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  1. well, you can have mine!
  2. I had a similar experience, except with this guy in my YSA ward. He was only a member maybe 5 years and he left the Church, well not according to a youtube video he has up, he was the President of this and that and this big Mormon. He speaks at these atheist conferences about his experience in the Church. A friend of mine knows the organizers and they told them that guy is not who he said he is, like at all. I was tempted once to show up and sit on the front row, just to see his reaction and he would know that I know he's lying-I didn't end up going because they only had a vegetarian buffet and I can't stand the sound of crunching
  3. I'll trade you those teenagers for what we got.....i'll even deliver!
  4. Our stake did a Trek a few years ago. Two don'ts I would add. The first is don't bury pretend dead babies, that is something out of a Rob Zombie movie, plus it's kind of a I don't know a bit insulting to people who actually had to bury a real life child along the way. The second would be don't give talks about trek in Church, the rest of us who didn't go don't want to hear about it or hear more about it, I don't want to hear about what you wore, what you ate, who you pretended to be, what flowers you picked, what birds you saw, what it was like to go a few days without a phone-I don't want to go to church and hear about a hike
  5. I have literally never ever heard that song before but I have heard of this one
  6. and FYI it's not pronounced "Saw-reee"!!!!!! it's "Soar-ree" because of the double "R"
  7. yessssssssssssssssssssss!
  8. I don't see them calling another counselour, I think they'd wait until someone dies and then change it up again. Past Presidents have done stuff from their houses' on their declining days
  9. I wouldn't doubt it, their misdeed will surely find them out as my Grandma always used to say
  10. intriguing!!!! probably some work dispute, "This'll show that uppity good for nothing who's chief cheese around these parts" I can hear it now
  11. I would LOVE to know how people get this kinds of things, are they laying around the house and some ex member family member sends them to mormon leaks? how are they getting this stuff?
  12. I think light is good if something nefarious is going on but otherwise no I don't want to know. Do I want to know if someone is kifing tithing money? yeah and what is being done to remedy it but no I don't want to know who is bringing what colouring books to nursery
  13. I have his books and even a letter from him, super great man and will be missed!
  14. I thought I owed 19k more than I did, but I don't! SL debt is the only debt I owe and it's not that much actually
  15. yeah, that's probably not what they were going for