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  1. This thread isn't about Juliann. Stop making it so. Skylla
  2. We already have a thread with the same subject. Thread closed. Skylla
  3. We wish you the best, Derek, but our forum isn't a place to ask for money. I would suggest Facebook, Twitter, etc. Skylla
  4. Read the board guidelines. Do not compare President Monson to Warren Jeffs. Skylla
  5. Reminder: Do not post temple content. Skylla
  6. This isn't a Social Hall topic. Thread closed. Skylla
  7. This is not a productive conversation. Thread closed. Skylla
  8. Your posts have been generating a lot of complaints like this one. Less inflammatory pot stirring and more substance please. Skylla
  9. FYI: When you make me moderate bad behavior during the holidays, I'm less lenient. This especially applies to those of you who have had certain posting privileges restored. Moderators have family too. Skylla
  10. This thread is closed. Merry Christmas! Skylla
  11. I have at least 5 reports on this thread alone. Closed. Skylla
  12. Temple references have been deleted. Review the board guidelines. Skylla
  13. Years ago our only options were to ban people from the board completely or suspend them from posting. Thread bans and limited status are a nice alternative.
  14. Get back on topic or people will be removed from the thread. Skylla
  15. This thread has gone way off topic. Skylla