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  1. there is probably more to the story than is being told but it speaks to spiritual self reliance, God won't take us kicking and screaming into Heaven
  2. Do you see Laurie Lee Hall doing that?
  3. I hear you, I have known some who basically got away with it and others who you wonder why? It's a tough thing, glad i'm never going to be involved in it!
  4. In our stake as well. A few years the RS Pres. in the YSA ward all of sudden quit the Church and she wanted to be a man and her Mom and my Mom knew that about her when they taught her in primary years before, that she was a boy, wanted to be a boy and hated being in her own skin. Another RS Pres. in the same ward a few years before that, RM, came out of the closet and quit, she was gay though.
  5. So how does God get involved in our life so that "all things denote there is a God" without taking away anyone's agency?
  6. I think it was Elder Neal A. Maxwell, who said essentially there are 3 sources of trials, 1) God, 2) That's how life is (weather, taxes, others decisions) and 3) our own mistakes-if you don't pay your credit card you'll be getting phone calls! how would you interpret Elder Maxwell's phrase "customized challenges"? I dunno, I guess though when things go good it's a blessing when it doesn't it's trial of some sort, but all of that opens up host of questions and why does this or that happen why is life so unfair, where is God in all of this?
  7. ugh, that means I have to down my 3$ cupcake-hope you're happy "If you are faithful, on resurrection morning—and maybe even before then—you will rise with normal attractions for the opposite sex." http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/elder-bruce-c-hafen-speaks-on-same-sex-attraction I LOVE Elder Hafen, I even spoke at a stake conference when he visited here. He did say that things will be corrected before the resurrection, which means to me that the next life things will get sorted out but before the resurrection and judgement. I just don't want to be the reason someone distances themselves from God, Church or add to their burden or anyone's actually.
  8. That's why put the "as far as I know" which you bolded i'll have you know. I know about this article but I didn't recall it when posting. They even imply that homosexuality and other sexualities won't exist in the next life, which also implies it'll be fixed and they didn't know why it exists here "It is a circumstance that for whatever reason or reasons seems to apply right now in mortality, in this nano-second of our eternal existence"
  9. and we get back to God before the Fall, that didn't happen by happen chance, unless I was out that day in seminary or something!
  10. This is from a BYU talk from Richard Cracroft “One evening last week, while attending a local wedding reception, my wife, Janice, and I exchanged greetings with Elder and Sister Neal A. Maxwell. On being apprised that I would be addressing you today, he asked after the topic. To my statement that I would be talking to you about the reality and presence of the Spirit in our lives, he responded instantly, and as only Elder Maxwell can, with, “The Lord does a good job of micromanagement through the Holy Spirit, doesn’t he!” https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/richard-h-cracroft_well-sing-well-shout-mantic-celebration-holy-spirit/ here is the talk from Pres. Packer, https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1980/10/the-choice?lang=eng I may be remembering it wrong or interpreting him wrongly, I don't know but here is another talk from Elder Maxwell about "customized challenges" https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1990/04/endure-it-well?lang=eng I am trying like everyone else to make some sense of life and know what is true and what isn't, I hope I never come across as combative to anybody!
  11. One thing to come out this is that God knew this person had those struggles and still called him as a Stake President and kept him on for 8 years, maybe there is hope for us!
  12. the soil is from God, whatever is planted comes from God, Satan or just the way it is
  13. which leads to a whole host of other questions, I was always taught our trials are individualized and God wants you to go through something to get something, I think Pres. Packer gave a talk about it in the '70's. So now does God just allow whatever random thing happens to us in a fallen world and he allows things and if any "good" comes from something then great but if not then whatever, they weren't morally strong or didn't do XYZ enough or what?
  14. seems like they are danged in their birth body and then danged in their changed body, if I were like that I would have more than a few questions for God Granted too, in Canada IIRC hardly anyone with this situation is granted a change, they have to go through therapy and all kinds of things and I think like less than 5 doctors even do the surgery and it's expensive