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  1. I still think it's interesting that and Yet the WoW has been transformed into a commandment - one that needs specific explanations and clarifications.
  2. Is the authority of the bishop necessary? After all, the cemetery is not owned by the Church.
  3. Also thinking out loud. If the catwalks were built during construction, it would make sense to leave them there for repairs and maintenance (if there is enough room).
  4. You sir have hit the nail on the head IMO. I was aware of some who would only consider those who were descended from pioneers.
  5. Not necessarily. Perhaps I was the abnormal one. None of them were involved in the same activities or were even in the same classes. Peculiar People?
  6. I grew up in Southern California. There were only a handful of active LDS students at my high school. The only thing I had in common with any of them was the church. They were my Sunday friends. My normal friends pretty much put no pressure on me to drink or do drugs or party hard.
  7. Maybe you're a ballroom dancer and you want to dance for the best team in the country.
  8. Does that go for this statement also? Don't you think you owe it to us to provide documentation for what you heard once? Also, what does "not much higher" mean? Come on Scott, you chastise critics for not doing basic investigation, yet earlier in the same post make a claim without documentation and with vague numbers.
  9. We didn't have any sister APs but there was a sister in my mission who was nicknamed "The Apostle" because well when she talked, everybody listened.
  10. Utah. He thought that all of California was under a blanket of smog.
  11. I had a missionary companion who wouldn't believe that anything grew in California.
  12. The second nephew that I referenced in the OP came home for health reasons. More specifically is was depression. He isn't depressed anymore. It would be depressing to be somewhere you don't want to be. I don't think that means he is mentally ill.
  13. Two of my nephews have returned early from missions. The first (about 4 years ago) never returned to his mission and is now married (in the temple). The second (last month) doesn't seem to be working towards returning to his mission. On the home page of the Church's website there is a link to an article about missionaries who come home early. If Your Mission Ended Early, Don't Give Up I don't think that the Church will ever publish the number of missionaries who have returned early, but I'm speculating that it is significant. Numbers are dropping. Look at the graph for the Missionary Program on the Facts & Statistics page. Is there a solution?
  14. This topic will probably be resurrected in a year, and the faithful LDS will admit their leaders are fallible, but be hesitant to admit to specific mistakes. Critics will try to trap the faithful LDS into admitting a specific mistake, then claim that particular mistake was too big for even a fallible leader. Here's the real deal IMO: Most faithful LDS admit the leaders are fallible, but act like they're infallible, especially the FP & Q12.
  15. One estimate has the number of his followers from 5,000 to 10,000 (3 years after he declared himself to be the prophet). Just for comparison, at the end of 1833, the membership of the LDS Church was 3,140.
  16. I think delays like this are what led to attorneys getting involved. Yes, and I agree with Scott. Members need to understand that one of the reasons that people ask for their names to be removed is to be left alone. Absent name removal, home and visiting teachers keep calling. They may even be asked to help clean the chapel. IMO the process should be simple. A person requests name removal. The bishop verifies the identity. Done. The verification could be something like this. We have received a request for you to terminate your membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In order to do that we need you to verify that it was you who made the request, and not a third party.
  17. I like it for the taste. The caffeine is a bonus.
  18. Back in the mid-90's my wife and I were shopping at Food 4 Less in Provo. We passed by a display of caffeine free Mountain Dew. I looked at my wife and asked, "Why?" That's the only time I ever saw CFMD.
  19. I actually love the smell of coffee, but have no desire to drink it. I once bought what I thought was a banana muffin at a convenience store. After the first bite, I looked at the wrapper again and discovered that it was a coffee muffin. I finished it, then got the worst heartburn ever. My neighbor is severely allergic to peanuts. Recently he was rushed to the hospital because he ate a dessert that he thought didn't have peanuts, but did. We all don't react the same to every food or drink. Hopefully we all use wisdom in planning our diets. Perhaps the Word of Wisdom can go back to being what its title suggests.
  20. I was putting termination of employment under the disciplinary umbrella, but I see the difference.
  21. I think it depends on the situation and the evidence. In the case of Michael Pratt (the Lone Peak Seminary principal), he was terminated immediately after being arrested and before being officially charged. https://www.ksl.com/article/7115675/seminary-teacher-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-student
  22. IMO the issues are much deeper than a loss of trust in the church leaders. The issues are with the foundational events and doctrines. Even if the current leaders get out in front of the flow of information, they can't change what happened from 1820 to 1844.
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