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  1. According to LDS doctrine, I would say that being part of the event that overcomes physical death is in fact a symbol of life. Also, It seems that losing life (figuratively or literally) is a way to find life.
  2. I just found out that my nephew's wife participated in the protests. A few years ago, while a BYU student, she was raped while in another country. Nothing happened to the rapist. She went to her bishop to get counseling and he turned her into the Honor Code office. It was determined that she wasn't showing enough contrition for her part in what happened, and was kicked out of BYU for 3 semesters. She did return to BYU and has since graduated. Note: I don't know any more details than I just shared.
  3. I was called into the honor code office at Ricks and was told to cut my hair. I asked why since my hair didn't go below my ears and I was clean shaven. My 70's style "afro" didn't conform to the spirit of the honor code. πŸ˜€
  4. Endowment houses were used in Nauvoo and in Salt Lake City to provide a place where endowments could be done prior to the completion of the temple. Would the Church leaders ever consider building endowment houses in other parts of the world where a temple was not yet constructed?
  5. The lower kingdoms have separation police that prevent non-sealed couples from even talking to each other. Repeated attempts to communicate can result in a demotion to a lower kingdom.
  6. A 2018 Miami Marlins home game would have been adequate.
  7. I still don't understand why the original policy was even implemented. Minors already needed the permission of the parents to get baptized.
  8. I wonder if the wonder is more of a wish than a wonder.
  9. I heard one rumor and one wonder in the past week. Rumor: The minimum age for sister missionaries will be dropped to 18. Wonder: Will the word of wisdom be returned to being...well...a word of wisdom, instead of a commandment?
  10. Sometimes the hard road is just hard. One might find strength having traveled it, but being hard doesn't necessarily make a road the best road.
  11. The inconsistency that I see is the Church is very specific about some things (body piercings & tattoos), but vague about things like plastic surgery. To be fair, the article quotes Jeffrey R. Holland. All this said, I'm going to share a picture that a friend from kindergarten shared on her Facebook page recently.
  12. I served in Peru in the early 80's. Upon arrival, our passports were collected and stored in the mission home. In their place we were given an official copy of our passport. We were able to use this copy to pretty much do anything inside the country that required identification. In one rural town my companion and I were stopped by the local police and asked to show them our passports. They didn't approve of the copies and detained my companion and told me that they wouldn't release him until we could show them our passports. I contacted the mission home (not easy to do from a rural town in the early 80's) and they sent the passports. After the police released my companion, we sent the passports back to the mission home. From that point on, we planned our routes to avoid the police station. BTW, my companion told me that the police treated him more like a guest than a prisoner - taking him out to dinner among other things.
  13. Well that definitely changes the narrative. I had not heard this before.
  14. Or there are enough gay couples who are just looking for wedding professionals to hire. Certainly they will by chance enter the establishments of some wedding professionals who happen to be opposed to gay marriage.
  15. It will take 1/3 more male missionaries to equal the service time of the current number.of male missionaries. For example, 3 current male missionaries will serve a total of 72 months. 72/18 = 4 For every 3 current male missionaries, 4 will be needed to do the same service time if the missions are reduced to 18 months.
  16. The presentation of the endowment has gone through multiple changes.
  17. Nelson is a letter of the law President.
  18. Back in the 80's when I was a BYU student, the BYU Police were often unofficially referred to as "rent-a-cops." Most students didn't respect them, perhaps because of the many negative stories about them. My favorite was reported in the Daily Universe. I will paraphrase since I couldn't find the article. A graduate student was assigned to teach some undergraduate courses and was given a faculty parking pass. One day when he exited his car, a BYU police officer told him that students weren't allowed to park in the faculty lot. The student explained the situation, but the officer was not satisfied. The officer looked up the student's schedules (teaching and student), then waited in the lot for the next time he saw the car. When the student returned to his car at the end of the day, there was a parking ticket. Confused, he protested the ticket, and was told that he was issued the ticket during an hour when he was in class as a student. He was only allowed to park in the faculty lot during the time when he was actually teaching. He would then be expected to move the car to a student lot while he was in class as a student. The publicity from the Daily Universe article forced the BYU police to back off the student and he was not bothered anymore.
  19. Do you think it's possible that the "no geographical model works for us" was an interpretive paraphrase? After all, bluegrass did not put that into quotes. You did.
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