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  1. Why Lead Lehi to the New World?

    zombie thread. There is no disconnect if a Nephite diaspora (prior to their civilization's destruction) spared a branch of Nephites for the eventual restoration of the message from their ancestors. Nephites in Europe solves that dilemma thru Hagoth. Brings D&C 3 and D&C 2 full circle.
  2. General Conference Sessions Consolidated

    There wold be no parent home (and no teens) to tend the wee ones.
  3. Witness during sustaining

    Have you shared that experience and confidence with them? It might be the little extra umph they need this week.
  4. Proactive Self-Reliance course

    Neither my previous nor my current stake are hosting the self-reliance training, so I've decided to plow through the online curriculum as is. If any are willing/committed to wade in alongside, feel free to speak up. I"d enjoy the company and mutual encouragement. I intend to start next Saturday with either the employment or the self-employment module - hinging on where the interest is loudest. The latter if none speak up.
  5. Interesting quote by Joseph

    It aligns with what he taught elsewhere about "the economy of heaven".
  6. All Hail the Mods!

  7. It is a doctrine that brings peace. The things I have researched/written over the years are intended to strengthen those who struggle[d] over the Restoration...so that fewer leave. They are also intended to help invite back those who have left.
  8. Church self reliance courses

    I tried to get into the course back in April...but that stake wasn't holding it then.
  9. Ladder Day Saints - Darn auto correct

    Jacob's ladder
  10. keeping the Sabbath holy

    I find some research/writing project to help build the kingdom a wee bit. And then I chip away at it at least a few minutes most days, but especially on Sundays. Sundays are when I get most of the writing done, compiling the research made over previous days. That's all largely based on patr blessing. What do you feel impressed to do on Sundays?
  11. I think several of you are judging on appearances, not on the heart. And I think it's not a good thing at all...for you, for him, or for the people he's trying to help. Do not board nanny. You are derailing. It is permissible to discuss public figures.
  12. Rod doesn't handle that. I met the man last weekend who manages that effort. Not having known that, I could understand why you might prefer to assume Rod is self-promoting. But he isn't. What then?
  13. That doesn't answer the question. What is the basis for claiming he does it for glory?
  14. On that point, we agree. Surprised I don't see more people acknowledging that to be his intent. Thank you for saying so. A breath of fresh air. Why say he does it for glory? What is the basis for that assertion?