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  1. http://www.ktnv.com/news/3-year-old-boy-left-in-hot-car-dies Slow down people! I think this deserves some discussion on this board because in this case (like a couple of weeks ago) the death happened at a family reunion with a lot of kids. Car hopping can lead to parents losing track of children. Don't ever assume that somebody else made sure your child got out. Sometimes a child falls asleep in the car and is quiet upon arrival. Your child is more important than any reunion activity. Mods: if you feel this is inappropriate, I understand.
  2. I'm not sure what your point is. The way I see it, these are the possibilities. If calling homosexuality an abomination is a good thing, then Mormons need to speak out more because their fellow religionists are rendering the Mormons insignificant. Just ask Google. If calling homosexuality an abomination is a bad thing, then Mormons are OK because they are not as bad as those other religionists who show up ahead of Mormons on Google. After all, we all know that a Google search trumps all. We also know that it's OK to be bad as long as somebody else is badder. If calling homosexuality an abomination is a neutral thing, then where the Mormons show up on a Google search is irrelevant.
  3. I clicked on the link and arrived at this site I had some ideas I wanted to share Wait! Something is wrong, it doesn't seem right They're talking about underwear!
  4. I have noticed that there are some temple endowed members who try to make the garment fit their desired fashion. Just yesterday our neighbor was talking to my wife out in the front yard. A popular female fashion is the cut jeans. She had cut jean shorts on and her garment bottoms were clearly visible through the cuts. I have also seen men wearing athletic shorts with their garment bottoms hanging an inch or two below the bottom of the short. Perhaps Joseph F. Smith needs to come back to general conference and give a talk about garments and fashion.
  5. In sports, running the table means a team wins all its games. A thread that runs the table on a message board would be the most popular one. So you start a new thread to explore why the first one didn't get many replies? That's like a DJ nobody will hire crashing weddings and asking why they hired that other DJ.
  6. Why would any believing LDS consider outdated a book that was commissioned by the first presidency to be written and space provided in the temple to complete the task? Link
  7. More important than the sample size is how the sample was selected. Is it a simple random sample?
  8. It's like they think they are trying out to be a GA. Once in an BYU singles ward a brother came up to the podium and upon arriving he pounded it hard with his hand. He then proclaimed, "The spirit of the Lord is in this room." I turned to my roommate and whispered, "Not anymore."
  9. When the Church was organized in 1830 it was called The Church of Christ. In 1834 the name was changed to The Church of the Latter Day Saints. Finally the name was changed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wonder if some of those old buildings from before 1838 still have the earlier names on them.
  10. Please limit replies to the OP. This is not a parallel thread to the other one.
  11. Well then next time there's a Mormon controversy, you can inform the Huff Post that it should just provide a link to whatever Calm writes.
  12. Anecdotal evidence should never be used to establish a general trend.
  13. In the thread about the 12 year-old beehive, juliann wrote... Many of us have sat through those agonizing testimonies. One minute before the bishopric member stands up that one ward member stands up and the Sunday School teachers immediately begin thinking of ways to shorten their lessons. Brother Repetition stands up and tells the same stories that he always tells as if he has never told them. I have never personally witnessed a microphone being turned off on a testimony. I wonder if bishops receive any training on when it is necessary and how to approach the member.
  14. Yep. I can't imagine what it would be like to be told that I could only marry another man even though I have an intense attraction toward women.