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  1. I still miss the minister. "That's the beauty of it!"
  2. I wonder if there is a gom jabbar in the First Presidency's vault...
  3. I still don't understand the original question.
  4. I've been an emergency physician for 25 years and have seen the spectrum of mental illnesses. Never have I had the impression that one of them was possessed.
  5. "Practically all from Siberia" and "almost 100 of Asiatic origin" are not the same thing. Not all of Asia is Siberia; whereas all of Siberia is in Asia. Regardless, the DNA of a small group from Jerusalem is going to be quite difficult to detect when it mixes with the larger population already present in the region.
  6. I didn't post the CFR; just clarifying what it requires.
  7. CFR means to provide evidence, not to tell someone to "look it up." If you make a claim, and you are asked for references, you should provide your evidence or withdraw the claim.
  8. One way of looking at open carry is that it makes one a target. I personally am not a fan.
  9. I have 5. They are total game-changers, especially when shooting larger caliber weapons. I HATE shooting my .300 WM without a can. With it, I can shoot all afternoon without getting a miserably sore shoulder or a headache.
  10. Shoot suppressed. Takes care of most of the noise and 80% of the recoil. 😉
  11. Our daughter went there a few years back (I've still never been to Europe). She said it was stunning.
  12. I'm not aware of any reports of a CHL holder killing a bystander in an active shooter situation. I am aware of dozens of people killed by active shooters, as well as shooters neutralized by CHL holders before they could kill or kill more. I have treated many victims of shooters. I choose to not be a victim or to watch helplessly as someone kills my family. I'm no vigilante. My first priority is to protect my family, and then myself; but if I'm in a situation where someone is killing innocents, I will not be a spectator. I have extensive training. Hope is not a strategy.
  13. The point is not that they have increased, but that they occur; shootings by CHL holders have not (to date). It's not a matter of living a life feeling afraid, it's a matter of being prepared for something that very reasonably could happen.
  14. I won't take the time to look up the numbers, but in this instance, I think we can rely on media reports. How many mass shootings in churches, schools, and other "gun-free" zones have we seen in the past few years? Contrast that with how many people shot by a CHL-holder responding to a shooter. Google "Sutherland Springs shooting." That occured 20 miles from my hospital. My rural emergency department treated several of the casualties that were not killed outright by the shooter. The shooter was taken out by a civilian who lives across the street from the church.
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