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  1. I was always understood that churches can do this, IOW, it is not illegal, but if they do so they will lose their tax exempt status. Am I wrong?
  2. Yes, perhaps you will not like the answers. Some are also past the point of hearing the answers anymore. Regain those lost testimonies. It is possible. Thank goodness they all have been imperfect. It means to sustain a person chosen by Heavenly Father regardless of their imperfectness. Leave, call the police, of course. Unbelievable godly patience is ok with some, but first get out of that situation (even if temporary). They probably view other faiths their members as children of God. They probably view their spiritual experiences as just that. I would think that the Holy Spirit works with each man, woman, or child in ways that they would benefit them individually and in a manner they would understand. Respectful ones of course. One can expect an answer equal to the manner of the questions intent. i.e. if one reads the Book of Mormon to find flaws, fault, or the devil being its author, and then prays to Heavenly Father in that same spirit to know if the BofM is true, then I bet the answer they get is the one they are seeking, but I do not believe that answer came from Heavenly Father. It is presumptive to say this. Perhaps he was laughing at something else. Perhaps, if true what you say, he laughed because to him that would be preposterous. I neither made a connection of the protestors nor his laughing at them. We all see what we want to see and hear. It is kind of obvious from your post your intentions to see and hear what you wanted to see and hear became just that. Alma the Younger described himself as "the vilest of all sinners" he came back, I invite you to make place in your heart to try to see the good rather focusing on the bad. Lose your bitterness and come back. The fullness of the gospel and way back to him will be found in His Church.
  3. I remember one conference (a priesthood session), it was very hot and President Benson took off his suit coat, then most the brethren in the tabernacle followed his example. I guess if he can do that at conference for comfort, we should feel alright being comfortable in our own homes.
  4. We watch it at home, wear our pajamas most of the time, sometimes our regular clothes. We have a tradition of strawberry waffles right before conference. All the children grandchildren watch the same way and enjoy strawberry waffles at their own homes. Fun family tradition.
  5. On SSM President Hinckley said: "Why does the Church become involved in issues that come before the legislature and the electorate? We deal only with those legislative matters which are of a strictly moral nature or which directly affect the welfare of the Church. We regard it as not only our right but our duty to oppose those forces which we feel undermine the moral fiber of society." Emphasis mine. I did not intend to raise this issue to a "petty" level of "holy piety," and Nehor I only wanted to make the point that sometimes it is right to oppose issues rather than give in to them just to be "civil" and show "kindness." I think it is very possible to be civil and show kindness and at the same time decline to bake the wedding cake.
  6. It is easy to say; "just bake the silly cake." It is easier to take the easy way out hoping to maintain peace. However, there are time we should not bake that cake and fight for your principles. One of the things we agree to do as part of our baptismal covenant is to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places. We renew that covenant every week. There are times when standing as a witness of God will mean to face opposition, criticism, and ridicule. The road less traveled is often more difficult, it is not the easy way. Defending your beliefs even in the face of scorn disguised as being judged as discriminatory. We can say, "I would have just baked the cake." At what cost? If we bake that cake, we are giving up a little bit of our freedoms (of speech of religion), we are saying; "government go ahead and force me how I should think." When we are told how to think, even when it is good it is still at the little bit cost of our agency. When we allow the government to tell us how to think eventually some of those ways will be contrary to Gods ways. A wedding cake is not a hamburger.
  7. IIRC, Phillips was sued a second time for refusing to make a cake that celebrates a gender transition (the first was the Masterpiece case). Phillips then countersued the plaintiff 9the second plaintiff) . Both then agreed to drop the suit. However, then Colorado picked up the same action the 2nd plaintiff just dropped and filed the third suit. I believe it is still in the court system. I could be wrong, but haven't heard otherwise.
  8. Could you be more specific here? Can you show the difference in the issue? How one of the defendants, how their religious beliefs was used as discrimination? Are you saying those defendants personal held beliefs are discriminatory? Does that not imply that it is alright to sue them, but they cannot use their religious beliefs as their defense in court? I am just curious, how do you think the Supreme Court will do that? I am also interested in how you clarify the difference.
  9. replying just for the notifications. Great win for free speech. Thanks Smac
  10. Truly sad to hear. He was such a good man.
  11. I should have been more clear (my bad). I meant damages, however, lawyers, usually will get a percentage based on those award damages. My estimate about 1/3, perhaps a little more if it goes to trial. 1/3 of 1000 is 333, but if you triple the 1000 to 3000 the lawyers will get 1/3 of 3000... This is what I meant...
  12. It doesn't matter if it is an artistic creation or not, the government cannot compel speech.
  13. I know, that is the exact point I am making. Although there are those on this board who say when someone refuses to bake a SSM wedding cake because it is against their religious beliefs, take that as discrimination against the LTBGQ community. Even though that same baker said he would sell or bake that same SSM couple other goods, but not a wedding cake.
  14. Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
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