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  1. Why? its the Truth. If you want to find out what we believe, Read the Gospel Principles manual, and search out the references in it. When I give away the BoM to someone outside the Church, I always give a G.P. manual with it.
  2. The most complete source? The Gospel Principles Manuel
  3. Which tells me the process is more akin to adoption rather than birth.
  4. Well, I heard from the Mother of a friend whose Uncles wifes son by her first marriage is the boyfriend to a young woman whose father has a friend who works in the Church office building and they said the Sacrament will now be served with popcorn and root beer instead of bread and water. I'm pretty sure they would not lie about that.
  5. Unlike our Catholic brothers and sisters, we believe (what we call) the Sacrament (what Catholicism call the Eucharist) is symbolic and not literal. We do believe its very important and partake weekly -- we believe it renews our Baptismal Covenants.
  6. Re-read the OP yourself: And if you read the entire link, you'll see it was talking about family income, not individual income. Garbage in - garbage out.
  7. A year.
  8. The article is more leftist garbage.
  9. This info is about 20 years old, so check with your Bishop or LDS Family Services, but adoption through LDS Family Services cost one tithe (in addition to your regular tithe). You both also need to have a Temple Recommend.
  10. I really think its funny; (mainly) in the mountain west, both Mormons and Anti-Mormons take themselves so seriously. The rest of the country knows what a small percentage of the total population we really are.
  11. 8 year old children do not make $50K per year. Neither do non-working wives, or those working part time (at least in my experience at least 1/4 of wives are not employed or only working part time.) Also very few Senior citizens earn $50K I believe your premise regarding income and tithing paid is incorrect.
  12. What part of 'entering the county illegally' are you having a hard time understanding?
  13. Actually it is for citizens, not someone here illegally.
  14. Strange. Mormons promoting breaking the law.
  15. So, first break the law, then try to go around it? Really?