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  1. Question about rights and such. Can a work have both copyleft (for noncommercial use, to stir more pots) and copyright (for all other use) protection? A commons area (to encourage use and discourage piracy...cue: eye on the Jack Sparrow), and a marketplace (to encourage those who might want to negotiate limited rights to make worthwhile derivatives - films, etc, their investors knowing that such investments/efforts would be protected)? It would seem that a community would be better served if both are allowed. A simple two step. Is such the case?
  2. Few of us believe Joseph was perfect. It is encouraging that he wasn't, and that God can use imperfect people. Would be a tragic world if that weren't the case. But being used by God that way cleanses us step by step...a refining fire. Did Joseph offend people? Yep. Shock some? Yep. (Prophets in times past have done the same) Was his intent to cause harm to others? I believe his intent was to bless. And sometimes, if we extend someone a pomegranate, all they hear is "grenade"! What is mlik to some is sour milk to others. Which is why looking under the hood at what really drives somebody is more illuminating, in my opinoin, to who they *really* are. Appearances can be deceiving. Scroes of prophets, apostles, and even the Prince of Peace were rejected and killed from peoplel who never learned to judge more righteously. What Samuel learned: "for the Lord seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." Sneaky hobbit. :::rimshot:::
  3. Madmardigan. At one point, he needed to get in touch with his feminine side. Served him well...(along with a daikini baby, and several others). Can't comment on your stake pres when we don't know the why's and the eventual outcomes. Might simply be trying to really know what its like for the other half of us to live in a man's world. You know, spy stuff. Mrs. Doubtfire stuff. Stuff that changes how you view life and others and yourself. We're not qualfied to understand his situation until the height-challenged lady sings (are we sure she's even a lady)? (Most of Shakespeare's actresses weren't actresses at all, but men in drag.)
  4. I used to. Last year, I had the privilege to serve alongside members of another amazing faith/congregation (the Genesis Project) who were laying the groundwork for a park in Utah County. And I proudly wore their jersey that day. Would gladly advertise for them. And I still wear it loud and proud at times. The amazing pastor there ministered to me, and still ministers to others, in ways I can't quite fully put into words, but I'll try. That man of God shines a blazing light in the darkness. Lifting drooping hands /strengthening feeble knees. During that time in my life, which without the ministry of people like that could otherwise have crushed me, I rotated among four different congregations, that one, an Anabaptist one, a Seventh-Day Adventist one, and on occasion I dared cross the threshhold of my llocal ward. Each visit provided me precisely what i needed to rebuild, and armor up. Halfling style. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Very grateful to have been sent to and ministered to among that village. Is service more important than proselyting? Two sides of the same coin. Those people/congregations provided both. As they said on my mission, people don't care what you know until they know that you care.
  5. Food fight? Pome-granate, originally from the Middle East, means either apple-seed, or hand grenade (the so-called-holy hand grenade used to dispatch the dreaded white rabbit). You choose. Which reminds me, while in training at boot camp, just before our live hand grenade experrience, one of our dril sergeants told us that one troop, having pulled the pin and winding up to throw, had recently got distracted by something his drill sergeant next to him had said, turned to acknowledge, and wound up to throw again iuntil it was too late for both of them. Don't know if what he told us was true, but it was true in that it helped sober us all until we had marched back from that training. (And after telling us that account, our drill sergeants were atypically *very* polite to everyone *until* that training task was in the hopper.) I prefer a food fight. Cue: inklings of happy thought: Parum-pa-pum-pum.
  6. Parum-pa-pum-pum...
  7. John the Baptist wore a camel-hair shirt. Alpacas, vicunas, guanaca, and llamas are cameloids. One of them appears today in Peru's "coat" of arms. And the First People's handiwork from that hair/wool in making tunics is something tourists still seek to bring home. Why a camel-hair shirt? Why do the Gospels even mention it? Where did it come from? What did it mean to him? Simply an itchy shirt generated locally? Or.. Or did it testify to John of another soon-to-be testament of Christ, an heir-loom mantle handed down to his parents? From an earlier visit by a wise retinue? Someone literally giving the shirt off their back to John's parents, until he was old enough to don it? If so, whose mantle might it have been? Samuel? Nephi? Lehi? Acco? A footprint/palmprint left behind by a handpicked retinue of Wise Men, Women, and child(ren), representing Nephite, Lamanite(Samuel), Elven, and likely 10-tribe heritage?
  8. Cue: Monty Python: SIlly English kniggits...... Hoping that instead of asking you to "leave this instant", that they instead pull up a chair for you, place a bowl of elderberry ice cream in front of you, and ask that you linger wee bit longer. (Though they may still taunt you for being English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish...and rightfully so.)
  9. To add a wee bit more mist, I highly recommend this book. https://www.amazon.com/Drama-Lost-Disciples-George-Jowett-ebook/dp/B0078OY4VM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500560459&sr=8-2&keywords=jowett+britain Decades ago, my wife's grandparents handed me their copy of this book as a loan. Loved it so much that I later bought my own copy.
  10. Hmm. And Sarah Whitmer, the matriarch of the family who bore much of the brunt of the stress of extra people in her little castle, received an unexpected visitor - who pulled the plates from hiding, and reassured/strengthened/blessed her for being stalwart. The family later referred to him as "Brother Nephi." So six out of twelve witnesses were Whitmers. Stout, stalwart elves. ??!!! Who are/were they? What was their background? And what became of them and their descendants?
  11. On that note, I highly recommoned viewing the two new Restoration videos at temple square visitors' center. You get a resonating glimpse of the nature/character/nobility of that family.
  12. Of the six members who started the church on April 6, 1830, how many of them were Whitmers? And the church was formed that day *in* Peter Whitmer's home. A home I had the privilege to visit many years ago, on a rapid trip through NE America. Who were those pot stirrers? What was their faith prior to meeting Oliver and Joseph?
  13. Anyone here know about the early history of the Whitmer family, that were a great strength to Joseph in the earliest days of the Church? I have a specific question, and hope someone has the answer.https://www.lds.org/ensign/1979/08/the-whitmers-a-family-that-nourished-the-church?lang=eng 1/3 of the Three Witnesses was from that small, powerful, mustard-seed family. As were a full 1/2 of the Eight Witnesses. My question: prior to aligning with Joseph and putting their shoulder to *that* wheel, had the Whitmers been some variant of Anabaptist?
  14. That was *very* kind of you. Very helpful. And greatly appreciated. :0)
  15. Cue: Lexi (When a child is born.) The kind of voice/heart one might have expected to be in that retinue.