discussions should be started here. Nemesis
  14. Ok thread bans are back and I was able to remove those that cant seem to be able to have a discussions. Nemesis
  15. Never stated that but most critics tend to give themselves way to much credit and self importance. Then again so do some LDS, but they don't last that long either. I won't. Nemesis of the house of mddb, first of their name, the unbanned, ruler of the first posts, breaker of critics, and mother/father of mods...