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  1. my son was into the Wiggles, Australian singing group. I took him to see their show when they came here, he blew his mind out ! which was cool for him!
  2. other than diapers and stepping on lego and seeing the same movie, 250 times a week, that's true!
  3. I agree, I too was abused as a teen by someone in authority at Church. In my case though I went to the Bishop and he got stuff happening and justice was met
  4. yeah, oi, it sounds like reason 69,807 I never went to Law School or got a Doctorate in Psych or something, it's a mess and trying to sort it all out and all these years and different leaders are involved and on and on
  5. that's the thing, he can say he has dementia but were I the Crown I would want to know if he had dementia when he made these statements and try to figure it out
  6. TBH if she is lying why this man out? like she would have to have some huge beef with him to make false statements like this and name others as well, Elder Robert Wells is alive. If he has dementia, why pick someone with dementia? Unless she picked out him out randomly and lied about him. I think there is something to it otherwise why him? I don't know much about dementia but I wonder if it's worse today than when he gave this interview, who knows
  7. and nevermind Moms!!! they know EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did you know that person was XYZ? "oh, you can just tell! I know that like 20 years ago, it's no surprise"
  8. my BIL was at the MTC when he was there too, he remembers him but had more to do with his wife-my BIL wasn't getting any letters! he went to Hong Kong
  9. what is a two party recording? both parties have to consent to being recorded or what is the other option? a one party or three party recording?
  10. One thing too is what would protect a Church leader from false accusations? it would be a he said/she said or a he said/he said situation, it's usually these cases of abuse and these kinds of things that get discovered but how would someone protect themselves from a false allegation? This kind of thing is happening in my ward right now between two of the youth, someone is saying smack online against someone else and what do you do against false allegations?
  11. Someone suggested, I think Cinepro perhaps, just simply ask why do you want to attend the Temple? their response will probably tell you more about someone's motivation to go than anything else. As in you can say yes to paying tithing but still have little or no charity towards people less fortunate than yourself, and I think being charitable should be an by product of paying tithing but apparently not everyone thinks that, whited sepulchres
  12. I don't know, but I kind of think they are desperate for leadership and they'll take literally anybody and turn a blind eye to stuff. I like that idea that we should inform our leaders to make sure they make informed decisions!
  13. in the other ward there is a Bishop who thinks Naziism should be given the benefit of the doubt, he baits people online and argues all kind of nonsense, and I just like you are asking for problems by calling that guy and frankly when they know about stuff going on they deserve everything they get. My bro went to a bishopric training mtg on tues and that guy was saying that attendance is down and i'm like ya think? all of the stake presidency in online don't they read anything he writes?