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  1. If they paid taxes then the people that donate to them already pay taxes so you'd be double taxing the same money, likewise, once the money is given its no longer your money. I trust my Church leaders to spend the money freely given and believe the audit reports every year. I've seen at a Ward and Stake level how they treat the moneys and they are extremely tight about spending.
  2. Home and Visiting teaching amount?

    I've had part member families at times, where both sat in on the lesson, one of them comes to church occasionally (once or twice a year) Another man who wasn't a member sat in on HT visits with his wife when the HT's came. This went on for about 30 years -- we baptized him earlier this year. as of next month he'll be my new companion.
  3. Home and Visiting teaching amount?

    Thats a story you will be able to tell your kids and grandkids.
  4. Working with Bishopric

    So many women are leaving?? Where? certainly not happening around here.
  5. So he graduated from a college in N.Y. 4 years before he moved to N.Y.? I think your dates may be off a bit.
  6. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    Exactly, a man is changing the game - God is not. If you want a man made religion by all means that's no doubt what you want, as long as the man does things you like. The another man takes over and leads it in a different direction and your tossed to and fro on the winds of changing doctrine
  7. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    We have totally opposite views on the pope, to me he's a socialist and activist pope, more interested in being popular with the people than in giving them Gods word.
  8. What keeps you from doing service?

    2 back surgeries that leaves me only able to walk short distances and only with a cane, also not being able to sit for long periods of time, also not allowed to lift more than 15# at this time. The 3 hour block is a killer, I have to get up and move around every 30 minutes or so or I just freeze up. In sacrament and in classes I try to sit right next to the door so I can get up and move around without disturbing people too much. Physically I am currently a wreck and its taking forever to make progress, even with Physical Therapy. Of course if you saw how I was last year, you'd think I was a totally new man (I was pretty much confined to bed or my recliner and got around with a wheelchair or walker - so since I'm up to a cane now I am doing better) Other than that, not a thing.
  9. In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days
  10. NO, they can not, if someone is, then both the Bishop and Stake President needs some training.
  11. Home and Visiting teaching amount?

    I currently have 3 and since they all demand different days for visits, its about all I would like to have. 4 is the maximum I would assign. In one ward, due to lack of active Priesthood, I had 7 and that was more than I could schedule or handle (and in a couple cases, even find), I never had 100% then. As much as we'd all like to be perfect in H.T., we all have lives too. In that same ward with the next EQ Presidency they removed all the inactives from the HT list and (with Bishops and Mission Presidents approval) gave the inactive list to the full time missionaries to contact, find, and if found try to re-activate. Makes a whole lot of sense to me to do it that way. Personally I would go for quality visits and not making numbers, but that's me.
  12. Can anyone explain the purpose of the article? Seems like self-indulgent speculation and a bit of crying "mea-culpa" to me. Since we have no revelation as to its beginning we can only speculate. That it took so long to be removed, shows only that men, even Prophets need to overcome their own selfs and actually listen to God. But then we never made the claim that Prophets are perfect.
  13. That's funny, sipping a Dr Pepper makes ME nauseous.