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  1. Just butting in , I liked the singing, almost a tear jerker so beautiful. UUUUUUUUUUPDATE: no reply necessary I always forget that part 8D
  2. a-musing scented breeze,
  3. Yes you brits certainly are now listen up my fearless little buzzkill, where's your funny pic eh?!?! uh-oh BANNED ! hijacking-digressing/derailing the thread / SARC! ? fonts yes yes I have to see what your editor toy is about. Age ? Smells of subtle nastiness or coveted zinger banter, certainly a brit no doubt about it. Well I'm not as old as one would think but I'm not on my last leg either. AAAAnd for funnzies . . .
  4. a superlative holy SAAAAHWEEE! BUGGERS MY CAPS KEY /sarc /facepalm Thanks for the Delete. ( that means this could be deleted , I TRIED , I removed all the text so system default would recognize NULL / VOID and omit that instance. Hhowever, it looks like the scripty kiddies that cobbled the ware together didn't know much and should have had a coder look it over / test it. Oh well.) I've a rough connection here so there is lag time at times... well- ha! that's my justification / rational oh look now I'm like one of my old bosses when he knew in the back of his mind he was dead wrong and started back-pedaling almost like a casuist eh?!?! There- that's enough drivel to be deleted hehehehehee ! LATERZZZZZ ITS OFFICIAL THIS CAN NOW BE DELETED AND MY CAPS KEY IS STUCK ON AGAIN /SARC ! *ECHO
  5. With regard to normal or not: Yes I have met a few of these (((transvest ? what the PC name oh TransGENDER), I also have know working associates that were gay women and men in the past and I have to say they really seemed close to model citizens but the trans are another thing and I really don't think I would have them teaching or running summer camps or being priests. No reply necessary. Wasn't sure, no I didn't read everything in here , a time thing .. just FYI ... sports ... military, firefighting/police .. well I guess not the latter ... was just something I seeN the other day or today, maybe of interest or discussion fodder. For example, one topic, you don't see them in many men's sports, like boxing, oh... right-- as they are women, maybe a bad example. Report: Women's Rugby Referees Quit, Claiming 'Transgender Players Are ... https://www.waynedupree.com/rugby-transgender-referees-quit/ Report: Women's Rugby Referees Quit, Claiming 'Transgender Players Are Breaking Women's Bones' Women are not only being sidelined, and cheated out of their hard work and dreams thanks to transgender athletes, but now, they're also getting their bones broken by them. Broken Bones vs. Hurt Feelings: UK Rugby Refs Quitting After Bearded ... https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/2019/october/broken-bones-vs-hurt-feelings-uk-rugby-refs-quitting-after-bearded-transgender-women-hurt-female-players The referees say the transgender women are injuring female players and they are afraid of being sued. Broken Bones vs. Hurt Feelings: UK Rugby Refs Quitting After BeardedTransgender 'Women' Hurt ... https://dailycaller.com/2019/09/29/transgender-women-rugby/ Women's rugby referees in England are quitting their jobs over the inclusion of the male athletes, according to a report in The Sunday Times this weekend. "Being forced to prioritize hurt feelings over broken bones exposes me to personal litigation from female players who have been damaged by players who are biologically male.
  6. THis was BIG RED . . . half of him was tail and it looked just like the horses. It had to be combed out all the time too. At first I didn't care so much for him. Long story he was going to be killed for barking some such story. Larry said he happen to be there and that was the story and that dog (as he put it))) jumped in the front of the stationwagon RIGHT THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW just like he knew he had better get out of there. So, that was that. Soon we learned everything had to be picked up and NO FOOD LEFT ANYWHERE even whole sticks of butter or turkeys. Yep he was good with kids and after sledding or a winter and pulling kids he was ours, he turned out alright and even learned not to eat everything, after a year or two I never seen a dog mind so well, we couldn't believe it. Kids all grown up, our biggest SPORTSTER "always ready for camping and walks" is gone too. Mmaybe BIG RED IS ON TO GREENER PASTURES WITH LOTS OF HOLES TO DIG TOO! who knows. COOL ! THANKS FOR THAT RAINBOW BRIDGE POSTER post. B e l o w ! HEY! no likes or boo ! votes in here- BOO! oh wellz LATERZZZZZZ Everyone have a good week ! ; remember the best part of the week is almost upon us-- CATERDAY !
  7. . Double POST I DELETED ALL OF THE TEXT -- but, still here, antiquated obsolete ware.
  8. Was not able to click like icon. Now it seems like that poster/commenter had a high number of posts too so that wasn't the reason. So-- any ideas eh!?!?!? Oh also, someone commented that the OW fringe group would never be happy no matter what. I so agree that's like a proverb eh?! /sarc ( that means S A R C A S M ) Concerning :: I didn't know this, yes quickly I hope so to, it will make everyone guard it with their life so to speak . . . . . or there goes the dress / shirt !
  9. OKAY ! ... ' Timetrap' THANKS ! I just had to catch this again and this rightly has to be just about my favourite:' ' ' Downton Abbey ' ' THE MOVIE ! ' I've a better one of Smith but, misplaced it so funny, this'll do.... . . not exact so don't quote me... Isobel Crawley: I see that Machiavellian eye in you. Violet Crawley Dowager Countess: “Machiavelli is frequently underrated, he had many qualities." Isobel Crawley: So did Caligula but that didn't save anyone. misc.: Heard of a new series or movie btw : : Roman Empire: Caligula: The Mad blah blah blah oh netFIX probably just so so.
  10. OH ! surprise! Nice a national geographic picture for sure ! (((( Yorkie and kid stare off competition), ... oh and I like how that last bit of that meme after scrolling down HITS ME, BAM! """""and everyone loses their minds "" HA! Pics ? my four-legged brats and putterTATS! around here? no. Maybe sometime. Big Red just past away (((( golden / Setter) and he was a giant, pulled kids sledding, kids thought he was a horse but he didn't mind pfft HE! thought he was a horse, not too bright (((hole in wall{a dream startled him} , multiple sCREENS KNOCKED OUT OF SLIDE DOORS) but loads of fun. I do have some, might put them up sometime, a time thing. Aaaaaaaaanyhoo ! here's a couple more::::::::::: oh! no font choice in here BOO! " cat stash " >> SHOULD BE TITLED [ BUSTED ! ] . . .
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