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  1. As a scout, and now as a scout leader, I've heard for years the rumors of the church getting out of scouts. In the last few years, other unit leaders, not LDS, would ask about how much longer we (LDS) plan to do scouts, as if the writing had been on the wall for them too. When run well, a scouting program has a big positive impact on the youth and families of the ward. I hope that it will be missed by others. I'll certainly miss it. I hope that the new youth programs give all young men and women a chance to lead and be mentored. As @janderich said, the ymactivities site is not an adequate substitute for the structure, and infrastructure, of scouts. One thing I liked about Scouting was the training and emphasis on youth protection. I feel that all the church programs could benefit from that youth protection emphasis. Now I am thinking about all the scouts we need to help if they want to get to Eagle, before Dec 31 2019, as part of the LDS troop!
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