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  1. Nemesis

    The Name of the Church

    @Skylla get em!!!!
  2. No this is not a safe space for anyone. Beware of skylla. Nemesis
  3. Nemesis

    Recent board glitches

    we just upgraded software and have recached the site and hopefully that has fixed it.
  4. Nemesis

    What's Up With the Forum?

    An updated browser seems to get rid of a lot of bugs and site issues.
  5. I've never thought some people could be so obtuse. But this telling others what they really think and feel about things doesn't work here. This better not become habitual. Nemesis ps a few people are out of the thread
  6. Can I be you and you be me for a sec. I think he's just trying to conform to societal pressures of the cesspool and backpedaling because he is afraid of a certain misandristic poster over there. Nemesis
  7. So I take it then we can just tell you that you wanted to sin in heinous ways and you would have to accept it. You just wanted to conform to societal pressures to fit in with your heinously sinning peer group. We could go on an on like this. This is exactly why we don't allow it from either side. Knock it off. Nemesis
  8. Nemesis


    I'm leaving this here, I don't think you are looking for a debate but for constructive discussion of you questions. nemesis
  9. Nemesis

    Hurricane Harvey

    Let's knock off the political commentary
  10. Nemesis

    Forum software complaint

    We have turned in a ticket on this before and the company could not figure out why some accounts are doing this. I have had to make changes directly in the db for some of them. So not much we can do about it until there is an official fix. nemesis
  11. Nemesis

    In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Stop your board nannying. This is the last warning on this issue, it's time to pick a new hobby horse. Nemesis