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  1. The new information for me: 1. recognition and awards 2. YM theme 3. new youth and Primary songs I thought everyone did a great job with the presentation. It did sound scripted but I don’t think we want them improvising. They got a lot of info into 1 1/2 hrs.
  2. I get what you are saying, and of course he has a right to his opinion. However, he was speaking to a room of teenage girls and I am concerned that they will take his word as gospel because he is a Bishop.
  3. I am probably in the minority of women because I do not jump in to help. I wait to see what is needed from me. I don’t have a lot of what people would call “women’s intuition.” I don’t think my maternal instinct is as strong as some, but I still consider myself spiritual. It’s hard to be different in a church culture that wants clearly defined roles. I really appreciate your comments.
  4. I think with the new higher, holier way of thinking, worshipping, and ministering we should let go of these old notions of gender-based spirituality. It will take all of us working together - men, women, youth, Primary to bring light to this darkening world.
  5. We had our Young Women in Excellence program the other evening and the Bishop from each participating ward made a few remarks. One Bishop basically said that women are more spiritual than men and if women were allowed to be bishops there would be no more male bishops. The women would take over because they are so spiritual. So in his mind, this was a good reason for women not to be in such leadership positions. To me, it felt like he was placating and patronizing the young and not so young women there. I am tired of staying quiet when people say these kinds of things, but I don’t like confrontation. What do you do when people make remarks you don’t agree with at church either one on one or in a large group?
  6. A place at church for same-sex married couples and their families. I don’t know exactly what this looks like but I would love it if we could be more inclusive.
  7. In the workplace, a manager should not differentiate between men and women.
  8. I absolutely agree with the policy for adults and minors but I have a hard time understanding why a man can’t give me a ride home because of church policy. Probably more for his protection than mine since he is in a position of power.
  9. I thought that might be the case, but it still seems a bit outdated.
  10. My husband and I took separate cars to church one day and he borrowed my keys and forgot to give them back. I had a meeting so he went home. When I realized I didn’t have keys, the only people left at the church were the first counselor in the Bishopric and myself. Instead of driving me home, he called his wife to come up to the church and drive me home. Did I think it was a bit silly, yes. But I also respected his choice to do it. My experiences are not his experiences, and while I wouldn’t have had any qualms about him giving me a lift, he obviously did. He helped me while still preserving his own sense of peace.
  11. Very wise of you to follow those protocols with students. The church has similar protocols in place and I believe it is for the safety of adults and kids. Enforcing the dress code would not be fun. Did you ever have to enforce the dress code for the boys?
  12. I get what you are saying and I remember one time in my career where I made a decision not to stay in a hotel my coworker was staying in because my first marriage was on the rocks and I was in an emotional place where we could be in dangerous waters. So we do have to be vigilant about these things. But my main question is, should we worry about what other people will think if they see us at lunch or dinner with a someone of the opposite sex who is not our spouse. Are we responsible for whatever conclusion the draw? Appearance of evil, in other words.
  13. This is off the subject but related to controlling other people’s thoughts. Plus I think we are beating a dead horse with who is most depraved. Anyway, my bishop said he wouldn’t feel comfortable going to a business lunch with a female other than his wife and one of the reasons was not to give people the wrong impression. I’ve worked in a male-dominated industry for 26 years. I’ve eaten out with men, traveled by car with men, and been in lots of meetings one on one and with groups of men. I’ve never felt threatened and I’ve never felt the need to worry about what someone else might think. Now, i’m Sure a Bishop has to be much more careful about how things look than I do. But I do get tired of people still thinking that men and women always have to be on their guard in platonic work situations and worry about what people might “think”. Any thoughts or is my situation an anomaly?
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