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  1. The site uses cookies to determine what you have read and to stay logged in.
  2. This thread has gone down hill. I’m closing it.
  3. So far things have been well. Still monitoring logs.
  4. It could be I’ll check the logs
  5. Still monitoring the server. We applied a database patch to see if that would fix the crash. Nemesis
  6. Site is still being temperamental. There was a patch yesterday to fix issues that caused different issues. Will be keeping an eye on things.
  7. We have no plans to change the name of the site at this time. Legion
  8. We did an upgrade recently and it seems it caused the site to become unstable and crash the servers. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  9. No your post was anti-Catholic and we don’t allow that here.
  10. Stay on topic. Political posts are going g to be removed.
  11. The only way is to create a topic and use the link feature or if you have the option ya the in media link to add an attachment.
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