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  1. Oh!!!! This has been going on for years now! I was the WML here from 2011-2015 and some sisters (not in our ward) but if there was an award for looking the oldest, they'd be in the running.
  2. No one in Canada has taken away the tax exempt status of the Church, despite the Church's aversion to gay marriage. So, based on this experience I would not worry about the Church in the US losing their tax exempt status. We've had gay marriage for years and years and the Church is still intact. Might I add when gay marriage came here the CHQ said nothing but when it came to the US, they lost their minds and the world came to an end apparently
  3. what about people's freedom to be gay,or trans? if that's what they are or think they are anyways. I think both of us would agree that we can't imagine what it's like to be gay or trans or whatever but who am I to tell them what they should be feeling or not feeling because I don't know and it gets to the point where if I say you can't do this or that they'll turn back on me and say I can't do this or that. The "right" has been telling people on the left to not do or to do this but now more and more people are coming out and have support and they are turning around and saying hey... edit to add-My Mum had an older male cousin who she knew in the 1940's and he never married or anything but now looking back she said he was gay, just the way he was but in 85 lifetimes there was no way he was coming out of the closet in 1940's rural western Canada, he'd be beaten to a pulp 60 ways to sunday
  4. Nobody has said tickety boo about Churches losing tax exemption status about gay marriage in Canada so I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. yeah it seems like 3 meetings to discuss one thing, and i'm like ummmmmmmmmmmmm, we have lives here and can't attend all these meetings to discuss the same thing
  6. I think it would be pressure on him to do something
  7. as we all know things change week to week in missionary work, I see this as piling on the meetings,emails etc. you mentioned "report" 3 times (not to be snarky) wouldn't it just be easier to have the WML attend ward council and give a slimmed down report? once? what we did is any upcoming baptisms and what the ward needs to know for today. i.e who's coming, updates on less actives. As it right now our WML hardly ever attends meetings, we have no idea the status on less actives. I am a type a personality, I don't wait around for people to do nothing, I just do it myself
  8. yep! it has happened in the past but very rare, it's melting though and now all the clean up
  9. So, if I understand correctly the EQ/RS has reps for missionary work-some wards have gotten rid of the WML-but I was told today that these reps from the two organizations have to have a meeting to discuss missionary matters in their organizations and the fulltime missionaries can come but not necessarily. It isn't a missionary correlation meeting, it's another beyond ward council and missionary correlation. I don't understand what the point is of this meeting though, why can't the WML (either a EQ rep over missionaries or a called WML) simple attend ward council meeting? why create another meeting to discuss missionary matters ? Is this an actual meeting or is it the misunderstandings of locals?
  10. Mark Pace (Sunday School President) when he talked about the upcoming Temple "Latter-day Saints around the world are blessed to worship Jesus Christ in His temples. One of those temples is currently under construction in Winnipeg, Canada. My wife, Anne Marie, and I had the opportunity to visit the construction site in August of this year. The temple is beautifully designed and will certainly be magnificent when completed. However, you can’t have a magnificent temple in Winnipeg, or anywhere else, without a solid and firm foundation. The freeze-thaw cycle and expansive soil conditions in Winnipeg made it challenging to prepare the temple foundation. Therefore, it was determined that the foundation for this temple would consist of 70 steel piles encased in concrete. These piles are 60 feet (18 m) in length and 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm) in diameter. They were driven into the ground until they hit bedrock, approximately 50 feet (15 m) below the surface. In this way, the 70 piles provide a solid, firm foundation for what will be the beautiful Winnipeg temple. As Latter-day Saints, we seek a similar firm and sure foundation in our lives—a spiritual foundation needed for our journey through mortality and back to our heavenly home. That foundation is established on the bedrock of our conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ."
  11. So my city got totally dumped on with snow for like 3 days and caused all kinds of damage, the Premier is declaring a state of emergency. Anyways, amidst all the power outages, snow, downed trees, chaos all over the city this guy emerges...
  12. maybe the Church figures that based on almost no shootings in a LDS building that it probably won't happen. As I say when a shooting does happen would I trust 72 yr old sharpshooter Gary with a gun working in the clerks office to get over to the primary room or YM/YW room when a shooting happens? I woudn't bet my life on that plan and the Church apparently doesn't either. In Canada we aren't allowed to have "open carry" thank heavens
  13. No offense, but I wouldn't trust any of the alleged quickdraw mcgraw's in our ward to protect us, i'd take off for sure and bring as many as I could with me!
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