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  1. Duncan

    new General Authority?

    I did say baseball, what more do you want?
  2. Duncan

    new General Authority?

    no, but they were picked after and that was prime hunting ground for someone to serve as a General Authority. I , personally would be nervous to get that secretary position after the previous one was picked, I, personally, would start smoking big fat cigars to ensure that I wasn't ever called😝
  3. Duncan

    new General Authority?

    I was thinking there seems to be a line of others who were Secretaries to be called as a GA, Rulon Craven, Joseph Anderson, F. Michael Watson, Francis Gibbons and now Elder Hales. Mind you Arthur Haycock wasn't as i'm sure others but it seems to be a prime picking spot!
  4. https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/brook-p-hales-called-general-authority-seventy Now, I wonder about these news releases and their legitimacy. If it is true I wonder why now? did they have an odd number for the all general authority baseball team and needed to balance it out?
  5. Duncan

    Is it wrong to be annoyed with this?

    Our Temple is going to be built downwind from the dump and across the street from a Liquor mart, take the "Moyo" and enjoy it!
  6. Duncan

    How many black members do we have?

    I baptized a lot in LA so... a lot!
  7. I just read a blog post from a member who basically said if you don't agree with Elder McConkie, like he does, then you aren't a spiritually mature person
  8. Duncan

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    There was no mention of the ban, it was more of a we call on citizens everywhere to be nice to each other and we are all god's children
  9. Duncan

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    Maybe they'll have a special appearance by Weird Al singing "White and Nerdy", that would be a gig to remember!
  10. Duncan

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    So something super weird is happening now, on the live feed, someone turned the audio on and you can hear this rehearsal and the read through of the statement or a statement anyways and people walking in "hey Pres. Oaks!" "Elder Andersen, good morning" and some lady is talking about photography and I think you can hear something about salvaging. I posted, as did others, on youtube, um, you know we can hear this right? HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA!!!! "Good morning this is Travis"
  11. Duncan

    Vaugh J Featherstone

    I LOVED him!!!!!!!!!! I was sad when he passed away!
  12. Duncan

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    Why would they issue a joint statement? what is this statement about?
  13. Duncan

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    I just saw on FB that there is a "message" from the NAACP and the First Presidency being broadcast tomorrow, does anybody know what this is about?
  14. I get what you are saying, I guess for me I would side with the Trib then, if you do something you shouldn't whilst a BYU student then that record follows you, it should be open to the public, if I am understanding this case correctly! or at least certain segments of the public, like background checks for jobs, law enforcement, but journalists or a stranger walking in off the street and wants to know if their neighbour was a good at BYU in 1994, I don't know!
  15. So, slightly or mostly confused here but if you broke the law at BYU and their police nabbed you does that record go with you when you leave BYU?