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  1. I wonder why this Murdock guy was never opposed when his name was presented for a sustaining vote? or if he was how that all hit the fan and he got sustained anyways
  2. and then there's this on John Dehlin https://dearjohndehlin.wordpress.com/
  3. Sometimes you wonder if people are actually prayed about or just thought about like, um, yeah i'd guess he or she would do
  4. There's a scripture and I think it's in Alma, that says "You cannot hide your crimes from God" You could get away with whatever and yet everyone who has ever lived will stand before God someday and if you didn't repent then he knows all about it and will hold you accountable for it
  5. I think we can broadened it out to high profile jobs being given to sexual predators, how many times do you hear in the news about some guy getting busted for some thing? that one guy hung himself last week and he's nuts! I think sometimes people get these jobs, callings etc. and as it's said the bigger they are the harder they fall
  6. I'm curious though about, if this happens again with someone else, will the Church make a comment? I don't know but i'm going to throw it out there that this stuff happens more often than we know about.
  7. Everybody has weaknesses and some work on them and some don't
  8. What are your thoughts on what Elder Oaks said, "For me, this obvious insight goes back over forty years to the first class I took on the Book of Mormon at Brigham Young University. The class was titled, somewhat boldly, the “Archaeology of the Book of Mormon.” In retrospect, I think it should have been labelled something like “An Anthropologist Looks at a Few Subjects of Interest to Readers of the Book of Mormon.” Here I was introduced to the idea that the Book of Mormon is not a history of all of the people who have lived on the continents of North and South America in all ages of the earth. Up to that time I had assumed that it was. If that were the claim of the Book of Mormon, any piece of historical, archaeological, or linguistic evidence to the contrary would weigh in against the Book of Mormon, and those who rely exclusively on scholarship would have a promising position to argue. In contrast, if the Book of Mormon only purports to be an account of a few peoples who inhabited a portion of the Americas during a few millennia in the past, the burden of argument changes drastically. It is no longer a question of all versus none; it is a question of some versus none. In other words, in the circumstance I describe, the opponents of historicity must prove that the Book of Mormon has no historical validity for any peoples who lived in the Americas in a particular time frame, a notoriously difficult exercise. One does not prevail on that proposition by proving that a particular Eskimo culture represents migrations from Asia. The opponents of the historicity of the Book of Mormon must prove that the people whose religious life it records did not live anywhere in the Americas." This was orginally given in 1993 https://rsc.byu.edu/archived/historicity-and-latter-day-saint-scriptures/11-historicity-book-mormon
  9. Just as an aside how do you know if was JFS who did that? is there a journal entry that he says he did? He wasn't the only Smith from 1832 to a hundred plus years later. I don't agree with your assertations, Dan Bachman wrote a MA thesis on Joseph Smith's polygamy in the 1970's, he got material from somewhere. it was the same Elder Oaks who gave this talk in 1989 with this quotation, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not attempt to isolate its members from alternate voices. Its approach, as counseled by the Prophet Joseph Smith, is to teach correct principles and then leave its members to govern themselves by personal choices." https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/1989/04/alternate-voices?lang=eng How many times have people read or not read "seek ye wisdom out of the best books"? DC 88:118. How many times have we heard on conference and lessons to study the Gospel? To paraphrase someone who said years ago, Why give up the Gospel of Christ for lack of an arrowhead? The Runnells of the world are classic examples of why we should go to Church and not miss the gospel, otherwise you miss the "simplicity that is in Christ" 2 Corinthians 11:3
  10. he was a Seventy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Sunday School President
  11. ever watch that that show "to Catch a predator" with Chris Hansen? on ABC or NBC or PVC or something. There was a documentary some time ago on CBC on why do men cheat,if it's on youtube check it out
  12. no evidence for a mass battle yes but not for where the plates were! there is that Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon by Sorensen, i'm sure there is something in there!
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