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  1. who is President Jones and where did this come from? and the Irish guy?
  2. hopefully after 6 years these cases are resolved!
  3. Duncan

    PBS - Native America

    I suspect that the scholars featured on the show are not familiar with the Book of Mormon, so I wouldn't expect them to be making any connections to it. Besides of which the blurb says "challenges everything we thought we knew about the Americas before and since contact with Europe" so by that set up scholars don't even agree with each other on what has been found and what the interpretation is. I am not going to watch it though i'm watching Secrets of the Dead about that lady in the iron casket http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/woman-in-the-iron-coffin-about-the-film/3923/ 💀🙈
  4. Duncan

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I should get a scheme going, tell my Bishop something, he phones it in to Kirton and McConkie and I get the cash, American dosh too! and then I split it with my Bishop🤑
  5. I've often wondered why we don't use the original version of the Book of Mormon? Why doesn't the Church just print Prof. Royal Skousen's work and we use that? pay him of course but still!
  6. Duncan

    Stake disciplinary council

    I met a lady that was in one, Stake Pres. and High Council, but it wasn't suppose to happen like that as you say and the verdict was overturned by a GA and it all came out fine and dandy
  7. Duncan

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I'd be interested in seeing what the sources are for Pres. Brown's denial to the Twelve during President Grant's time. He was a Mission President in England prior to the war and previous to that was Granite Stake President for a few years I think, but got released because of his work in the Liquor Commission
  8. Duncan

    Missionaries and health insurance

    the wait can get long depending on how much your Dr. likes to talk! I wouldn't mind going to Europe on the government's dime🤑 I got this thing, Dr. Cumberbatch, heal it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Duncan

    Missionaries and health insurance

    FWIW there was a missionary here a few years ago who had hip problems and couldn't walk that well, he would get tired easily. Anyways he put on his application not to send him to a proselyting mission, well they sent him here which is a huge mission, lots of walking, super cold etc. and he lasted not even a year and he went home. I am not sure what they expected him to do or what but he wasn't wanting to go to a proselyting mission
  10. Duncan

    Missionaries and health insurance

    in Canada! when you leave the Garden of Eden though you are advised to get health insurance, paying 40$ for a week in the States is better than 4000$ for a broken arm or something. I hear you but think of it as a big pot, I may not need anything right now but someone needs a lung transplant and if everyone puts something into the pot the cost can be covered so you aren't stuck with some outrageous bill, it's covered. It doesn't cover everything, like dental or elective surgeries and some stuff has to be done elsewhere as there doesn't seem to be a doctor here or whatever
  11. Duncan

    Missionaries and health insurance

    welcome to Canada! nobody that I know of had insurance and so you risked it. I had some dental problem but a member initially paid it but then my folks sent the brother money for it. When I was going out people got sent to either Belgium, France or California so I think they sent us wherever but I don't think ti had anything to do with coverage
  12. Duncan

    Speculations for General Conference

    there's a lady that was here, she's moved now, but she went to Houston as well but she was Vegetarian! hahahahhaha!
  13. Duncan

    Stake disciplinary council

    oh yeah! I had lunch with Suzanne Somers today and I will be on Kimmel next thursday🤨
  14. Duncan

    Stake disciplinary council

    When Gileadi came back I wonder if the Apostles brought it on? IIRC Elder Maxwell helped with his return. Quinn is a different kettle of fish. I believe Bill Reel believes that he's on the radar of the Apostles, I highly, highly doubt it and don't trust what he says but he has his belief
  15. Duncan

    Stake disciplinary council

    not personally but I know a man in our Stake that was acquitted. He had this business and depending on who you talk to he either fleeced members of the Stake or he got them all involved in a business that flopped. There was just not enough evidence either way to determine what he did. They couldn't figure it out so they let him go I met a lady that had her DC overturned and justice prevailed so to speak