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  1. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Ahh, but which 'spirit' are they listening to?
  2. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    I don't believe there is any other single issue that is dividing faithful members of the church more than this issue. I don't see any division over this at all in my Stake
  3. Is Talmage's Jesus the Christ outdated?

    Why wouldn't they? We believe in a living prophet and in gaining knowledge line upon line, precept upon precept.
  4. 2018 curriculum

    Years ago I had one EQ President that did that on the 4th Sundays, I usually went home. I can read much better (and faster) than he could.
  5. There's more endowment?

    On my first trip to the Temple I thought that we would go through each of the dispensations one after the other, after about 45 minutes I was hoping each wouldn't take that long. (This was many years and many temple trips ago)
  6. 2018 curriculum

    . It'll take an inspired teacher to conduct these meetings, I foresee disaster in some Wards.
  7. I am sick of the leftist's acting just like an American Taliban, trying to destroy what they don't like
  8. Whomever you are hearing that from is 100% wrong. GP manual was updated about 5 years ago, the Presidents of the Church manuals are all new and we have not even finished the first full cycle of them. I'm a member because of those manuals, who exactly is falling away and from what?
  9. And is your hypothetical rich man stuffing his mattress with the rent money? or is he spending it, banking it or buying stock with it? Again, Economics 101
  10. I work for a bank, there are laws mandating that we loan to everyone, not just the wealthy. and all banks are audited multiple times a year to check.
  11. Not living in Mormon Central, I always find it funny how much credence people put in someone like Snuffer (or name your favorite anti or former LDS). Nobody even cares in the rest of the world. Mormons are barely a blip on anyones radar outside of Mormon Central and anti's or former with a grudge have never been heard of. My belief is that you have too many 'cultural Mormons' in Mormon central that blow to and fro with every little rumor.
  12. Then where does all that wealth go? I guarantee you rich people are not stuffing it in their mattress . If its in the bank, its being loaned out If its in the stock market its growing corporations If its in a yacht its supplying jobs. The only way its not trickling down is if its buried in the back yard or stuffed in a mattress. Sorry, but some people need to learn basic economics.
  13. Wonderful, insight filled, answer. All commerce benefits people, something many people never think about.
  14. Mark 14:7 and 1st Timothy 5:8 come to mind.
  15. I work about 3 miles from this building and the area is growing fast, they've built over 10,000 higher end housing units (mostly condos) in the last 2 years within ~5 miles and more are being built., many many businesses are moving in (Office buildings and manufacturing). This is a Hot Market and investments are rising. Very Smart move, especially with a long term tenet like Raytheon who is a major major employer in the area. This will provide an income stream for the Church far into the future.