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  1. I think its a great assessment of what the students have learned (or how well the instructor taught). I hope it is Church wide.
  2. I see nothing on the Church website - until I do, I really don't believe its a Church policy.
  3. As someone married in a non-LDS church, in some cases the wedding is the most expensive part. Dresses flowers photographer venue music - singer, organist officiator sometimes transportation
  4. It certainly does. The Government controls marriages (dictates who can and can not be married), they cannot dictate a religious ceremony (a sealing)
  5. Sorry Tim, your article does not prove its a Mormon thing outside the mountain west.
  6. Why should a local issue be talked about in a World Wide General Conference?
  7. No, it gets very cloudy quickly. You claim Peter but have no proof, you also have no proof he appointed the Bishops to take over for the Apostles.
  8. Perhaps, perhaps not. Public education indoctrinates children in ways I am totally opposed to, it was not always this way, but it has been for at least 20 years now
  9. law enforcement, - have not used them - ever (I also have guns for my families protection), I have gotten speeding tickets, should I deduct the amount I paid in those? fire public safety, - The only time I ever called the fire department was for a medical emergency, which they billed me for (and I paid promptly), again, should I deduct that amount. public education, - We never were able to have kids, yet I pay for that in my property taxes every year. If we had kids they would have been home schooled. My parents paid their taxes when I was in school. national defense - defense, Yes, I'll pay for that, let me know when we start doing just that. Perhaps we could start by defending the border. roads and bridges - paid for out of gas taxes and also tolls, at least here consumer protection, - some is good, but in a truly free economy, economics would take care of most - especially in today's world of online reviews. culinary water, sewers, public health, etc. - I pay for water and sewer every month, doesn't everyone? The company that built this neighborhood had to put in the utilities, roads, sidewalks, etc, and rolled the cost into the cost of the housing.
  10. That IS what we should be (in fact we are commanded to be), each in our own sphere of influence.
  11. That probably because the youths of the 60's are senior citizens today.
  12. John 7:17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.
  13. Must we have every answer now?
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