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  1. Sheep have 12 Horses have 18 Goats have 13 Pigs 15 or 16 Interesting, but much ado about nothing.
  2. After many days in the garden, Adam was lonely. He approached the Lord and expressed his woes. The Lord thought for a bit, and told Adam, "I have a deal for you. I will provide you a companion. She will prepare your food, clean up after you, tend the garden, devote her time and attention to you, and see that your every need is met." Adam responded, "That sounds great, Lord. But won't she be expensive?" "Oh yes," was the reply. "She will cost you an arm and a leg." After a brief moment, Adam asked, "What can I get for a rib?"
  3. Exactly. When I was serving as bishop, I would ask the priests, "Where is the altar in this building?" After the blank looks, we would delve into this.
  4. It was a difficult time for all of us, and to a degree it still is. Our solution is to just love him. He made his way back and was baptized about 3 years ago. We did it at our home with a few family members and close friends that he invited. I like to say that not too many dads get to baptize their son twice. He has since drifted away again. His testimony is still mostly there, and his heart is in a much better place. We just spent 2 weeks together in Grand Canyon. It was a great time for both of us.
  5. I must admit, there is one calling I covet: 2nd counselor in the SS presidency. What does that guy do, anyway? Ring the bell when the other two don't show up?
  6. Our son was sent home from his mission and excommunicated while I was serving as a bishop. I too had doubts as to whether or not I should have continued in the call. "If I can't get my own house in order," and all that stuff.
  7. Fascinating read. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Catholic. Line of authority, liturgy, symbolism of rituals.
  9. It's an interesting building; like Frank Lloyd Wright meets Dr. Seuss.
  10. Peter was told to kill and eat. No need to explain what the vision meant, I think. Jesus had been with him personally not too long before. Why didn't he tell him then? Why didn't Jesus do it himself? Was Jesus wrong the first time around?
  11. I'm still holding out for wine to be dropped from the WoW.
  12. I must have missed the statement that proselyting missions are claimed to be inferior to service missions. I know for a fact that the Church (meaning the 15) regard proselyting missions and service missions as equivalent.
  13. Service missions are far from milquetoast. For those who cannot serve proselyting missions, service missions provide a way for them to give meaningful service and to represent their Savior as best as they can. Whether they be wheelchair bound, have intellectual challenges, or mental difficulties, there are many who want to share in the joys of missionary work, but heretofore have been unable to. Service missionaries receive a call from the Prophet through a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. They serve as close to full time as they can (and most can), anywhere from 6-24 months, with the goal being 24 months. The First Presidency and the Twelve view service missions as being on par with proselyting missions, and their church record reflects that. Some significant culture change needs to take place. Service missions aren't going away, but rather they are paving the way for many more to serve in the Savior's way, and to contribute in a manner that will be successful for them.
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