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  1. To me, he seems to be saying that his wife was indifferent to what was going on or possibly she was like better you than me! but I don't know what he means for sure!
  2. Duncan

    What are your favorite books written by Apostles?

    He also said in the same talk, "Now don't be too hasty in your conclusions as to what conditions in mortality constitute the greater privileges....Who knows but that many of those with seeming inequalities in this life, if they do everything possible with their limited opportunities, may not receive greater blessings than some of those rewarded by having been born to a noble lineage and to superior social and spiritual opportunities who fail to live up to their great privileges! " p165-166
  3. Duncan

    What are your favorite books written by Apostles?

    isn't it Jesus'? Tad Callister was in the mission presidency when I was out in the field, he's you know, but working out the atonement might be a bit of a stretch😂
  4. Duncan

    What are your favorite books written by Apostles?

    Elder Bednar has several ones out, here's one https://deseretbook.com/p/one-by-one?variant_id=152769-hardcover&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=meme&utm_campaign=db_social&utm_content=5186855 The problem with some books of the leaders is that they are compilations of talks, which is fine but you want ones you can't get anywhere else. I don't want to spend money on a book and come to find out that it's all general conference talks, ensign articles or BYU/BUYH/BYUI talks, I can get all that for free
  5. http://scottwoodward.org/Talks/html/Holland, Jeffrey R/HollandJR_AStandardUntoMyPeople.html he says "Church broken" which is the same thing
  6. he didn't coin that term, I heard Elder Holland use it a very long time ago and I doubt he coined it either
  7. Duncan

    What are your favorite books written by Apostles?

    Anything by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Elder and Sister Renlund came out with a book recently about the Priesthood and so hopefully it's good. I bought years and years ago now "Christ and the New Covenant" by Elder Holland but I haven't read it yet!
  8. it's hard to read and figure out!!!!! if you want to be taken seriously it would help if you could phrase your thoughts correctly and spell properly. How would I know what his native tongue is? it say he's in Ohio but remember Maxwell Q. Klinger is from Toledo yet he spoke Lebanese
  9. I don't know if English is your first language but in case it isn't please do a grammar and spell check thank you!
  10. Duncan

    Looking for Joseph F. Smith story

    hhahhahahah yeah!!!! thank you!
  11. I recall reading or hearing about a story about Joseph F. Smith when he was a very young missionary in Hawaii. As I recall he and his companion had their clothes in a shack away from where they lived, for whatever reason, but it somehow caught fire and all they had left was one suit between them. So, one day one elder would wear it and then the next day the other elder would wear until they were able to buy some proper stuff. Does this story sound familiar to anyone?
  12. Duncan

    Logan, UT Temple Movie?

    There is a 6 part history of it
  13. Remind me again when a verdict in all this is supposed to given ?