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  1. mnn727

    How was two hour church?

    We start at 8:30 and seemed like there were 30-40 people less than normal. Since the next Ward in the building doesn't start until 11:30 AM so we are able to hold Priesthood in the chapel which I like much better than the "Cultural Hall" We had a Baby blessing, a quartet song, a youth speaker, a flash choir (anyone who like to sing gets up and sings the chosen song ) and then 1 adult speaker - ended right on time. After Church I was able to talk to a few people for about 15 minutes, and my wife actually talked to people for about an hour (luckily we drive different cars to Church)
  2. mnn727

    non members

    Yes, in just about every ward I have ever lived in.
  3. mnn727

    How was two hour church?

    I've had 1 appointment with the Bishop in the last year. Now the Bishop has one extra hour for appointments so I kind of doubt he'll have too much more time in.
  4. mnn727

    How was two hour church?

    3rd overflow! We call that 'the Stage' in our building. 1950's era Stake Center - 1 overflow, the Gym (Cultural Hall) and the Stage. --- Trying to get over a cold and didn't want to spread my germs, so I stayed home. DW said F&T ended on time and she teaches primary which she said could have been organized better (They just changed the Presidency last week.) We got the 8:30 AM shift which to me is too early. We've had the 11 AM time for 10 of the 12 years we've been in this Ward, it will be nice getting home early, but looks like there will be a nap in my Sundays.
  5. mnn727

    Confused by revelation

    Nehor meet Vellichor. Vellichor meet Nehor.
  6. mnn727

    A Unique Church, and a Church of Wonderful Service

    Thats certainly not the way I understand it.
  7. mnn727

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Wouldn't this be normal?
  8. mnn727

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    hearken to her husband's counsel AS HE HEARKENS TO THE LORD'S The part I capitalized makes a BIG difference in that statement, especially when seen in terms of the endowment.
  9. mnn727

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    First time I went through I thought we would see all the dispensations represented, at about the hour point I was wondering how we'd get them all in.
  10. mnn727

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    It really depends on the size of the Celestial Room. Some (Dallas) you can't swing a cat in) others (Orlando for example) you could (almost) hold a football game in.
  11. mnn727

    When all that you have to give, is no longer wanted.

    I doubt any offence or judgement was meant here, perhaps you're being a bit more sensitive than you need to.
  12. mnn727

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Signs, tokens and robes can all go away, that would cut 45 minutes at least
  13. mnn727

    My rant about Fast offerings

    By mid November you should know which families need help with presents - that's the time you ask the EQ/RS to assist, out of their own pockets. I agree with the Bishop about not using Fast Offerings. I've always bought presents for kids of less fortunate families -- sometimes I'd deliver them, sometimes the EQ or RS would have someone deliver them. We always set aside money to do this.
  14. mnn727

    When all that you have to give, is no longer wanted.

    Don't feel bad about the app. I don't have it either, nor will I ever have it - I don't do apps. They can still print the lists on the computer. I have mine. Your Ward sound like the one that almost made me go inactive 15 years ago. Instead we moved, we were going from an apartment to a house and we only had one demand - It could not be within that Ward's boundaries.