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  1. That was my point. That's an extreme example.
  2. Good for whom? I think we're looking at a false dichotomy here. I believe there are multiple levels of charitably-motivated and multiple levels of grudgingly motivated. The focus seems to be on the benefit to the giver while ignoring the benefit to the receiver. I'm reminded of the challenge for parents to teach children how to share. Sharing is almost always done grudgingly at first, and the recipient of the sharing gets to play with a toy. The parent then teaches the recipient to "share back." Often there are screams and tears, but with patience and persistence, parents teach their children how to share. The first share, even if done grudgingly, opens the door. The first payment of a fast offering might be done grudgingly, but I will argue that it is good for the family who needs the assistance. Hopefully the donor will transition toward the charitably-motivated mindset, but during the transition, the donation itself is doing good.
  3. We believe in meetings, all that have happened, all that are now happening, and we believe that there are many great and important meetings yet to happen. We also believe that if meetings are reduced by number or length, we must fill the newfound time with more meetings.
  4. While we may receive benefits from our good deeds, I believe sunstoned's point was that we shouldn't expect to receive benefits for doing good.
  5. Sometimes spelling mistakes deliver some much needed humor.
  6. When I was still active, I had a calling that involved the 11 year old boys. On one occasion one of the boys started punching another boy who was now on the floor with the puncher on top. I grabbed the puncher and pulled him off. I was angry, but the only physical force I used was to pull the puncher off and keep him from attacking again. I notified the bishop so we could figure out how to resolve the situation. Later that week the puncher's mother asked for a meeting. She told me that I handled it all wrong, that I should have talked/convinced her son to stop punching and that I never should have restrained him because he doesn't respond well to physical force. I told her that while I understand that her son needed to be disciplined/corrected in a certain way, at the time my first priority was to keep him from hurting the other boy. She disagreed. Her son never came back.
  7. IOW, how do we react to the anger that we feel?
  8. I disagree. I have witnessed people get angry when an injustice is done to another person.
  9. So then I'll call out your math. A fraction could be 1/3 or 3/4 or 3/2 (or something even higher). If, for example, you call out 3/2 of what you notice, you're calling out 3 for every 2 that you notice. That means that you're calling out some that don't need to be called out. You might just be on auto-correct. Is there a preferences button on this website to take Scott off auto-correct? I'm assuming your fraction was between 0 and 1 (and closer to 0), but I couldn't resist having a little fun anyway. 😏 You are derailing. It's not fun.
  10. Yes. That's a good question. I'm going to say no. If I was restrained and forced to stare at it, then I would consider it harassment. Another good question. Even though there is this idea that men and women are to be treated equally in all things, men and women aren't equal in the physical sense. A female director who found pornographic images that were left anonymously would almost certainly be afraid, so I would consider that sexual harassment. I was never afraid in my situation. I knew it was a joke and it stopped when I ignored it. Inappropriate? Perhaps. Harassment? Probably not.
  11. It's funny to those who are flashing if the missionaries give shocked reactions. If the missionaries ignore the flashing, it will most likely stop. In high school I would sometimes open my P.E. locker and find a centerfold taped to the inside. I reacted the first time, and there was a lot of laughter. I decided to stop reacting and eventually I didn't open my locker to any more centerfolds.
  12. This. Why does the fashion world use attractive models to advertise its clothing? Well...
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