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  1. The LDS Church would lose more than 1/2 of its active female congregants if it ever said, "Sure, let's do spiritual wivery."
  2. a·bi·o·gen·e·sis noun the original evolution of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances. "to construct any convincing theory of abiogenesis, we must take into account the condition of the Earth about 4 billion years ago" HISTORICAL another term for spontaneous generation. https://www.google.com/search?q=abiogenesis+definition&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS692US692&oq=abiogenesis&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.2522j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. The below from urban dictionary sounds like several men in our ward in California in the 1960s: iow, nothing new in terms of LDSA white right wing culturalism DezNat Short for "Deseret Nation." A hashtag used by people who follow and honor Christ's teachings and sustain the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a child of God. Follow the prophet. #deznat #deznat #deseret #lds #mormon #prophet #faith by ChooseTheRight January 07, 2019
  4. Oh, my aching heart! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Mid seventies to late eighties. I was an airborne grunt then a legal nco.
  6. I served in the Army at almost 30 pounds heavier than what I weighed in high school.
  7. Americans can argue all they want, but power rests in the hands of the governed, We the People. The individual magnified by the power of We the People will find the sources for our American Republic. It this the best way? It really does not matter, because this is the way we have done it from the beginning.
  8. Religions do receive much greater favorable treatment because they do not pay income tax.
  9. Yeah, you pretty much generalized your argument. And let's argue the subject and not each other.
  10. Good point. Hopefully, enough of us were awake in school and at church and in ethics symposiums to elect representatives who understand the difference between the two.
  11. Thank you for showing that we cannot have vigilantism in society. You have the right to protect yourself nothing more. We the People do, have, and will grant such power far beyond the individual's limited right to protect oneself to the government of the state on behalf of the We the People.
  12. The fallacy applies fully. You don't understand is the issue.
  13. Of course it is my opinion, just as your opinion belongs to you. And if I get enough of the We the People to agree with me, then instead of opinion it becomes law.
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