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  1. We've only had 1 house with a pool and it had a nice high privacy fence and a locked gate so there was no way anyone could see and it was just my wife and I, so............. I know, I know --- TMI
  2. It works pretty well for the two parties, its killing America though
  3. The problem with that is, I would rather give to the charities of my choice and not have my tax dollars confiscated for causes I do not want to support.
  4. Yes, at one time I was "the most hated Mormon in the Chapel" Yes, the Ward Exec Secretary - the guy that hands out speaking assignments. I would literally have people turn and run when they saw me headed their way. Anyway it got tiring to hear speakers constantly say something like " Brother mnn ambushed me two weeks ago", or I sure didn't want Brother mnn to call me, but..." Just give your talk!! Another pet peeve: Do it in your words, don't quote an entire GC talk. What does that particular Gospel message mean to you? And yes, that was explained to every speaker when the talk was assigned, but it did little good in many cases. Surprisingly to me at least, the youth speakers did the best job of putting into their own words.
  5. SO, can we get back to the topic which I believe is Sunday School?
  6. Your opinion carries zero weight compared to the Prophets and Apostles.
  7. I recently had LED lighting I had put in my home kill two different light fixtures, had to replace both fixtures. Not sure what happened but it would get expensive if that happened
  8. Matthew 23:24 Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.
  9. Don't start this discussion again, last time it ended in fisticuffs
  10. So 3 million Americans have Epilepsy, 3% of those or 90,000 have the sensitivity about 1% of the population of America is Mormon, so 900 possible people, of that lets say 50% are active, so 450 active Mormons have this condition. perhaps on a chapel by chapel basis, but certainly too expensive to do it Church wide, but perhaps when updating or on new buildings. I'd throw a few $ into a local building fund to change a ward building that has someone who suffers from it.
  11. It says one wife, not at least one wife. Abraham to King David to Solomon we not Christians, David and Solomon were Jews, Abraham was the Grandfather of Israel.
  12. never heard of this before -- How many people are affected by this? If this is something that affects you or a family member I would write the Presiding Bishop if nothing local works.
  13. Sorry Little Nipper, there is no evidence of your allegation and much against it. The fact is the Mormons made their neighbors angry; some of the anger was justified and some of it was not.
  14. I don't explain it away, but I do disagree with it....but that's on me.
  15. They were, in the past, some of the main founders of the KKK