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  1. here's a great BYU Studies article https://byustudies.byu.edu/content/great-world-spirits-dead-death-great-war-and-1918-influenza-pandemic-context-doctrine-and and another from my former Stake President, Prof. Richard Bennett (who I secretly wish would become our first Temple President but hey) https://rsc.byu.edu/archived/study-and-faith-selections-religious-educator/and-i-saw-hosts-dead-both-small-and-great and another great article https://rsc.byu.edu/archived/you-shall-have-my-word/obscurity-scripture-joseph-f-smiths-vision-redemption-dead
  2. isn't there a charge of disturbing the peace or something in the US? I'd be all for taking this person and the people behind it who are making a buck off of the pain of others on a trip to Sue City
  3. Does anyone else get this? Nervous laughter? When you're nervous you laugh uncontrollaby? it's one thing I inherited from Mumsie, which is why at funerals and weddings and the like we typically don't sit together, otherwise we'd be asked to leave
  4. There was an elder in our mission I forget where from. He had a very distinct laugh, like real.real...... distinct. One time we got him to laugh so hard hard he actually threw up, which made everyone laugh even harder
  5. sounds like marriage☠️
  6. Truman Madsen extended the "I am" to "ye are" I have that written somewhere, somewhere I know I do
  7. I know far more inctive members than active, our former Patriarch is inactive and so they got the current one. Everyone in my family that has been baptized is active, my son and Aunt haven't been baptized. My Aunt is NUTS and she told us not to baptize her for the dead but we are anyways just to cheese her off for eternity.
  8. In Canada the Temple marriage is the legal one as long as you fill out the proper paperwork of course. I did the Temple ceremony and later did the civil ceremony
  9. I was always taught that anything that effects your standing in the Church. Now, how do you what that is unless you ask or confess so.....
  10. That was you knocking at my door? Small world
  11. This has been a sore situation for years and years now. My question is how do you be agents when you are being acted upon by others in the Church? Your plans and goals conflict with others' plans and goals, rare has been the time when everyone has been on the same page. One example, among so many, I remember when some years ago we were told to have ward mission plans and so we did ours, the summer came and the new mission president came in and told us to rewrite them according to his plans and goals, and I was like what? why? why is his plans and goals better than ours that we need to redo this thing? We were told to act but we were being acted upon.
  12. There are diaries and memoirs of previous GAs, you just have to know where to look for them. I bought two autobiographies of Seventies from their families. Some are not printed in high numbers so they are impossible to find.
  13. I seem to recall then Pres. Uchtdorf mentioning something about memory loss, with Pres. Monson
  14. We had a discussion about this a few months ago for the 5th Sunday lesson, it wasn't the main focus of the lesson but it was brought up and we had good discussion on it
  15. in the States that may be true, the Church here in Canada is not poltically active at all. We are linked with various Religious councils and that sort of thing but we don't do petitions or told how to vote or anything
  16. Instead of putting Coke Machines in the building to generate revenue maybe they should put English Muffin machines in, they would sell out!
  17. The Church i'd imagine, they offer the Bishop's storehouse so they have to pony up the cash to pay for it. It is a as needs basis, so if 7 people in the Stake need a food order that week then they get it or 155 people need one they get it as well
  18. I was going to say I have two friends of whom one is a dentist and the other is a Pathologist in Michigan now, neither are what anyone would call history buffs
  19. The Church drops at least 3 Grand every two weeks in my stake for food at the Bishop\s Storehouse, and that's not including people who need help right now besides of which check this out https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/chad-eliminates-maternal-neonatal-tetanus
  20. 1) No, I don't know how he can make that claim which is why it's dumb, dumb, dumb. He claims to know everything (every "nook and cranny" and deeply yet he literally just said otherwise. So odd he argues against himself, don't you think? 2) If that is true then he has to be open to the idea that he could be wrong, if what he knows isn't the absolute truth then what lies outside his vast knowledge could be the truth but he can't or won't access it for some reason? again so much for his claim of "every nook and cranny" 3) so I am right, we'll move on We are free to share our opinions but I take people seriously who have well considered opinions and not some chuck the schmuck who makes these nonsense claims and expects people to listen to him and pay him money(see below) for his effort to make it up https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/subscribe-to-access-premium-episodes/
  21. no, no, no, false , false false, false. First off there was one quote used to formulate this thread,not three, but thanks for providing them and you didn't use by the way 1) you said, "No claim of knowing everything and I think such is generally true in terms of my grasp of Mormonism" but you literally just said, "I know the history deeply"??? So you know the history deeply but also you don't know everything? How do you figure that? 2)I know Mormonism is false but then you say it's not an absolute statement? do you know what these words mean or? 3) Your first two sentences conflict with each other, 99% of the members don't know "data points" that the Church isn't true (whatever that even means) but then it's supposedly shared with the membership? how can you have both? is it shared or isn't it? How did you get these "data points" that aren't shared with the general membership? who shared them with you and why? do you have secret writings that we don't know about? 4) Please see number 2 5) You know but yet at the same time you don't know, elsewise why ask for a poll???? Way to throw them under the bus. You have claimed to know everything as provided by my earlier statement on the July FB post and you literally just said you have looked into "every nook and cranny" it's thinking like this that the Church deserves better
  22. I've probably called him worse! I don't recall but I am hardly afraid of him so I won't put him on ignore. I think Church history and theology deserve better
  23. I'm saying that he's lying, he hasn't read all that and claim to "deeply" understand it. He's tried to be the next John Dehlin or exmo of the week deal by setting himself up as some big light to the world and the only conclusion one can come to is the Church is wrong. The Ego on this guy is outrageous and look at where it's gotten him? exed from the Church, stupid statements like he's read everything and understand's everything? Whatever. I think the history of the Church deserves better than the likes of Bill Reel. What would he have if not for this exmo stuff? Nothing, some chump working in a pawn store that nobody takes seriously so he needs this to exalt himself. He needs therapy more than a blog
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