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  1. I flew from Canada to the MTC, the church footed the bill and there was an option for that. I got picked up at the SLC airport and driven to Provo by some friends. In Hindsight I should have left days earlier as I could have gone sight seeing, ah well!
  2. for some people age is just a number BUT for others 911 is also a number and jail is just a room🙂
  3. I've wondered about this, could be a scam too. There was video of these ladies meeting him or something but who knows if we'll ever know
  4. Something i've seen 3 or 4 times, among my male church member group, is the woman has a way, way better job than her boyfriend. That's fine until they get married and all of the guys moved into the house that his wife had. It becomes an issue when the wife gets pregnant, and now the question is can the husband sustain a wife, kid and a house on less than two incomes? (she would get maternity pay but for awhile anyways) you would be living on less than before. Of these couples some can do it but the wife is working and the husband is as well or less so or in one case they got divorced. I look at my younger sister and her husband, both have great educations, they dated while in university, graduated, found killer jobs, paid off all of their loans, then they had their kids and all my 30-which bucked the whole 'have kids,school, job, church calling all at the same time' scene that others did. Now, my sister and her husband have a great life, almost no debt and they are set for life(hopefully nothing bad happens)😮
  5. I think then Elder Nelson is alluding to Pres. George Albert Smith's idea about the rib and being equal, so in terms it's like Pres. Kimball said, figurative
  6. and Toronto won the NBA thing, yeah Jesus can come anytime now! and he too can celebrate here😎
  7. trying to get into the minds of people who lived over 2500 years ago is a tough challenge but I applaud those who know for certain what they were thinking
  8. I get what he's saying but I don't think that this can be sustained, "The biblical prophets were not fortune-tellers. Instead, they were highly perceptive political and social critics concerned with everyday problems that affected their own time and community. They prophesied to their own people, the king, or even the priestly leaders of the religious cult, declaring that if they acted in ways that negatively affected Israelite and Judean societies terrible things would occur." Biblical prophets predicted things that happened in the Bible like the 7 lean years and 7 fat years, the fall of jerusalem and the redemption it, even Jesus told the two disciples on the road "all things concerning himself" and he used Moses and "all the prophets". I think Bokovoy is reading his perspective into it, maybe Elder Callister is as well.
  9. what "dominant narrative"? are there quotations to back up this claim?
  10. if I did would you change your mind? what dominant narrative? can you share examples where prophets have said they are infallible?
  11. i'm sure if I had the time I could come up with more, or you can too! funnily enough i don't ever recall any President of the Church saying they were perfect
  12. Elder McConkie saying "forget everything", both Pres. Faust and Pres. Uchtdorf saying that Prophets sometimes make mistakes, I think Elder Marlin Jensen apologized for prop 8 or something to that effect-these come to mind.
  13. I think Hugh Nibley hit the nail on the head about his idea of Leadership to management:the Fatal Shift. I dunno, it seems to me that Bishops now are basically the ward managers-making sure the auxillaries are staffed and things are running copasetic. They take direction from the Stake who gets it from the 70, so I don't know how much autonomy these callings really have
  14. I usually say I look forward to working with you if I will actually be working with them, if not then not. There are some folks though that need to be taken down a notch and so, for fun, I just ask them what are they doing now in the Church😈 as if I wasn't listening to when they said their calling 15 times in their 10 minute talk
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