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  1. Yes, they're typically called to the area they live, but what if they don't live near family and typically have traveled to visit their kids, grandkids, parents, etc a few times a year? Would they be restricted from visiting them until they are released? As for what prompted the question: I had someone (not someone with the calling, just someone who knows someone who was recently called) tell me that it's treated like a Mission President and they would only be allowed to make a 1 day trip if there is a close family members funeral, but otherwise not allowed to travel or visit anyone outside of the temple district until they're released and wondered if the person who told me this is correct.
  2. Hi there, I had a question come up tonight and thought it was time to find a place I could ask questions... Can Temple Presidency members ever visit family? My understanding is that Mission Presidents can't, but what about Temple Presidency members?
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