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  1. Results of BYUs climate survey

    I wondered if there were any national statistics, and I found this. There were other reports that cited similar results. It seems that not reporting sexual assaults is a national problem. Hopefully BYU can do its part to find solutions.
  2. CH1 Now online for all membership

    The pill messed with my wife. I felt like she was a different person. I told her to stop before she finished her first month. We used other methods.
  3. CH1 Now online for all membership

    This topic went from cheers because the availability of CH1 was finally unrestricted to defending the Church for restricting its availability.
  4. CH1 Now online for all membership

    124,734/15,882,417 ≈ 0.79% (or 1 in 127) Less than 1% of the general membership has access to CH1.
  5. Ordinances performed in Temple

    That is hard to figure out? Not obviously. Can a principle be true independent of Mormonism?
  6. 4th Sundays in 2018

    The Church seems to be trying to figure out where is that balancing point between Exodus 31:15 and Mark 2:27. Jesus is supposed to have fulfilled the Law of Moses, but the Church seems to have created a kinder, gentler form of the Law of Moses with the Church Handbook of Instructions.
  7. Ordinances performed in Temple

    If this revelation is accurate, the Lord threatens to not only reject the church but also the dead who are waiting for their work to be done. How does this fit with the second article of faith? "We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression."
  8. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    Mingling AND planning takes it to a more authoritative level.
  9. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    Funny that you reference "Praise to the Man" when it reads "Mingling with Gods, he can plan for his brethren."
  10. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    How do you know this?
  11. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    I wrote nothing about Joseph being in it for the money. I didn't even criticize his act. All I did was dispute that this situation validates his "greatness."
  12. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    In your example, your grandmother is like the couple that dug the ditch in order to receive food, so it's the couple's greatness that is validated by their willingness to dig the ditch.
  13. An eyewitness account of Joseph Smith at Nauvoo

    I don't understand how hiring a couple to dig a ditch, then paying them with goods validates his "greatness."
  14. General Conference Sessions Consolidated

    Or a happy one - one less Saturday night that I lose my wife to the church.
  15. Word of Wisdom Poll of Personal Beliefs

    The Word of Wisdom as delivered by Joseph Smith belongs in the New Testament. The Word of Wisdom as practiced today belongs in the Old Testament.