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  1. What Greg says conforms entirely with my knowledge and experience on this subject.
  2. I am, by the way, unaware of any request from Elder Packer for us to write or to publish anything -- not in general and certainly not in order to defend him in particular. I've never so much as heard of such a thing before.
  3. Not so far as I know. And no, I never received any such calls. Finally, it's true that Dr. Bradford disliked the notion that LDS scholars should ever be at the beck and call of the leaders of the Church. We disagreed on how scholars should respond to requests from Church headquarters. But such requests were, to put it mildly, exceedingly few and far between. It was, essentially, a theoretical issue. More relevant was the question of whether we should, on occasion, DEFEND the Church and its leaders. My position was that we should. His position was that we should not.
  4. You're plainly a person of deep faith. There has never any kind of agreed-upon story or set of talking points. We tell the story, when necessary, as accurately as we can. Period.
  5. No "spin." No "crafted narrative." Interest in reputation, not in "image." I simply tell the story as I experienced it and as I know it. Of course, I'm always open to correction from people who weren't there and who don't know anything.
  6. clarkgoble: "I'd say both were deeply problematic." Really? I confess that I'm very surprised. And that, in that light, I probably can't satisfy you on this subject.
  7. I write publicly on this subject solely to ensure that false stories and misleading allegations don't remain publicly uncorrected.
  8. I finally have reliable internet access and a few minutes. (Very few. It's late here, and I'm tired.) Curiously, I was told late in the summer of 2012 -- by someone superbly positioned to know -- that the Twelve were (collectively) surprised by my dismissal. And, from the same source, I know that at least ten of them had "no problem" with me (his words) at that time. (Two were traveling and could not be reached when he made his inquiry.) If someone wants to claim that there was a faction in the Twelve that disapproved of me during the summer of 2012, that person should submit actual evidence to support the claim. Could they have demanded that I be reinstated? Yes. But they rarely if ever do such things. They don't micromanage BYU. And I'm not sure that anybody in the BYU administration, let alone at Church headquarters, saw the implications of the 2012 "change of course" at the time. Did I ask to be reinstated? No. Never. Nor would I have accepted reinstatement. To have returned would, given what happened and how it happened, have been unspeakably awkward and uncomfortable for me. Trust, once destroyed, is very difficult to rebuild. Am I the egotistical cad that one person here claims me to be? I'll leave that vital question to be decided by people who actually know me. As to the "FARMS Review" and science (particularly, it seems, evolution), we only published one (brief) article directly addressing that topic. It was a book review, entitled "Lamarck, Giraffes, and the Sermon on the Mount": https://publications.mi.byu.edu/fullscreen/?pub=1428&index=13 We had another article on the subject edited and fully ready to go in the issue of the "FARMS Review" that was suppressed by the new Maxwell Institute regime in 2012. It ultimately appeared in "Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture" under the title "'Endless Forms Most Beautiful': The uses and abuses of evolutionary biology in six works": https://www.mormoninterpreter.com/endless-forms-most-beautiful-the-uses-and-abuses-of-evolutionary-biology-in-six-works/ People are free to read those two articles for themselves and determine whether we were anti-scientific. There's considerably more to be said about all this. (I haven't even had a chance, yet, to read through all of the comments here.) Eventually, I'll deposit a detailed account with BYU Special Collections. I care about the historical record. But I don't feel authorized to publish details of private conversations and the like.
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