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  1. mnn727

    BYU football, RMs, and the redshirt rule

    That's a dumb rule to me. Doesn't matter, I'm obviously not a college sports fan, but if they are in college for longer than 4 years (masters, phd, etc) why shouldn't they be eligible to play?
  2. mnn727

    BYU football, RMs, and the redshirt rule

    What does "Burning a red shirt' mean? I've never heard of it.
  3. mnn727

    Mormon Funeral Potatoes

    Campbells is the only Cream of Mushroom soup worth eating.
  4. mnn727

    Utah's favorite cookie

  5. mnn727

    2 hour block

    Out in the real world (outside t he Mormon corridor) we have lay teachers for seminary - they do a good job, but its 5 days a week.
  6. mnn727

    Utah's favorite cookie

    Any country that doesn't hold the Chocolate Chip cookie as the one and only true cookie, are heathens.
  7. mnn727

    Utah's favorite cookie

    Chocolate Chip is the only True cookie. Oh and P.S. Real cookies do NOT have frosting on them -- cakes have frosting.
  8. mnn727

    Bankruptcies and High Callings in the Church

    Boy, I guess I'm out of luck, I declared bankruptcy shortly after divorcing my first wife - she maxed out 4 high limit credit cards as we were close to divorcing.
  9. We have 2 former Mission Presidents in myWard and neither worked for the Church.
  10. mnn727

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    Refund?! do people actually do that? Does the Lord ask for a refund if he gives us too many blessings? I agree with Scott - you're posts are a bit creepy.
  11. mnn727

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    No and no. Will they pay my tithing if they hack my account?
  12. mnn727

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    What is a hacker going to do if they get in? Watch a conference video?
  13. mnn727

    LDS Membership Numbers

    Thanks, Its been a long road to recovery, but I'm finally starting to walk without a cane and I was able to attend all 3 hours for the first time last Sunday - true they brought in a different chair from the lobby for me in Priesthood as I still can't hack the folding chairs for longer that 15-20 minutes, but I made it through.
  14. 25 years a member and I've never had (or even seen) a donut at a Church Activity.
  15. mnn727

    LDS Membership Numbers

    How would you judge activity? last year I had back issues and 2 back surgeries. I only made it to Sacrament meeting 2 or 3 times the entire year and never made it to SS or Priesthood at all. I was also not able to Home Teach at all. By every standard I know that would make me inactive, yet I was not - the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I had a friend who worked in law enforcement and when he changed forces about 10 years ago he was the low man in seniority and had to work almost every Sunday the first two years - this was a number of years ago. But again by every standard I know of he would have been called inactive.Yet he did all the family things (FHE, Scripture study, prayer, etc) he did his home teaching, he was not really inactive, he just couldn't make it to Church. We have 3 older sisters in my ward that are in nursing homes. They've never come to Church since they went in the home. Yet the RS visits them weekly, Priesthood takes the Sacrament to them and they are assigned HT/Ministering Brothers. Are they active members? To me there are too many variables to be able to define activity, let alone count and report it.