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  1. but wouldn't weeping be the consequences of the policy or the reason for the policy aka homosexuality, like it's against the law to swipe a car but if the criminals are weeping because they got caught or can't do it anymore we don't change the laws to accomodate them
  2. i'd be interested to know why they continued to see guidance on the matter when God has already spoken
  3. Canadian too! I don't know any women's groups beyond the usual ward and stake ones but i'll take a gander
  4. Recently I came across a story, without attribution, of Oliver Cowdery fainting in the Kirtland Temple after he and Joseph Smith had their vision in what is now known as Doctrine and Covenants 110, but I have never heard this before. I know it happened to Sidney Rigdon but not Oliver, has anyone heard of this before?
  5. would make a great sitcom! it would be like "Designing Women" but of the 2000s
  6. now that the subject has been broached, I, and others, wish the US would fix their Coca-Cola!!!!!!!!! It' tastes terrible! it tastes like it was filtered through sand or something, all gritty.Put some scientific research into that please and thank you 🥤🥤🥤🥤
  7. I like Zelophehad's daughters. Correct me if I am wrong, but Zelophehad was a guy (in Moses' time) with 5 daughters but no male heir. When he died the daughters would bupkus, just due to the fact of being women and they thought that wasn't right. So, they petitioned Moses in front of the Temple and he took the case to God who granted them what they wanted. Otherwise all Zelophehad's stuff would go somewhere else and not to his daughters. In a similar real life situation, we had a Bishop who was impossible to work with. His councilours were the twit twins. His ward council meetings were a total joke. Complaints ran high and even we had Elder Bradley Foster of the 70 attend Stake Conference and taught us how to hold an effective ward council meeting but to no avail. What broke it all open was the RS President basically chewed him out, in a dignified way and then things changed!!!! and good for her for doing so. We couldn't get the ball to roll but she did.
  8. let's be honest, what teenager wouldn't want to go to the baptisms for the dead at the Temple, it's a free date!!! if not a date at least you'd hope the ward's Pretty Prunella or Hot stuff Herman will be there and that might spur your interest in attending🥰
  9. ❤️ where to? not a specific mission but country?
  10. I doubt they even gave it a second thought about who gave the closing prayer and they are fine with what callings they have, my Mum teaches Gospel doctrine, my older sister just got released as Primary Pres. and my younger sister is in cubs but that'll end soon, they like we all hopefully bloom where we are planted edit. In the other ward that meets in the building the Bishop is a giant &*(^%$##$%&^& but whatever, I am not the first to point this out but his wife is basically doing his calling and making sure things get done and life is moving along swimmingly hahahhahaha!
  11. Meet my Mum and two sisters and see what happens if you don't listen to them👻👻👻
  12. this is what I am thinking as well
  13. Help me find a wife!!!!!! with millions listening, why not?!🥰
  14. search me! I 've mentioned this a bunch of times but when Pres. Hinckley did all those Temples 20 years ago, they were announced, approved and built sometimes within a year and then they had to renovate most if not all of them, some extensive renovations. I wonder if they want austere but at the same time not too fast to have to rebuild them all within 20 years. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the only Pres. Hinckley Temple not to have renovations was the Bismarck North Dakota Temple to the south of us
  15. the Congo Temple is done and done! https://churchofjesuschristtemples.org/kinshasa-democratic-republic-of-the-congo-temple/
  16. It took 5 ish years to get approval, just the simple approval to build the Temple here in Canada, not to judge but the Temple in the Congo was announced, approved and built before this one. How on earth is the infrastructure better in the Congo than in Canada? yikes a licious
  17. that's true, with our luck this conference will get TV's Kato Kaelin to appear
  18. no, not her! although this lady channels Sheri Dew, although i'd much rather hear her then this lady
  19. it's a lady, just in the Stake
  20. it just says "Temple symbolism" as the closing presentation, and it's for 50 minutes
  21. in other words THEY ARE NUTS!!!! ahhahahah! but they are miraculously in the position where people would tend to believe them and i've seen when people have disagreed with them and it ain't pretty
  22. it's what's on the inside, not the buildings themselves and I would trust anything Prof. Cowan and the late Matthew B. Brown say on the subject
  23. but based on past meals 🤢🤢🤢🤢
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