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  1. giving new meaning to "Hustle B. Nelson"🤕
  2. but we do as per the official title
  3. 🤩That was in the QA and they said it wouldn't affect anything. Correct me if I am wrong but are they putting in two new buildings for an entrance? and two smaller VCs instead of the South Visitor Centre?
  4. Pres. Nelson clarified it! I was wondering that me self. It's nuts that Pres. Hinckley started the whole thing or was advised back then to do something
  5. ummmmmmmmmmm, are you sure about that? I know what the word "redacted" means and the situation with the 1832 and know that the two are incompatible. Nobody knows who did it or when. The fact that it exists and wasn't blacked out means it wasn't destroyed or redacted
  6. You should read JFS and not just stuff "about" him. It's a great thing he didn't destroy records now isn't it? hmm?
  7. Canadian English yes😊 It would help to read a book , hopefully more, written by someone to understand what their style is, sources used, interests, angle etc. I can read a book about dentistry but I would hardly be called a dentist
  8. Except that Dr. Leonard Arrington was an economic historian, not a religious historian, but I'm sure your book told you that part. Elder Snow's official title is "Church Historian and RecorderExecutive Director, Church History Department" he has TONS of help to do it. Church history is still being made and hopefully documented. If you want historical documents do what I do, order them online from the CHL. If you're interested you should read an article about Pres. Smith as Church historian, understanding him in the time he was writing, rather than understanding him in 2019 terms, "True and Faithful: Joseph Fielding Smith as Mormon Historian and Theologian" Author Reid L. Neilson, Author Scott D. Marianno BYU Studies 57:1 i'm quite sure you've read every article and book Pres. Smith ever wrote right? I wouldn't judge one person (Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith) by one act, that you don't even know he did, by the way what's your evidence he excised the 1832 document? he wasn't the first person to have it by the way, far from it. I'm sure Elder Snow studies Church history. Another approach if for people to do their own research and see if they have any merit in the "marketplace of ideas" to use a phrase that Pres. Eyring used once. As we see people like Bill Reel, Runnells take your current exmo star of the week, don't do good research and it's embarrassing really.
  9. Just as a side note, Lima Peru has 46 Stakes, Canada has 48 😶
  10. I don't know if I were to characterize these issues as "basic" if they were then people wouldn't be asking questions about it. Polygamy is complicated, the translation is complicated, some are confused about the 1st Vision obviously but I get what you are saying. A live QA session rarely goes well for anyone!
  11. That's complete nonsense. Don't compare your job to the Church historian's. There is simply no humanely possible way for someone to know everything in the Church's history. Do you know everything? Of course not. What if things are not recorded? What if people misremember things? What did President Lorenzo Snow think of the Salt Lake Temple dedication Sacrament mtg on April 20,1893? Who knows, he didn't keep a record or if he did it hasn't survived. So, if the Church historian was asked he couldn't answer. What did Elder Hyrum M. Smith of the Twelve think of my city and what did he say when he came here in the fall of 1906? Who knows, again no record kept or survived. There are a million, billion things that happen in the Church's history that have no answer simply because they are not recorded so historians are reliant on what sources are around. Here's what Elder Orson Pratt said, “If every elder had, during the last nineteen years kept a faithful record of all that he had seen, heard, and felt of the goodness, wisdom and power of God, the Church would now have been in possession of many thousand volumes, containing much important and useful information. How many thousands have been miraculously healed in this Church, and yet no one has recorded the circumstances. Is this right? Should these miraculous manifestations of the power of God be forgotten and pass into oblivion? Should the knowledge of these things slumber in the hearts of those who witnessed them? … We should keep a record because Jesus has commanded it. We should keep a record because the same will benefit us and the generations of our children after us. We should keep a record because it will furnish many important items for the general history of the Church which would otherwise be lost.” (Millennial Star, 15 May 1849, p. 152.)
  12. Elder Cook gave some counsel about it a few years ago "Recently, I spoke to a body of young adults who are on the verge of that period of life where financial matters and the choices they make about finances are exceedingly important. A familiar scripture found in Alma 36:30, and many other places in the Book of Mormon, has two parts. It reads, “Inasmuch as ye will keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land.” The second part reads, “Inasmuch as ye will not keep the commandments of God ye shall be cut off from his presence.” It is clear that having the blessing of the Holy Spirit is a principal element of prospering in the land. Some seem absolutely driven to achieve the “lifestyle of the rich and famous.” Excess wealth is not promised to faithful members, nor does it usually bring happiness. As a people, the Latter-day Saints have indeed prospered. Some achieve wealth as the result of very worthwhile and appropriate pursuits and use that wealth to bless mankind and further the Lord’s purposes. Wise financial principles include seeking the kingdom of God first; working, planning, and spending wisely; planning for the future; and using wealth to build up the kingdom of God." I think this is the talk he was referring to https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/quentin-l-cook_banquet-consequences-cumulative-result-choices/
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