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  1. New Term (per RMN): TATPCGMMOTCOJCOLDS Temple Attending Tithe Paying Church Going Ministering Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  2. It will be interesting to see the length of time that some couples choose to wait after the civil marriage. I think some that have parents who can't attend the temple may choose to marry in the temple on another day.
  3. Some Ponzi schemes start out as legitimate businesses. My brother worked for a company that started to struggle financially. The owner found some investors whose investment dollars were supposed to open new stores. The owner used the money for payroll and operating expenses, but new stores were never opened. The company eventually went out of business. My sister and her then husband were two of those investors and lost over $40,000.
  4. They do have one glaring similarity. The later one enters/invests, the smaller the chance of realizing any return on investment.
  5. In 2012 Michael Otterson gave an address at the University of Utah, hardly the pulpit in GC, but still contains some good advice. I also found this.
  6. In a Deseret News article, research showed that Utah has the highest per capita number of Ponzi schemes (1.35 per 100,000 people) than any other state. Florida was second (0.51 per 100,000 people). The wolves are out there. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  7. The discovery that the students experience is guided. Unfortunately, the Church has a history of guided non-discovery. It's only recently that it has been more forthcoming with information.
  8. I believed the Dodgers were going to win the World Series that last two years, but I was wrong. Still, I wouldn't want to believe anything else because I am a fan of the Dodgers. Matters of salvation, however, rise to a higher level than rooting for a sports team (though some might disagree). What if your erroneous belief puts you on a path that takes you away from God? What then? Would you still rather believe in something and be wrong?
  9. I started a topic in 2007 titled No Prophet Is Perfect. I think you'll find that LDS admit to a prophet's fallibility generally, but have a difficult time admitting to any specific fallibility, especially on doctrinal matters.
  10. According to LDS doctrine, I would say that being part of the event that overcomes physical death is in fact a symbol of life. Also, It seems that losing life (figuratively or literally) is a way to find life.
  11. I just found out that my nephew's wife participated in the protests. A few years ago, while a BYU student, she was raped while in another country. Nothing happened to the rapist. She went to her bishop to get counseling and he turned her into the Honor Code office. It was determined that she wasn't showing enough contrition for her part in what happened, and was kicked out of BYU for 3 semesters. She did return to BYU and has since graduated. Note: I don't know any more details than I just shared.
  12. I was called into the honor code office at Ricks and was told to cut my hair. I asked why since my hair didn't go below my ears and I was clean shaven. My 70's style "afro" didn't conform to the spirit of the honor code. 😀
  13. Endowment houses were used in Nauvoo and in Salt Lake City to provide a place where endowments could be done prior to the completion of the temple. Would the Church leaders ever consider building endowment houses in other parts of the world where a temple was not yet constructed?
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