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  1. So can the member ever have access to find out if there are annotations in their record?
  2. So it would show online or on a paper copy if a person has one of these sins in their past?
  3. In another thread about becoming a bishop, it's mentioned that if you have certain sins in your past, that are in your record, it's possible you won't ever be called as a bishop. I'm wondering what record is this? Who keeps it? Are members allowed to look at their record if they have one?
  4. How does a stake presidency usually go about finding candidates? Since it's not appropriate to ask members, do stake presidencies ask for recommendations from the current bishop or bishopric?
  5. Does the bishop candidate have a say in who will be called as his counselors?
  6. Is the candidate interviewed alone or with his wife or both? Is there a hard and fast rule about it?
  7. I would like to know the process that takes place in calling a bishop. Thanks for any help you can give.
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