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  1. I have a story about calling home. My brother in his mission, Los Angeles, early 90's, told us he wasn't allowed to call home for Mother's or father's day so he didn't. Years later I met another person that served in his mission at the same time and kind of knew him. I asked them about this policy about not calling home, you know what he said??????!!!!!!!! he said that wasn't a thing! My barfbag brother just didn't want to call home😑
  2. Duncan

    Left Hand

    that's fanstastic,! where does that come from?
  3. Duncan

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    and they have a cute little video about themselves and ack, I hope it works out for them!
  4. Duncan

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    I felt awful!!!! I hope they can get another chance for a child!
  5. Duncan

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    I have some friends of a friend in Utah who are anxious to adopt, I felt heartsick when it almost happened but the mother to be backed out at the last minute. How they are now, I don't know but they had a blog.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but the word "Missionary" doesn't appear in the scriptures, the word "mission" does. I was wondering who coined the word "missionary". I know in 1842 Joseph Smith used it for "the Standard of truth" but i'm curious as to it's origins, if it was earlier than Joseph Smith or it caught on later or what
  7. Duncan

    Jesus becoming God in Pre-Mortal Realm

    God was his father with Mary in some way, but God is not my father or anyone else's father in mortality, we all have fathers but only Christ has God the father
  8. Duncan

    Jesus becoming God in Pre-Mortal Realm

    i'm imagining Christ saying he's the firstborn is the evidence for it. The third of your verses aren't the same as the first two
  9. It comes from the "Characteristic sayings of Lorenzo Snow" found in the June , 1919 I.E. "A mother who has brought up a family of faithful childrenought to be saved, if she never does another good thing."
  10. Duncan

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    it's not on the internet, like facebook or social media but I do know that all handheld devices are shut off during the broadcast. I think it's satellite to whoever receives it.
  11. Duncan

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    My bishopric bro. just said, they are live streams, but not kept/recorded anywhere and they start streaming after the sacrament is administered
  12. Duncan

    Shrinking pains

    we have those too, endlessly going on.................and on........................................................and on, and you simply lose interest
  13. Duncan

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    Our sacrament meetings are recorded, just once a month though, for people who live in remote areas, so its no problem here. I can see them doing it for that reason
  14. Every Sunday night at 9pm "the Curse of Oak Island" is on, unless the Second coming happened during it, I ain't budging from my spot to watch it. Meetings can wait or be ended by then.