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  1. I rarely come to this site, but when I do, I often look for smac97's posts: they are full of logical points of view that I never would have thought of. His knowledge of legal issues and the logic he applies to the subjects of discussion is amazing, in my opinion. Calling him "dishonest" and an "embarrassment to the faith" is absurd. It appears to me that you and a few other posters can't counter his logic, so you resort to personal attacks. I hope smac97 doesn't one day choose to stop posting here because of this, but I wouldn't blame him if he did.
  2. If the improbability principle factors into this, then lawyers should start using it in the courtroom. Personally, for me, the evidences for the Restoration of the Gospel indeed do factor in. But only after a spiritual testimony. The explanations for some of those that critics bring up, to me, are exceptionally weak. I still think Bountiful being "nearly eastward" from Nahom to be a pretty good "bullseye". Still, I fully recognize that evidences simply don't work for critics and academic folks. No problem. I think the Lord designed it that way. Evidences help believers - not non-believers. Sorry, this isn't very helpful or enlightening. But, it works for me.
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