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  1. If Joseph borrowed from Samuel Mitchell wouldn't he be worried Martin Harris would figure it out? it's George Costanza's "worlds are colliding" theory, i'd think
  2. or who's behind door number 1?! let's see who you didn't get!
  3. My now former Dr. is into this except he calls it "anti-relationships" the stories he told me about his escapades are unreal and yes his two kids suffer
  4. I kind of doubt it, the very first First Presidency member, Jesse Gause, took off on his mission and never came back. This problem isn't germane to missions, people quit jobs all the time, ghosting in relationships, divorce. I think it will be an on going thing. I think though there seems to be more after care now than before. In my experience when I was out there were two types of ERM's, medical and non medical. The medical cases were well, that's unfortunate but things happen. The non medical people you kind of wondered about but also how did they get this far without someone noticing, hey maybe this young person really isn't interested in serving a mission and maybe we should wait?
  5. I think Elder McConkie also had phases of the Church as well, i'd have to dig around to see if I can find that talk that he deals with that yeah here it is https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/1977/04/come-let-israel-build-zion?lang=eng
  6. I like President Kimball's thoughts about this “Our goal is nothing less than the penetration of the entire world. Our new office building is a world building with four giant maps, each showing a particular part of the globe. We are not promised that the whole world will believe. Evangelization of the world does not mean that all men will respond, but all men must be given the opportunity to respond as they are confronted with the Christ.” President Spencer W. Kimball, "Lengthening Our Stride," Regional Representatives (10/3/74)
  7. i'm more about the genre, so for example i've never seen Stranger Things, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Twilight or Elf.I saw Lord of the Rings once or twice but thought it was basically the same as E.T. so i've seen that a few times
  8. that's an idea! although Arte Johnson just passed away but i'm sure we could get Jamie Farr
  9. that's weird, I checked off just one as well but it kept going!!!!!!!!
  10. I got a temple square survey and some of the questions were rather peculiar, such as there being a difference between a historical site and a religious site, how much do you know about Temple square-Quite a bit or quite a lot ?(what's the difference?) another one was what do you think was the overall theme was for Temple square, well i've never been so i'm going to assume the Temple???? I realize this is all in anticipation for the renos for the Temple and the square and they are reaching out to people to get input. Anybody else get this survey?
  11. We have this couple and she drags him up every month and she goes on and on and it's the same thing. The bishopric have talked to her and told her keep it short but she doesn't listen they do the red button beyond that what can you do? I'd say install a trap door with wolves something like that in the movie Willow
  12. We have a Temple worker who is vegan and a relentless missionary for it. I told him I bet the hardest part about being vegan is getting up everyday at 5am to milk almonds. I don't go to the Temple for the workers, so hair doesn't bother me
  13. As promised here is a letter I came across written in 1980 by one of the then current Apostles. It was written to the young man's father. I took out identifying features for obvious reasons. I suspect there is more going on to this young man and I have no clue as to how he turned out. I just love how this Apostle is more concerned with the young man, rather then defending whatever went on, he is "mourning with those that mourn" I was struck by his sincerity “I spent a little time with your son, XXXX, this afternoon. I was embarrassed because I was not as alert as I would have liked to have been. I am suffering from an acute case of jet lag, just returned from three weeks in Asia. However, I felt like we had a good talk. He evidently had a very unsatisfactory mission experience. He brought with him the bulletins issued to the missionaries of his mission. His was one of those high pressure situations which invariably are difficult for a sensitive young man. I advised him to get rid of those bulletins and not to look at them again. Each sight of them brings back memories of his unhappiness as a missionary. I have asked him to do one or two things and we have made an appointment for him to come in again on XXXX. He has been a long time getting into his present frame of mind and this will not be easy to change. However, I believe he can be turned around. I am confident that he has a testimony beneath his philosophical shell. I shall try to stay close to him and make every effort to help him turn around “
  14. I came across a letter written in 1980 by one of the then Apostles, it's kind of what we are talking about. I'll transcribe the relevant parts, leaving out identifying details
  15. I have a statement from Pres. Hinckley from 1983 saying that they want conversions and not just baptismal numbers. I know the First Presidency issued statements in Aug.1979 and June 1991 about a balanced approach to baptizing. I suspect there have been more since and we all know Pres. Hinckley was big into retention and got after everyone to do it, or try to do it anyways
  16. oddly enough I know a relative of his but she moved...............but if I come up with something I will pass it on! or I dunno, maybe they'll clarify something in the coming days?
  17. that's the caveat though "as prompted by the spirit" perhaps President Ballard is seeing missionaries inviting with teaching or feeling prompted by the spirit?
  18. Rarely do they print a transcript of these talks but I posted on church newsroom or something official to see if they could print it? guess we'll see
  19. Small world! hahahaha! I had a companion named Elder Olsen from "Missourah" and we ate at the Woolley's all the time and I take it Elder Olsen's dad knew this Elder Woolley but he didn't seem to know him for some reason, I don't know! He was or is a lawyer but he owned a company that made surfboards, nice guy. Elder Gross is in my Stake and i've known him my whole life, his health isn't great , Ron Gross. I served in LA in the late '90's. I agree with how fun missions can be and being with companions that before your mission you would probably never have anything to do with but you learn to get along with them and see life from their view. Funnily enough one of my companions is now a big Chef and makes all these mouth watering dishes and puts them on FB, he worked at Whistler, BC even which is nothing to sneeze at. The WHOLE time I was with him he made me froot loops and cheerios and that stuff and he knew how to do all that??????? I feel more upset about that than this stuff! hahahahahhaha!
  20. To put it mildy my mission was HUGE into numbers and as bad as it was the worst story I heard came from a man who served in Chile. He said they had this giant cut out of that Second coming of Jesus painting and the missionaries who baptized had their photos on Jesus' right hand with those that didn't on his left and he told me he would cry he couldn't baptize. He said a visiting GA saw this and got rid of it and i'm assuming scolded the MP
  21. did you ever know Elders Woolley, Olsen, or Gross?
  22. I just checked our online directory, we have 10 High Councilors, with one of them inactive
  23. ahhahhahhahahhahhahahhaha! we still have christmas lights up🎅
  24. he told me he hasn't been to a Bishopric training meeting in over a year, so i'd be surprised if he knew! hahahahhahaha! apparently the email for these training meetings get sent out the day before the meeting, well, if you have plans then the meeting takes a back seat. We definately need a shakeup of some kind. Out HC over our ward got released a couple of months ago and my brother doesn't know who the new one is, maybe one isn't assigned? or if they have been they aren't coming to anything and making their presence known
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