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  1. Just now seeing this, so the acute need has probably been addressed. Palliative medicine is increasing in demand, given the aging of the population. You don't necessarily have to be a cancer patient to see a palliative specialist. That and hospice are two things I would recommend. There is no reason to be near the end of life and be miserable. As was mentioned earlier, use supplements with caution. There is no regulation, and you literally do not know what you are buying. No controlled studies show benefit, the CBD enthusiasts notwithstanding. There may be benefit, but it hasn't been demonstrated; and no one knows what concentration, dose, frequency, age restrictions, dose adjustment for renal/liver function, medication interactions, etc., etc. Remember, the plural of anecdote is not data.
  2. I'm reading her book now. It's enlightening and fascinating.
  3. When our kids (all adults now) were in elementary school, other children at school would tell them they were not invited to parties because they weren't "real Christians." Once, one of our daughters protested, and the girl told her, "It's your fault. It's your stupid religion." Children learn what they are taught.
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    I live life on the edge.
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    As previously mentioned, the concerning possible effects of caffeine are cardiac, especially tachydysrhytmias (fast heart rates, various types). Energy drinks are notorious for this. Caffeine is also a diuretic, and chronic use can have negative effects on renal function. Those prone to gastric hyperacidity syndromes (gastritis, ulcers) should limit caffeine, since it stimulates gastric acid secretion. The number one cause of post-operative headaches is caffeine withdrawal. All this from the guy who has one Diet Dr Pepper a day...
  6. I remember him and his name. That saddened me as well.
  7. I'm an emergency physician, and since people don't have the courtesy to avoid illness or injury on Sundays, I work some Sundays. Since I make the schedule where I work, my Sunday shifts typically start at 7 pm and go to 7 am Monday, so I'm able to go to church and enjoy a good part of the day. I'll work anywhere from 1 to 3 Sunday nights a month.
  8. The introduction of service missions (different from the "young church service missionaries" of the past) in January is in response to not only the increased number of early returning missionaries, but also to the inability or hesitancy of young people to consider missionary service due to physical, mental, or emotional challenges. There is now one application process, and a member of the Twelve assigns missionaries serve either proselyting or service missions. Comments from bishops, stake presidents, and from a panel of medical and mental health experts are taken into consideration when a service mission is a possibility, but the call is made in the same manner. The call letter is issued in the same way and is signed by the Prophet. Early returning missionaries (for reasons other than worthiness) have the option of continuing their missions as service missionaries. If they decide not to, they are honorably released. If they decide to continue, service mission leaders, under the direction of the stake president, assign service opportunities in community/charitable organizations, church operations (temple, distribution center, bishop's storehouse, etc.), and stake-based service. Even though the root cause of early returns is multifactorial and may not be solved, there is now an option for further missionary service if desired.
  9. That started a few centuries ago.
  10. Mahonri Moriancumr is the name Joseph gave to a boy he blessed. He then told the parents that this was the name of the Brother of Jared.
  11. Sorry, but ..."anyone who has masturbated a 'handful' of times?" 😄
  12. Sheep have 12 Horses have 18 Goats have 13 Pigs 15 or 16 Interesting, but much ado about nothing.
  13. After many days in the garden, Adam was lonely. He approached the Lord and expressed his woes. The Lord thought for a bit, and told Adam, "I have a deal for you. I will provide you a companion. She will prepare your food, clean up after you, tend the garden, devote her time and attention to you, and see that your every need is met." Adam responded, "That sounds great, Lord. But won't she be expensive?" "Oh yes," was the reply. "She will cost you an arm and a leg." After a brief moment, Adam asked, "What can I get for a rib?"
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