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  1. This is pretty much exactly what Elder Oaks said in a local training meeting here a year or two ago. When a Bishop asked how to prioritize the "Three-fold Mission" in the ward, he said, frankly, the best thing he could do was "Forget about it", noting that having it set up that way caused people to compartmentalize the gospel, and didn't include a key aspect that was an esential part of even President Monson's personal ministry. the new wording and emphasis tries to discuss aspects of the mission of the Church in the Work of Salvation without trying to divide them. Caring for the Poor and Needy is as much a way to contribute to the Work of Salvation as gathering Israel through Missionary Work, Temple Worship, and spiritually building up current Church members. Exactly the kind of thing Elder Oaks was trying to get rid of.
  2. Then he should have said, "As an Apostle, I have learned this calendar date by new revelation...", rather than footnoting poor evidence.Again, kind of sucky prospect if God is willing to answer calendrical trivia from an Apostle with new authoritative proclamations, but be silent to the world on gays and the future of female ordination. " We" don't know it by revelation. We learned it from either bad arguments from misreading historical sources, or a pronouncement from someone who either did the same, or learned it in a secret manner he isn't willing to tell us about. All seem like sketchy options.
  3. That uses the NRSV translation. The HarperCollins Study Bible is also a great academic resource, that also uses the NRSV translation, and has its notes and introductions written by members of the Society for Biblical Literature. I enjoy and use that one a lot. No single translation or set of study notes is perfect, but the NRSV is definitely one of the better ones.
  4. NIV has deliberate mistranslations to try to foster myth of 'no contradictions in the Bible' and for other theological reasons. The NRSV is just as readable as the NIV, but FAR more accurate. NRSV is definitely my Bible of choice.
  5. Bednar was to April 6 what Nelson has been to anti-evolution/big bang declarations in GC.
  6. Just seems uncharitable, especially for someone who works in public media, to blast out a public complaint that decidedly does not give the reasonable benefit of the doubt, making Blair out to be an offender for a word without reaching out personally to clarify, when I'm sure you have the means to do so. I have seen you condemn those who do very much the same thing when the subject of uncharitable interpretation happens to be someone you tend to agree with more regularly. Or perhaps, on reflection, this whole post was designed to be satire. In that case, bravo.
  7. Have you contacted Blair to ask him about it, one writer for a Church owned institution to another?
  8. Not officially. The official position from the handbook is that young single adults not getting married or preparing to serve a mission should not be recommended. I have also heard from various sources that this position is being softened by instruction from Salt Lake.
  9. You were beat to the punch by Buckeye http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/63845-new-gospel-topic-entry-re-boa/
  10. That's right - while the new Seminary Church History manuals provided room for the Catalyst theory, I believe this is the very first official correlated Church publication to explicitly lay out the Catalyst theory as an acceptable option. Orthodoxy just got expanded. Catalyst theory can be officially taught as an option in Church courses with an authoritative source to back it up. This is awesome.
  11. Beat me to it! Some highlights of this major new essay: There is also time given to the Missing Papyrus Theory, connections with Abraham stories of antiquity (which, they do acknowledge in a footnote that "Some of these extrabiblical elements were available to Joseph Smith through the books of Jasher and Josephus. Joseph Smith was aware of these books, but it is unknown whether he utilized them." - one thing they don't mention is that contemporary and popular 19th Century american Masonic lore had a lot to say about Abraham and Priesthood that has substantial and strong parallels with the Book of Abraham story - this has a been a topic of a growing number of recent Mormon Studies papers and recent books as of late). I see this paper as a substantial move forward in expanding the acceptable/orthodox LDS view of "inspired translation", while still not throwing out to dry the traditional approach and its supporters! This is really big! Very pleased.
  12. There are assertions in the scriptures, found placed in the mouth of prophets, which have been superceded by later light and revelation. Sometimes such adjustment occurs later in the same Standard Work, sometimes another volume of scripture adjusts the perspective. Even still, pronouncements and statements by the Church leadership today continue to refine understanding of some matters. This is helpful to realize that just because a statement is scriptural does not mean it aligns with the present understanding and teaching of the Church. This is to be expected and praised in a Church founded on the principle of continuing revelation. Trying to force present understanding into the meaning of prophets from millennia (or even centuries) ago is what is problematic. The scriptures serve to illustrate, track, and catalyze the progression of revelation, light, and knowledge, even if the texts themselves seem unaware that they are doing so.
  13. Listen to a Church PR rep explicitly discuss this matter on RadioWest: http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/latter-day-saints-and-excommunication-part-ii
  14. There is a difference between determining doctrine, and printing something that is understood to be consistent with doctrine. The material printed in publications is generally seen as the latter.
  15. BTW - from Dehlin, "Doug Fabrizio said on today's RadioWest that a representative from the LDS church will appear on his show tomorrow for the full hour to discuss the situation with me and Kate Kelly This seems very positive to me."