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  1. I'm listening to it right now. The take away for me is that we, especially gospel doctrine teachers and parents, should embrace science and scholarship(Darwin, Egyptology, astrophysics, Biblical Criticism etc). When you teach things that are demonstrably false(we didn't evolve from apes) you do more to harm people than anything else. Why? Because their minds will inseparably weld truth(God is our Father, Christ lives, sealings are eternally binding) with things that aren't true(God made man like an adobe brick, Earth is only 6,000 years old) then people will throw the baby(eternal truth) out with the bath water(fundamentalist fallacies). Fundamentalism stinks. When I have children, they are learning about organic evolution, Behring Strait and we are reading from the Egyptian in Facsimile 3(This will make for sense in the temple, child). They'll also know that the Gods created the worlds, Lehi and Nephi are historical people and that the Book of Abraham is an ancient text. Ignorance kills.
  2. Right, I just think it's interesting that these things were floating around at the same time and place as the JS Papyri. It all sounds BoA-ish to me.
  3. Those are things that reminded me of the Book of Abraham.
  4. The following is a spell from this book. What things do you find interesting in light of the Book of Abraham?
  5. The BoM fits in meso like no where else.
  6. 1) I'm no Egyptologist; so the most I can say is that some texts from Thebes, from the GA period, featured an amalgamation of Jewish and Egyptian motifs. The Prophet owned papyri from GR Thebes and produced an amalgation of Jewish and Egyptian motifs. 2)Exactlty
  7. 1) The texts in that book make reference to Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew figures and gods. As well as entire phrases in Hebrew. The lamp divination spells, together, refer to the Greek gods, Egyptian gods and the Israelite God, patriarchs and figures in the hypocephali. 2)I'm not claiming that the city in Attitlan is Nephite, just showing an example of BoM type phenomenon in Meso.
  8. 1)The Egyptian Religion during the time and place our JS Papyri originate(Greco-Roman period, Thebes) was highly eclectic and incorporated some Judeo-Christian elements. Book. 2)There is a sunken Mayan city at the bottom of Lake Attitlan; this kind of stuff happens in Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon. That is all.
  9. Here is something that I've been working on piece meal. Enjoy:) http://bookofabrahamstudyguide.blogspot.com/
  10. For the Mormonese definition of "spiritual eyes" see Moses 1:5.
  11. Btw, animal sacrifice, circumsicion and Nazaritic vows are also a doctrine. What difference does it make?
  12. Doctrine: yes. Section 132 is still on the books. Practice: no. Tell your stake president you want to get sealed to more than one living woman and see what happends.
  13. Silly Willy, don't you know that's bad nowadays? In order to be agreeable you need to be soft and effeminate or else you aren't nice. Derail posts are/pictures being removed.