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  1. Possible Lung Cancer

    Wow, I don't log on for a month and you go from pneumonia to cancer go Crohns to CDIFF. I hope you are feeling better. Sorry for the troubles though
  2. What a breath of fresh air....

    I have never heard of him, but I think his writing was just too black and white instead of realizing how gray it all is. It didn't point out the good that is already done and instead only focused on what the author thought we could be.
  3. Mormons supporting LGBT???

    Pretty certain the OP means how morning star in the Bible is used in reference to Satan. However it is also used as reference to Jesus. Guess that means MS has a bit of devil and a savior in her. 😜
  4. What a breath of fresh air....

    I interviewed a lady once for a visiting teaching conference. She had been a shut in for a few years, but wrote letters for VT at that point and was a VT supervisor as she could call people. She just had too many health issues due to age to leave the home much if at all. Anyway, my favorite comment was along the lines of, "Sometimes when you visit people, you click and sometimes...well you don't". That interview or conversation has always reminded me that sometimes I serve people in church that I don't necessarily like too well or get along with and I do it somewhat begrudgingly. Other times I end up with a new best friend or good friend out of the deal. I think this is where it is hard for us to do as the article is saying, not due to sins or backgrounds (or at least I hope not), but because it is hard to serve someone we don't 'click' with.
  5. Guidelines for Trek Reinactments

    Wow, it is surprising that we need these guidelines. I have often wondered about the medical staff for Girls Camp when it is stake wide. We don't have one, glad to know we should for trek which is more likely to have injuries.
  6. Peace on Earth

    I have read the words Smac. I choose not to sing them. Thanks
  7. Peace on Earth

    That hasn't been sung in my ward in a long time. I probably just wouldn't sing it. I love the rhythm to that song and Onward Christian Soldiers. I used to like both of them quite a bit.
  8. Peace on Earth

    Have you read the words? I realize it is symbolic, but the words specifically talk of war and fighting. I am not upset that it is included in the hymn book, I just don't sing it. Currently in life there are a lot of the hymns that I don't sing when they are played, but instead sit respectfully.
  9. Peace on Earth

    I don't know this song, but agree with war songs. We don't sing Battle Hymn of the Republic or Oneard Christian Soldiers at church when it is sung.
  10. Interview policy for 8 year olds

    I sat in with my daughter during different interviews and it was never a problem.
  11. I would be very happy if the church was helping members obtain legal status. I know far too many stories of bad lawyers who don't file paper work for people and screw their chances. This includes for people who came in legally and even people who had their green card for years.
  12. Refugees are only one type of immigrant and basically the only type I spoke of with the immigration vetting. Secondly, the article doesn't even mention immigrants. It only talks about employees. I took it to mean they check backgrounds for all employees or vet them. My employer vets workers for specific things that might cause safety issues, airports would too.
  13. Did you read this article? No where in it does it mention refugees. It is about employees at airports not being properly vetted.
  14. But that is the deal. The refugee process is very vetted and through. The VISA process is not. So the ban on refugees most likely won't do any good. Changing VISA rules might.
  15. Best Hamburger Joint

    Lol, I can name a few in Iowa....