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  1. Duncan

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    my folks were saying in the 1970's you saw members of the Church, almost everyday with the different times to come to church but now it's the opposite, with this 2 hour church stuff, online seminary the social cohesion is becoming unglued
  2. Duncan

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Our ward will meet at 1230 pm, so I am not sure about the open on sunday rumour, unless evenings?
  3. Duncan

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somehow that email was deleted😵
  4. Duncan

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    I too would be surprised if they opened them on Sunday and more clarity would be nice. Mind you free snacks at church wouldn't hurt either🥨
  5. Duncan

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    I think it's a ploy for people to eat Vitamins😌 We had a High Councilor yestarday show up to our ward, he's actually in our ward but never comes to church, anyways, he prayed about "those of us who are resistant to change" like whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  6. Duncan

    Where books go to die

    we have a small depository for books in the cloak room and people drop off stuff there, every week I take a gander but typically there I am disappointed😕 they do have a million of those Teachings of he Presidents of the Church though
  7. I remember hearing a story about President Marion G. Romney . Someone asked him how did he know so much about the manual and he said it's because I wrote it! it may have been in relation to Welfare, which I know he was a huge proponent of. Does this sound familiar?
  8. what gets me is he talks about integrity and yet he secretly recorded it, doesn't he have any intregrity himself? there is a word in the english language and the word is hypocrisy🤔
  9. I have no answers to those questions!
  10. One thing too is if you are a student, the cost of paying for a counselour could bar you from seeing one, especially if you are student loaning it. I don't know but I hope Universities offer free counselling
  11. i'm sure they will, sadly this isn't just an issue for the Church, it happens everywhere https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/university-of-alberta-student-suicide-family-1.3276196
  12. I know someone who knows who the young woman is, I am heartbroken for them. We had a sister missionary here 2 years ago, just a wonderful, lovely person to be around, Canadian even. Anyways, she finished her mission and then for quite some time now she was posting these anxiety/depression videos online and she attends BYU. A few weeks ago she posted this video talking about her suicidal thoughts and everything. When I heard about this tragedy I was hoping it wasn't her and I was emailing around to find out. It wasn't but I wish things were different for people going through that.
  13. Duncan

    That Deadpool Poster

    What I find miraculous is seeing Fred Savage on screen again
  14. That's what I say too, if I were up for discipline I would be SOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed and would want hardly anyone to know or anyone and would want this to be over and done with, like broadcasting this to others and like don't they have any shame?????? FYI in our Province and I don't know if this is done elsewhere but if you are a lawyer, Doctor or Dentist and maybe other similar professions and you were up for a disciplinary hearing they don't put online the proceedings of the hearing just the results, so if a lawyer was fined $13,000 and lost his license for 6 months the public can be aware were someone to hire them on, like ohhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe i'll take my business elsewhere! a friend of mine worked for a lawyer and he faked wills and stole hoards of money, he was disbarred and spent time in the klink
  15. here's a hypothetical scenario. Let's say I was on the High Council and signed my name to this document saying I wouldn't record it and then the accused broadcasted the proceedings, secretly or took a pic of that document with everyone's signature on it. Now let's say I get harassed at my job or my family or some negative impact on my life because my name is now out there, would I have legal recourse?