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  1. That's kind of what I was thinking, own it but leave it the way it is, less feet stepped on things like that
  2. i'm sure it wouldn't go quietly in the financial night
  3. Something i've noticed about perfection is there are 3 kinds. In no particular order people who expect perfection from others, people who expect it from themselves and then people who think it's expected from them (but not really) and all three can spin off of each other, like if you think it's expected from you then you'll expect it from yourself and then if you have to do it then you'll expect it from others.
  4. let's play a game of make believe. If the Church actually bought the Kirtland Temple, would anything be different with it? would they run it like it's being done now as a tourist place or what do you think would happen? I can imagine they would have the occasional meeting in there but I don't see it being turned into an operating Temple.
  5. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    it's funny, I actually know the girl with the white blouse! hahahahhaha! She is married and was that when she shot the video, she met some british guy when they served missions together. The England to Utah dating scene can be quite costly! but they made it work somehow!
  6. I saw this comment online and thought it was funny!!! "How do you recuperate $35 million used to buy a crucial historical artifact? Start selling caffeinated drinks at BYU. A week of sales should do it."
  7. for sure but impressionable university students can be taken in with fads and whatnot. A sad story from my sister's ward a young married woman , her and husband were in some mormony paramilitary group and she starved to death. It's a balance and we need not go one way or the other
  8. I think that is supposed to be where Faith in Christ comes in, do we trust him and trust his guidance of the Church? I totally agree with the idea that we all want revelation but how many of us want to change?
  9. I used to be the WML for 3.5 years and the way we did ward council was what does the ward need to know that day, who's coming, not coming etc. and any baptisms, I dunno it seemed to work out okay. The missionaries stayed for generally 10 minutes but the district leader stayed for the whole mtg as he can speak for mission stuff, i.e. what appropriate, not appropriate etc.We had weekly ward correlation mtg. and it lasted 1-2 hours but it just me and the missionaries, best meetings ever!!!!
  10. I think these kinds of fasts were what Elder McConkie spoke out against at BYU in the early 1980's. To me, once a month is enough
  11. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    I have a some friends getting divorced, members, married in the Temple. I wonder what the future will hold for them, datingwise.
  12. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    That's the issue, what do you do about intimacy? because most if not all non members can only hold out for so long. It's difficult enough for members but non members? After three dates Howard Wolowitz was expected to have relations with Bernadette, three dates!!!!!
  13. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    I have said this before but where I live there are no LDS women around my age except for 2, one is dying apparently and the other one is mean but i found out she got engaged so hey, better that guy than me! So, my PB tells me to choose a woman who wants to be sealed in the Temple, well only members want that and I don't know what to do. I married a convert the last time and that blew up in the face big time and I don't want to see that show anymore. So, I sit and wait for someone to move here, that is my only option at this point.
  14. In speaking about revelation, I read a quotation from the autobiography of a lady named Carma Cutler. who's husband was Elder Clinton L. Cutler of the 70. She related how when they were mission presidents and Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the 70 was touring their mission and he stopped during a talk he was giving and he said that your President belongs in my quorum. In our Stake my Mom's former Relief Society President (who's single, never been married and about 60ish, she's the Stake Relief Society President now) claims to have received a revelation that one of the sister missionaries was going to be married to her for all eternity and then told the entirety of the Relief Society this news, minus the sisters of course. I just wonder if either of those revelations are within their stewardships? I pretty much know the answer to one but am puzzled about the other
  15. 9 questions for move outs

    Before someone can be moved out of a ward the ward clerk has to go over a 9 point list, does anyone have the 9 point list?