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  1. I think several of you are judging on appearances, not on the heart. And I think it's not a good thing at all...for you, for him, or for the people he's trying to help. Do not board nanny. You are derailing. It is permissible to discuss public figures.
  2. Rod doesn't handle that. I met the man last weekend who manages that effort. Not having known that, I could understand why you might prefer to assume Rod is self-promoting. But he isn't. What then?
  3. That doesn't answer the question. What is the basis for claiming he does it for glory?
  4. On that point, we agree. Surprised I don't see more people acknowledging that to be his intent. Thank you for saying so. A breath of fresh air. Why say he does it for glory? What is the basis for that assertion?
  5. He or she shall be chastened...by whom? He or she shall be rebuked openly...by whom? Verse 89 (context) And if he or she confess not thou shalt deliver him or her up unto the church, not to the members, but to the elders. And it shall be done in a meeting, and that not before the world. I don't acknowledge you or anyone in this forum as his rightful judge. What am I overlooking?
  6. That degree of error or sin, if it were true, would be between him and his priesthood leader(s). Backbiting. Again. Can we please stop?
  7. I normally don't ignore comments when people are being picked on behind their backs. Expect me to speak up in objection when I see such things happen. Even 14-year-old teachers in the Aaronic priesthood are taught not to let that kind of backbiting happen. In all things, charity. Please.
  8. Or you claiming to be his judge needs a gentle reprimand. I'll say the same thing I said of the MoTab woman who had a different slant about inauguration performance. Just let her speak/sing her view. It's a free country, Until/unless the church teaches specific geography(/ies), we shouldn't condemn people for emphasizing one geography over the other.
  9. In the essentials, unity. In the non-essentials, freedom. In all things, charity. I know people who function best on a high protein, low carb diet. Others function better on a different diet. I view those drawn to Rod's content to be those in (temporary?) need of a specific dietary supplement. You may not need or want it, but some do. In the non-essentials (where it's not essential that there be unity), freedom. If we can't just let heartlanders charitably hold to their heartland, something stinks in Denmark. Freedom please. Charity. Please.
  10. Correct. Doesn't mean we can't do better. I've contributed here for about a decade now. And have seen him be the target of rancor for much of that time. It gets old...quickly. Can't we please just let him/them be?
  11. In my experience, the opposite has been true. The condemnation of him here is like clockwork, and is exhausting/disappointing. That said, my exposure to Rod has been very limited. One DVD set, and a brief portion of one recent conference presentation.
  12. Understood. My feedback wasn't focused on FM. In the decade I've engaged here, the frequent pile-on-Rod enthusiasm gets exhausting. Wishing we could simply be more gracious....if he's out of line, can't we allow priesthood leadership to resolve that. Can we possibly do that? I believe that if we can graciously allow him to speak his mind, we would see the tone at his conferences become more gracious. The kindness cycle. Thoughts?
  13. Do you believe science will eventually arrive at a unifying model of some sort?
  14. Thanks for the reply Calm. If we could simply drop the -ites and the -ists, I think the church would be much better off. Why not simply let people believe what they wish about geography? Most of the conference (the portion that I saw) had relatively little to do with American geography. Criticizing them for sometimes criticizing others seems like adding fuel to the fire. If we stop heaping criticism on them for their enthusiasm, it would likely alleviate much of their criticism or concern of others. Otherwise, it just becomes a vicious cycle. Thoughts?