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  1. A few years ago my wife and I started having issues, but divorce never entered my mind. My wife however, who comes from a history of divorce, surprised me with divorce papers. Not knowing what to do, I gave up way too easily and agreed to the divorce. I was surprised again recently when I got a letter from her new bishop saying that she requested a dissolution of our temple sealing. I had hoped that some day in the eternities that we'd be able to have a better perspective and eventually forgive each other and be a family again. Despite my writing a strong letter of objection to the church disagreeing with the dissolving of our sealing, I just got a letter saying that the first presidency went ahead and granted it to her anyway. Does anybody have experience in this area? Why did the church not care at all about my opinion? If it was all her idea, why do I have to get approval before I can be sealed to somebody else, and is it hard to get that approval from the first presidency?
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