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  1. Exactly Anti/ex Mormons take themselves way too seriously as do the people who post here. When you get outside the mountain west very few people know what a Mormon is, let alone why someone would be anti.
  2. I seem to remember stories of Moroni laying claim to that land long before Mexico existed. More specifically dedicating Temple sites. Could just be legend, but it certainly seems to me that God had a hand in it.
  3. Having joined the Church at the age of 36, I have done lots of things not sanctioned by the Church - anything that was legal and a few things that were not. I follow the WoW because I covenanted to do so, however if I were to leave the Church today, I would probably go back to being a social drinker - I admit I miss it. I use to drink maybe 3 or 4 times a year except I did have a (one) glass of wine with dinner at least a couple times a month. Coffee - Never - can't stand the taste and never cared for tea. Smoking - I quit 7 years before joining and would never ever start again Marijuana - Would be an alternative to pain pills which since I have an issue with chronic pain would be a consideration
  4. Remember "The Gong Show"? That might be an idea.
  5. That's your belief, its certainly not everyone's.
  6. I joined the Church in 1993 as an adult and I had heard of the seer stones.
  7. There are many thing that we just do not know and will not know in this life. If God needs us to know, he will tell us, otherwise, we'll learn when we get the glorious perfected body. It would be nice to have every question answered right now - but we learn line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little and its not all going to happen in this life.
  8. They are trying to STOP Armageddon. I just finished it, it was pretty good, better than typical British humor. I had never read the books so not sure how it compares.
  9. You are wrong. There are still after Gym class and after game showers.
  10. Maybe we have more youth than you do, but on non-YW/YM weeks, the rooms are used for Youth Sunday School classes. Now that our 3 wards don't overlap, its a bit easier, but we still don't have spare rooms.
  11. You have 4 empty rooms available for adult SS? We're in a Stake Center and we don't have empty rooms available.
  12. It was the SS PRESIDENT not the teacher. If people are sending broadcast emails to many people, I agree.
  13. I know I am only hearing a bit of the story, but it appears that you believe the Church was to do something but she didn't do what actually needed to be done. The Church has no police department, it has no jails, it has no legal ability to do anything except dis-fellowship or ex-communicate and even if either of those are done, they can only tell those parties that need to know (Bishop, Stake President).
  14. Did his first wife ever tell the police?
  15. I have not been able to clothes shop at "regular stores" since I was about 14 or 15 - and even then it was in Mens and not in Boys
  16. BVD and Hanes are makers of underwear (regular underwear, NOT Garments)
  17. They don't wear out if you have enough to rotate their use, and by adding a little "Oxy-Clean" in the washer and they stay bright and white.
  18. Once endowed you can always buy then, even if you don't have a current TR. You just need your membership number to order online.
  19. Buy the Tall tops, they never come untucked. I always have a 2 week supply and they almost never wear out. I've been endowed 26 years and I think I have ordered tops 3 times. Try doing that with BVD or Hanes.
  20. I'm a big tall man, Costco has zero items I can wear. Look at a Big and Tall mens stores for prices. This is the cheapest I have seen ($11.00) each when bought in packs of 3 for $33.00: https://www.destinationxl.com/mens-big-and-tall-store/mens-underwear/cat870076?N=10667&Nf=product.startDate|LTEQ%2B1.5585444E12&Nr=NOT(sku.color.inStoreOnly:1)&gclid=CjwKCAjw5pPnBRBJEiwAULZKvlBRWu858Ds3HBYrkswATNLggH1ivAdlBLPO9y_AlV0-uwvlPvJmQRoCSmUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&nocache=1558547134054
  21. I always wear garments when I am wearing clothes. And no, cost is the added bonus to the equation.
  22. My garments fit perfectly and are comfortable. They are also less than 1/4 of a cost of similar store bought items.
  23. I think its a great assessment of what the students have learned (or how well the instructor taught). I hope it is Church wide.
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