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  1. Thinking

    Can Angels Eat?

    Yep. That's what I think. 55 years on this planet. I guess I could be part of some Matrix. If I am I hope Neo come to save the day. Well I can't really ask him, but I believe he said this, "Religion is left over from the infancy of our intelligence. It will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines."
  2. Thinking

    Can Angels Eat?

    How time is measured is a human construct, but things happen sequentially regardless of how we choose to measure the sequence. Whatever we choose to call time, its sequential nature allows for different objects to occupy the same space at different times.
  3. Thinking

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    This. I teach at a public high school. Several years ago one of our assistant principals home schooled one of his own children because public school wasn't working for him.
  4. Thinking

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    This thread is like one of those internet articles that creates a headline designed to get enough traffic to earn advertising dollars. Then when I click on it and notice the link to The Onion, I realize that The Nehor is just playing with us (although I can't determine his objective since there are no advertising dollars available on MDDB). He must be like that teenage boy who wads up wet paper towels and throws them against the bathroom ceiling just to watch them stick.
  5. Thinking

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    When I was growing up in Southern California, my older siblings had some friends who were raised Catholic. The teenage children became interested in the Church, were taught the discussions, and wanted to be baptized. The parents were very upset and it took a while for them to give permission for their children to join the Church. The teenage children were baptized, and eventually the younger children AND the parents followed. Imagine if the Church had a policy back then (the 70's) that prohibited children of Catholic parents from getting baptized because...well, read The Great Apostasy (approved missionary reading material at the time). I would be surprised if a same sex couple decided that their children needed to belong to the LDS Church. However, what if the child of a gay couple discovers the Church and wants to be baptized. The parents aren't happy but decide to allow their child to make that choice. The current policy won't allow that child to be baptized.
  6. Thinking

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    I think that that the only thing that the policy accomplished was to provide more ammunition for the critics. That said, I'm having a hard time imagining the Christ of the New Testament worrying about the marital status of the parents of somebody who wanted to follow Him.
  7. I have been teaching for many years and our current principal is the 5th at the school since I was hired. It's been interesting to see the transition from one principal to another. Sometimes the new principal observes and then makes adjustments. Other times the transition brings new programs and changes no matter what. I wonder if President Nelson is changing things just to change them.
  8. Thinking

    Wrapped together as a scroll?

  9. Thinking

    what is our position on the Caravan

    This post should end the thread. No need for more discussion.
  10. Thinking

    Environmental responsibility

    I don't think forced control is the answer.
  11. Thinking

    Environmental responsibility

    Environmental responsibility has to include population control IMO. The earth has finite resources and as one population grows, another has to decrease. If we humans don't control ourselves consciously, nature will take care of it eventually. Cue the "the second coming will come first" faction.
  12. Thinking

    Results: 10 day social media fast

    In your original post you only referenced sports. Do you feel the same way about other types of entertainment?
  13. Thinking

    Results: 10 day social media fast

    Some activities may not have value for you, but they may have value for others.
  14. Thinking

    Trib Article Re: Women's Session

    It's interesting that you are criticizing Jensen for what she could have have said in response to what Nelson might have said.