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  1. We have a fall festival with games, a bounce house. Trunk or Treat. A Chili contest and hot dogs.
  2. As I said; Some Black Evangelical churches push candidates and are very open about it.
  3. Yet, some Black Evangelical Churches do it all the time.
  4. No one FORCES you to stand, however many of us like to stretch.
  5. A while back it was announced that the Church was working on new Hymnals -- anyone have any updates on that?
  6. Except in the Cultural Hall ( chairs that are hardly ever used) our chairs are plastic.
  7. 2 Wards and 2 Branches - Chinese and Spanish. 8:30, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 No overlap but I hate 8:30. Northern 'burbs of Dallas, TX We're the Stake Center also.
  8. Threads take on a life of their own - I thank God (or the mods) that the original poster is no longer able to close their threads.
  9. I've always believed that Judas had a job to do and he did it 100%. I personally think he was part of 'the plan' YMMV
  10. I guarantee this will not be followed in my Ward.
  11. Exactly Anti/ex Mormons take themselves way too seriously as do the people who post here. When you get outside the mountain west very few people know what a Mormon is, let alone why someone would be anti.
  12. I seem to remember stories of Moroni laying claim to that land long before Mexico existed. More specifically dedicating Temple sites. Could just be legend, but it certainly seems to me that God had a hand in it.
  13. Having joined the Church at the age of 36, I have done lots of things not sanctioned by the Church - anything that was legal and a few things that were not. I follow the WoW because I covenanted to do so, however if I were to leave the Church today, I would probably go back to being a social drinker - I admit I miss it. I use to drink maybe 3 or 4 times a year except I did have a (one) glass of wine with dinner at least a couple times a month. Coffee - Never - can't stand the taste and never cared for tea. Smoking - I quit 7 years before joining and would never ever start again Marijuana - Would be an alternative to pain pills which since I have an issue with chronic pain would be a consideration
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