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  1. repentance, like charity, can be done in any church or no church at all. I think the problem is what does God actually care about vs. what does your Bishop care about. Par example my second Mission President held a viewpoint that I can guarantee you isn't held by others-how many I have no idea. But both "groups" are supposed to represent God then why the differing view points? I can't answer that.
  2. I think the Church used to say this is the way you have to live but I don't notice it so much anymore, i.e. you need to get married young, have kids, thenyour education, work a job, serve in the church all at the same time
  3. I think discipleship is asked for by everyone but how that plays out in our lives is different for everyone. God asked Pres. Monson to have the experiences he's had and that's different from the experiences that Prunella Wigglesworth from Guelph, Ontario but he wants discipleship from everyone
  4. Well that explains why Mickey and Minnie are still around, gosh
  5. I'm reading an autobiography of a former General Authority right now and he said that when Elder Oaks was ordained an Apostle it was done so it front of all of the brethren and given his charge in front of everyone as well, kinda neat it was done like that and in the Pres. Tanner bio it said that Pres. Brown has that vision of Christ prior to or just after the Washington DC Temple dedication
  6. I would not be opposed to that. In our stake we have a few people that if you aren't white and male then well............I know this member at church and the missionaries brought a man from Pakistan and this member pulled the elders aside and told them to ask the man if he had any bombs or anything like that, within ear shot of the other man and surprise surprise he didn't join the Church. I am just dumbstruck that that kind of thing happens today. We needs baptisms not bigotry
  7. I think members of the Church that hold these views have been around for a long time but now they have a name and social media can connect them with other like minded individuals
  8. That's what Pres. Harold B. Lee was about, giving someone a blessing and then zoom them over to the hospital
  9. If we are going to stand before his bar, I hope it's like the Cheers one and when you walk into it everyone happily yells your name
  10. i'll go along with that!
  11. try this by Elder Bednar, maybe it's in there? https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/david-a-bednar_strength-lord/
  12. and British beer no less
  13. I love Jesus but i drink a little..................JUST KIDDING!!! yeah, I am a member of the Church in full affect
  14. I'd agree with that. In my stake we don't have a lot of members and some people are laxadaisacal? approach to their callings and so it's beyond frustrating to show up to church find out they aren't there and they didn't find a replacement and so you have to do it or find someone at church, which is not fun. It's like Church is ah whatever, someone else will do it, I can't be bothered- but come stake conferences and other big meetings it's all handshakes and happiness. The modern version of the 10 virgins I guess not to judge but we had two newly married in the Temple couples move into in our ward recently. One couple came once and left and haven't been back since, they moved in January? and the other couple in Feb, he's come twice and she's been out 3 or 4 times, she seems more active than him.
  15. never even heard of it!