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  1. My Dad grew up during the depression. Once he told his father that he wished he could have new shoes because his had holes in the soles. His father promptly cut some insoles out of a cardboard box.
  2. Thinking

    Mormon Transhumanism- New Interpreter Article

    Lincoln Cannon (thanks mfbukowski) is thinking too linearly. He is also ignoring other causes and effects. In C1, science and technology are among the means to participate in God's work (which includes a lot more than just the immortalization of the body). From then on, all the other means and objectives of the plan of God are ignored. Cannon reasons that since X is a tool and Y is an objective, X must be used to help Y come to pass. The hammer is among the tools of a construction worker. One of the last things that happens before the house can pass inspection is the walls and doors must be painted. Is the hammer used to paint? Is the paint brush used to pound a nail?
  3. Thinking

    Mormon Funeral Potatoes

    One of my friends shared this on Facebook recently. The Best Places to Eat 'Mormon Funeral Potatoes,' One of the Greatest American Triumphs FWIW I like Mormon Funeral Potatoes and usually go back for seconds.
  4. Thinking

    BYU football, RMs, and the redshirt rule

    This rule will help everybody.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking of this one too.
  6. Dents and peeling paint have nothing to do with the direction the ship is headed.
  7. If my shoulders looked like that, I would walk around with bare shoulders too. As it is, I'm the guy who wears a t-shirt in the wave pool at 7 Peaks because I don't want to get a sunburn and nobody wants to see me shirtless.
  8. Thinking

    What shall we do with parts of the OT ?

    Deuteronomy 21:18-21
  9. Thinking

    Interesting account of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith

    I don't have an opinion regarding this account. I am interested in reading what others think about it. I simply think it should discredited (or credited) for the right reasons.
  10. Thinking

    Interesting account of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith

    And I have every right to point out what I believe to be the weakness of those thoughts and opinions.
  11. Thinking

    Interesting account of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith

    When did being a good writer become a requisite to being a witness? If you're going to discredit something, discredit it for the right reason.
  12. Thinking

    Evidence #1: Hebrew and Egyptian Wordplays

    That is similar to how I would define it. I learned in seminary that faith is not blind (or naked). We were encouraged to try to figure out what the answer was before asking God.
  13. Thinking

    Evidence #1: Hebrew and Egyptian Wordplays

    Before I respond, I would like to know what your definition of naked faith is.