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  1. I served in LA in the late 1990's and they took my passport as well, my friends think that is inconceivable. I didn't care though, one less thing for me to worry about
  2. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like if you melted sand and added sugar😕
  3. I only had iced tea when I was a kid, from the bus station🤢🤢🤢
  4. I just watched a live opening of a mission call and same old same old, 24 months speaking Spanish and report to the Mexico MTC
  5. our ward has a transgendered individual, they won't attend priesthood and apparently don't feel comfortable in RS but they attend there. I have heard no word of a murmur from anybody. She lives with a member here, she's an interesting person herself and the sister missionaries refuse to eat there -I don't think it has to do with anything with the trans person but the quality of food and cat hair and things of that nature
  6. I watched a tick of the Pocatello Idaho Temple groundbreaking and someone quoted Joseph Smith as saying "We're not just building a Temple here, the Lord is building us", I can't find where Joseph Smith ever said that, does anyone know where? Thanks!
  7. we were discussing this awhile back just after Church, as in if the bishop and therapist's aim was for you to overcome something (not serious) or help you feel better about yourself what really is the difference? Let's take having the ocassional coffee or you vape every once in a while, it could be habit or a bad habit but not really anything that would affect your membership but not necessarily healthy either or maybe you are having a 2 litre a day Pepsi habit
  8. When I say confession I don't mean like major stuff like adultery or counterfeiting money (stuff that would affect your standing in the Church) but what really is the difference if you told a therapist something as opposed to talking to your Bishop about things? God gives forgiveness but does it matter if a Bishop told you how to overcome whatever vs. a therapist telling you?
  9. Does anyone have a source for Elder Cook's quotation about know Christ's voice and face?
  10. i've often wondered if Joseph wrote it why he didn't write a second one, if financial gain was his motive why not write a second book to do better financially than the first one? if he wasn't making bank off of the Book of Mormon why keep it up until his death and not just move onto some other financial venture?
  11. I can't recall when it was but Elder Larry Wilson, the current Temple administrator gave an interview, maybe in 2016, or 2017? about the Church had plans or designs on 80 or so Temples being announced, but how many were serious I have no idea. In saying that though how Tuba City, California got a Temple before Mongolia, Ireland, Scotland and maybe some eastern European cities, I have no idea.................
  12. I mentioned this before but i can see them having sisters in foreign speaking countries serve for 21 or 24 months, some countries the language is exceedingly difficult and after being in the MTC for however long and waiting for a blasted visa you could only be in the country for not as long as you would need to be to learn the language
  13. Jesus has never struck me as looking like Goldilocks!hahahhahahahhahahahhahaha!
  14. I think the Church originally misspsoke but corrected it with this "New Testament Lands" http://www.ldsliving.com/President-Nelson-Dedicates-Rome-Italy-Temple-the-First-Temple-in-a-New-Testament-Land-Cornerstone-Video/s/90429
  15. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! shots fired!
  16. to quote Ralph Kramden, minus the Alice bit
  17. oh that's great! alas, I am not from Alberta! hahahahhaha! it's like Utah of Canada in terms of membership numbers- I am from East of Alberta!
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Mormon-Reformation-Paul-H-Peterson-ebook/dp/B01N9RC98W
  19. yeah, there was a Thesis he did which is longer and then an article, this may be the article which is obviously a condensed version
  20. You would want to read anything by the late Dr. Paul H. Peterson, he wrote a MA or Ph.D. on the subject-fantastic reading! I know Pres. Jedediah M. Grant was involved, I think there was a book written about him, he was in the 1st Presidency in the mid 1850's
  21. hahahahhahahaha! i'd love to go and check it out, until then Penelope's Pizza 2 for a dollar deal it is 😕
  22. Is that Alfredos Pizza Cafe or just Pizza by Alfredo? because according to Kevin from Tv's The Office one is a "hot circle of garbage"🍕
  23. I can't imagine having real Italian Pizza, I mean Dominoes is great BUT legit Italian Pizza would be worth travelling for, i'd imagine-Although having pizza is probably not high on the Brethren's list of priorities
  24. I see President Hinckley as being the opposite of President Nelson, with him you didn't know what was coming down the tailpipe and he just would announce stuff, all new Temples, Nauvoo Temple, conference centre, etc. That's the thing if you build a pedestal what you put on it better be worth the building of it. I prefer the Pres. Hinckley approach myself but I am not in charge
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