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  1. hagoth7

    Returning to Jerusalem

  2. hagoth7

    Returning to Jerusalem

    Nephites in Europe. There is plenty of evidence for them there. Second step?
  3. hagoth7

    Returning to Jerusalem

    As to northern Europe, I wanted to see the land of my fathers, and still do, after seeing it quite a bit. So did my parents and most of my siblings.
  4. hagoth7

    LDS Film Festival

    For those living on the Wasatch Front, there's the LDS film festival hosted at the Scera Theater in Orem. More info at scera.org
  5. hagoth7

    Last Movie You Watched

    I enjoyed Hostiles. Great acting. Thougt-provoking message.
  6. hagoth7

    Merry Christmas

    And to add some elvish cheer. http://beowulfinstitute.com/files/Elves.pdf
  7. hagoth7

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish each of you a very merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year).
  8. hagoth7

    The Anointing of Royalty

    As to the regalia, I suggest taking a closer look at the orb. Hagoth and European orbs
  9. hagoth7

    Geographers be amazed

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/11/21/this-man-is-about-to-launch-himself-in-his-homemade-rocket-to-prove-the-earth-is-flat/?utm_term=.eaf36fc97eea So this rocket launch is supposed to demonstrate that the earth is flat. Gotta love science.
  10. hagoth7

    Why Lead Lehi to the New World?

    zombie thread. There is no disconnect if a Nephite diaspora (prior to their civilization's destruction) spared a branch of Nephites for the eventual restoration of the message from their ancestors. Nephites in Europe solves that dilemma thru Hagoth. Brings D&C 3 and D&C 2 full circle.
  11. hagoth7

    General Conference Sessions Consolidated

    There wold be no parent home (and no teens) to tend the wee ones.
  12. hagoth7

    Witness during sustaining

    Have you shared that experience and confidence with them? It might be the little extra umph they need this week.
  13. hagoth7

    Proactive Self-Reliance course

    Neither my previous nor my current stake are hosting the self-reliance training, so I've decided to plow through the online curriculum as is. If any are willing/committed to wade in alongside, feel free to speak up. I"d enjoy the company and mutual encouragement. I intend to start next Saturday with either the employment or the self-employment module - hinging on where the interest is loudest. The latter if none speak up.
  14. hagoth7

    Interesting quote by Joseph

    It aligns with what he taught elsewhere about "the economy of heaven".