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  1. It is wrong to criticize the leaders of the Church, even if the criticism is true.” ~ Dallin H. Oaks
  2. Right now in the state of Utah I have the FREEDOM to record any conversation that I am a party to. The proposed revisions seek to take away those FREEDOMS. The only ones who stand to gain from the revisions are those who would be harmed were the TRUTH of the conversations recorded to be made know. It you are for FREEDOM and TRUTH you should stand against these revisions. If politicians, lawyers and ecclesiastical leaders do not want what they say to be made public they should watch what they say or keep their mouths shut.
  3. There have been tens of thousands of child abusers, perpetrators of domestic abuse, rapists, drug dealers, abusive ecclesiastic leaders, and corrupt politicians and attorneys etc. who have been brought to justice because those who were being abused had the courage to record the abuse and brought it into the light. No one would have believed them had they not had that tool of being able to record what was going on without fear of recrimination and the ability to bring that evidence forward. The only people who will benefit from this proposed legislation are those who in power who seek to hide what they are doing and do not want the truth to be known. Additionally, judges and lawyers will benefit as those who do want to be able to record their conversations will have to get a court order to do so; thus, further lining the pockets of judges and lawyers “that they might get money according to the suits which [ are] brought before them”. Additionally, ecclesiastical leaders should not “seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord” or anyone else. Law makers of Utah will be held accountable if they pass this legislation.
  4. Investigator

    Elder Oaks on early returning missionaries

    Alma didn’t send Corianton home just because he went after the harlot Isabel.
  5. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    I am a flawed and sinful man. Yet, I know that God loves me, as I have heard him declare it to me in His own voice. Years ago while trying to understand God's character and attributes, I came across Elder Nelson's article. There are numerous other writings by PSR who characterize God's love as unconditional. I have yet to understand why Elder Nelson wrote this article in this way. When writing the opening post, I included four questions. While these questions do reflect the questions of my own heart, I did not write those questions. They were posed by someone else. I should have taken the time to write them myself. Not doing so was lazy and wrong. I have included the letter from which I copied the questions. To be honest, this letter makes more sense to me than Elder Nelson's attempt at describing Divine Love. If that makes me a further flawed and sinful person, then so be it. I suppose God will withhold his love from me.
  6. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    There’s an old saying: “Catholics say the pope is infallible but don’t really believe it; Mormons say the prophet is fallible but don’t really believe it.” I cut and pasted this, put it in quotes, and said “There’s an old saying:” I think it’s clear I am not claiming I wrote that. I wrote the rest of the post. Thank you for your concern.
  7. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    I don't identify with creedal historic Christianity which Joseph characterized as an abomination. So no, I'm a Mormon; christian in the sense that I worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  8. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    No, I am a Mormon who doesn't accept everything out of hand that is said by a GA without searching into and contemplating it. That would be called trusting in the arm of the flesh. There’s an old saying: “Catholics say the pope is infallible but don’t really believe it; Mormons say the prophet is fallible but don’t really believe it.” Dallin Oaks said on Tuesday that they are fallible. So should we accept everything they say without some degree of testing it.
  9. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

  10. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    Do you have the letter he wrote back? He should have wrote this in the article. God love does not change based upon our behavior. We change when we receive his love.
  11. Investigator

    Divine Love Is Conditional

    In a 2003 Ensign article, then Elder Nelson characterized God's love as conditional. How can God’s love be infinite if it is bounded or limited by conditions? How can God’s love be enduring if it cannot endure sin or disobedience? How can it be universal if it excludes those you don’t approve of? How can it be perfect if it is less reliable than the love of good children for abusive parents or that of good parents for errant children? I don't believe God's love for us changes based upon our behavior. I certainly hope President Nelson's view on that topic has changed since then. Here is a link to the article. 2003 Ensign Article "Divine Love"
  12. Investigator

    Faith in what?

  13. Investigator

    Faith in what?

    According to Preach My Gospel (PMG) we are to have faith in the arm of the flesh.
  14. Ballard’s plea to “trust him” is counter to the teachings of the BOM. But if you want to be cursed, just trust him, otherwise, I would be checking on anything someone who tells me to trust them says.