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  1. I finally watched the end of the video and this whole situation is just funny. This is my interpretation. After the prayer Elder Bednar decides to have a conversation with the young woman who is seated right next to him. At the same time Sister Bednar starts to stand up and catches herself and sits down and anxiously waits for her husband to stand. Elder Bednar realizes that everybody is waiting for him to stand., so he stands. Doh! IMO this cultural tradition of maintaining some order of who stands when is just silly.
  2. I served my mission in Peru in the early 1980's. Elder Abrea came and spoke at a conference, and my companion was assigned to conduct the meeting. After Elder Abrea spoke my companion stood up and thanked him and introduced the closing song. After the meeting Elder Abrea scolded my companion for "speaking" after him. He was told that he should have introduced the closing song at the same time that he introduced Elder Abrea. Neither of us had ever been trained on such things.
  3. AKA Testimony Hold 'Em "I'll see your lost keys and raise you a miraculous recovery..."
  4. Joseph had a history of promising exaltation for agreeing to comply (or threatening destruction otherwise - see D&C 132). That at least one husband (Henry Jacobs I presume) was at the sealing ceremony does not validate it.
  5. The problem with the asked and answered attitude that so many defenders have is that frequently the one asking the question has just learned about that particular controversy and is met with condescension for not having embraced the apologists' arguments already.
  6. Perhaps the critics just cherry pick what happened to be left out of the official narrative.
  7. "Redirect your Honor? "No. The defense already addressed that. Move along."
  8. Does an argument have to be new or original to be valid?
  9. No. Words. Wait. One. Awesome!
  10. I have noticed that many people try to assign meaning or purpose to everything that happens. Several years ago a young couple and their child were killed in a traffic accident. At the funeral one of the speakers claimed that "God wanted them on the other side." Some people seem to believe that God is controlling everything that happens. If that is true, do any of us really have agency? Just the other day I heard my own daughter say, "I guess that's the way it's supposed to be" after telling us about the difficult circumstances that one of her friends is in. I have noticed a simple formula that people use to interpret circumstances. Bad thing happens to bad person: God is punishing that person. Bad thing happens to good person: God is testing that person. Good thing happens to good person: God is blessing that person. Good thing happens to bad person: God is testing the faith of good person.
  11. What about short term?
  12. I'm guessing the temple has some upper levels that are dry.
  13. English speaking members, however...
  14. Thread shutdown in 3...2...1...